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Advertising options on social media


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Information Culture Week 10: Social Media

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Advertising options on social media

  1. 1. Advertising Options on Facebook
  2. 2. Benefits of Advertising on Facebook• People who “Like” your page spend an average of 2x more than customers who are not connected with your company on social media• Advertising on Facebook is effective and inexpensive• Easily reach your target audience – Facebook’s ad manager tool lets you target by age, location, industry, workplace, interests and more. – Choose to show your ads to fans only or potential fans only• Use Facebook’s ad manager tools to adjust reach and frequency for your budget
  3. 3. Ad Options– Standard Facebook ad • Consists of a simple title, photo and text • Promote your page or specific posts within your page • Choose your target audience, reach, and frequency • Measure your ad’s performance • Appears along the side of the newsfeed or next to a friend’s photo– Promoted Posts • Pay to ensure that your company’s post will appear near the top of your fan’s news feed • promoted-posts-go-live/
  4. 4. Examples Photo adsNewsfeed Ads
  5. 5. Results Downsides• Facebook has started to offer Promoted Posts to some every day users causing confusion and fear that they will soon have to pay for their status updates to be seen.• Businesses feel that if they do not pay for a post, their post may not show up in their fans’ newsfeed at all.• Has Facebook become too cluttered with ads which could drive users away, or do users welcome them?
  6. 6. Resources• Gray, Lauren. Facebook Launches Promoted Posts, Pay As Little As $5 For More Fans To See Page Content, SocialFresh. May 23, 2012• MacDonald, Jennifer. How to Get Results with Facebook Ads, SpinSucks. Sept 13, 2012• Seagall, Laurie. Facebook wants you to pay $7 to promote your posts, CNNMoney. Oct 3, 2012• Tough Mudder: Increase global sales and brand awareness, Facebook For Business