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  • Beyond reach and engagement, the primary reason marketers find the platform to be so effective and a key benefit to working with Facebook is the opportunity for people to share your content and message organically. A typical impression on the internet has a beginning, middle and end. A user clicks through to your site and and that action ends there. There is no opportunity for them to share with their friends. On Facebook there is a unique opportunity for that impression to live on and the message to be shared organically through user connections. If a user engages with your ad or content on Facebook, they might comment or even become a fan. When they do that, their friends see it via their home page and can then interact as well. We find that advertising with social context, meaning my friends have engaged with it and I can see that, garners 2X the engagement as the original ad or piece of content. Sharing that happens beyond that original impressions is free.
  • The Pepsi Refresh project, which allows consumers and community members to decide which charities will receives funds donated by Pepsi, is a prime example. Rather than coldly cut a check, Pepsi laid out a plan to use Twitter and Facebook to encourage community participation in “sharing the wealth.” Not only do innovative tactics like this generate positive press.
  • Dettol CSR project

    1. 1. Running a Successful SocialMedia Campaign to Help Raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause.
    2. 2. Digital assessment of Kenya
    3. 3. As of February 2011 7.5 MILLION Internet Users1,000,000 + Face books Users 35,000 + Twitter Users
    4. 4. What are all these Kenyans doing on theInternet? Notice how Entertainment and Social Networking top the list of Primary things Kenyan’s are getting up to on the Internet
    5. 5. The new social space…
    6. 6. Connect| Convey |Converge with audienceThat is a theme that has managed to resonate online.>Active dialogue that creates a bond and advocacy
    7. 7. 4 Fundamentals of engaging withConsumers in the Digital Age:
    8. 8. Consumers behave differentlyFollow them !• They meet in different placesSocial networks, blogs, forums• They share content and spread the voiceViral videos, blogs, Twitter• They influence• They comment• They advertise themselves
    9. 9. Consumers communicate more Go where they are ! • People regroup on communities • Word-of-mouth is stronger • People read blogs and consume more user generated content • People tend to take part in online conversations and are happy to communicate with brands
    10. 10. Strong trendsFollow again !• 47% of the time people spend on the internet is spent looking at content and33% spent communicating• 91% of users are likely to buy on recommendation• 330 million online video viewers• Twitter is 1 million users and 3 million messages/day• LinkedIn is 19 million users• MySpace is 110 million users
    11. 11. Why set up a Social Media Strategy?
    12. 12. With or without you……the conversations will happen !• For a better control of your brand, you must participate in theconversations and have a plan•With out a plan as a brand you can lose control!• Know what you are saying and when you are saying it!• Once you trigger a conversation, you should not leave it
    13. 13. The ultimate effectBrand community !• Build a non-marketing community outreach to deliver a voicefor your organization• Use the buzz power• Reach people where they regroup
    14. 14. The other effectsReach the right people !• Long tail effectReach the small communities on the web• Connect with peopleReach the people where they are• Keep brand positioningKeep brand awareness to relay offline marketing campaigns• Generate more traffic• Enlarge the targeted segment
    15. 15. What are the expected results ? Much more than before ! • Leverage current marketing results • Get better brand awareness • Get better brand management • Get better user stickiness • Get better quality products • Get more sales
    16. 16. Now Let us Focus On your Brand!
    17. 17. What do you want to achieve at the end of the day?
    18. 18. Raise awareness about the ongoing campaign.Drive Purchase.Keep brand top of mind.
    19. 19. How Can we Integrate SocialMedia into your campaign so as to help you achieve your KPI’s?
    20. 20. Social Media Has 3 Main elements
    21. 21. Social branding: Distribution will seeEach time users interact, 5 - 7% of their friends the action BRAND Bought Media Er M aned edia Ow M ned edia
    22. 22. 1.Bought Media- Creates Awareness inline with ATL and BTL communication Make use of the Facebook advertising platform to run paid for ads to create awareness about the ongoing campaign. The ads will have “a call to action”. The ads will help drive traffic to the Click on the ads to join the Fan Facebook fan Page, which will serve page where you can contribute to a as the landing page for the ads worthy cause.
    23. 23. 2. Owned Media- Platform to drive purchase throughinformation dissemination/promotions. (Facebook /Twitter) Call to Actions on the Fan Page: • we can have information about the importance of the handwash campaign. Make them understand why its an important campaign. •Post content related to campaign. (videos, images) •Encourage UGC upload your picture with product and share on your wall. •Include information on how to donate as an individual. •Share the campaign app. •Keep fans updated on progress of the campaign.
    24. 24.  Social media will create a platformfor you as a brand to have one onone engagement with your targetaudience.Readily available content can beshared using your owned socialmedia platform.Creates an opportunity for yourbrand to venture into eCRM throughcreation of databases.Will create an opportunity for yourbrand to identify high valuedcustomers who can act as advocatesfor you brand. Consumers sharingtheir experience about your brandthrough discussions.
    25. 25. Engagement Ideas: Call to action for mothers, uploadUpload Picture with product picture of child using product andand Win Completion: Drive win something for your child:Sales/Drives Traffic to the site Get mother to have the hand wash system installed in their schools. (Tie purchase to child benefit) Offline Online Push content related to the Call to action for every person CSR project and reward that joins the Face book Page- audience for sharing it. Dettol commits to donating 1 bob.
    26. 26. How will we keep the Fan Page aliveand Drive Traffic to the site? Frequent Posts and Updates. Hand wash hour. Facts and Myths. Video Uploads. (Show the people why their contributions are needed. Put actual faces behind the campaign). Ride on empathy. Frequent seeding of Content. User Generated Content. Photos, cutest kids hand wash video clip. Giveaways
    28. 28. 3. Earned Media- Get the audience to share information aboutyour brand. NEWS FEEDS… ON YOUR FANS WALLS… DUSCUSSIONS… ON THE ACTUAL ADS…
    29. 29. Tips for Integrating Social Media with aCorporate Social Responsibility Campaign • Social Media are Your Ears- To ensure that you select an issue that will resonate with the public, try listening to the chatter in the online space. • Interactivity Calls attention- businesses have engaged in CSR projects simply by funding them, but social media provide new and exciting opportunities to make the process of helping others an interactive one. It allows consumers to build a mental association between your brand and the causes they care about. • Share what you are doing- Like a shining star in a dark sky, positive news of a business giving back to the community often stands out to social media users, making them more likely to support your cause and simultaneously share your CSR story with their peers. • Make it a Movement- Pushing out your campaign through social media channels makes it much easier for people to get involved. All they have to do is share your msg! • Keep your commitments- Continue to actively drive the conversation about your efforts after the launch of your campaign.