Canvas People - SMB Success Story


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The canvas print maker uses Facebook Advertising to increase its social presence and drive nearly 4,000 direct purchases.

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Canvas People - SMB Success Story

  1. 1. Case Study | ROI/Sales Results • 3,959 individual transactions as a result of the Facebook campaign The canvas print maker uses Facebook Advertising to • 180,000 people liked the Canvas People Facebook Page increase its social presence and drive nearly 4,000 direct purchases. • 1.5x return on investment on Facebook advertising • 10x page engagement increase based on the “People Talk- Goals ing About This” metric Canvas People wanted to drive brand recognition and establish a presence on Facebook to: “The Facebook ad platform has worked wonders • Increase fan engagement to build a dedicated Facebook for our fan Page! Facebook has allowed us to community connect with our fans and create a truly won- • Drive Facebook fans to purchase directly from Canvaspeople. derful community.” com Assunta C., Social Media Manager, Canvas People Approach Build To create general awareness around its brand, Canvas PeopleConnect first created a Page:Engage • Updated its photo on the landing tab every month according to the season. For example, in March, a St. Patrick’s Day Reach theme was featured with a “Go Green, Get Lucky!” sloganInfluence • Posted a variety of updates, including new promotions, Build contests, photos and tips on buying new canvasesConnect The company also ran Facebook Ads to drive likes:Engage • Ads focused on memorable “life moments,” such as getting Reach engaged or having a childInfluence • To attract people who would be interested in canvases, Build Canvas People targeted Likes and Interests such as “photographers,” “moms,” “dancers,” and “inspiration” Build • Used questions in its ad text to grab people’s attention, suchConnect as “Love Shoes? Love Art?”Engage Canvas People increased engagement on its Page in several ways: Reach • Frequently updated its Photo Contest tab to coincide withInfluence current events such as graduation season or to raise funds Connect Engage for charitable causes, such as Susan B. Komen during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Build • Its Sweepstakes tab gave fans the option to sign up and winConnect a gift, such as a digital SLR camera or a free canvasEngage • A hidden coupon code in one of the tabs encouraged people Reach to browse the Page’s tabs to find it InfluenceInfluence To reach a broader set of people, Canvas People ran sponsored stories and created a custom deal application: • Used sponsored stories that let people know when one of their friends had liked the Canvas People Page Canvas People is the leader in quality canvas prints • Leveraged its “LIKE us & Get a Deal” application, which you can create from your own personal photos. allowed people to create a canvas and apply the offer with just one click Facebook: Building Essential Connections