How to run social media campaigns on facebook


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How to run social media campaigns on Facebook by Simplify360

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How to run social media campaigns on facebook

  1. 1. How To RunSocial Media CampaignsOn Facebook? Created by Simplify360
  2. 2. What are Social MediaCampaigns?Any initiatives taken by a business which help spread theword about its business on social networking sites areknown as Social Media Campaigns.Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  3. 3. Do They Really Help?Social Media campaigns are the most popular andeffective method on the Internet to reach out to your It helps you :target audience. 1. Create awareness about your business. 2. Gain feedback from people about your products/services. 3. Drive traffic to your websites and generate leads for your business. 4. Build a long and lasting online community which can support your business. 5. More importantly, it helps you create and build your Brand and Reputation.
  4. 4. Anatomy ofSocial Media CampaignsSocial Media Campaigns start byfocusing on your target audience andbuilding a content strategy aroundthem. Created by Simplify360
  5. 5. Finally give a good ending for the campaign by listing out Have different incentives to achieved targets and thank encourage participation. your audience. Measure Incentives do not have to be Success monetary, instead, they can beRecognize and focus on social recognition.particular issues whichyou think your TG willrespond to. Campaign Initiative Campaign Engage Execution Execute campaign sand keep building enthusiasm by posting Strategy updates and engaging with the audience Build a Strategy around the issue to present it creatively. The strategy should have clear and easy to Target understand goals. Understand your Target Audience Audience and their sentiment Created by Simplify360
  6. 6. Platforms For Running SocialMedia Campaigns.Almost all social networking sites can be leveraged to run your socialmedia campaigns. The most important thing to remember is that thesocial networking channels you are targeting should have your TGaudience present on them. Facebook Twitter YouTube Slideshare & other Blogging Platforms & LinkedIn content sharing sites. Specific Forums[Note : Any platform which has User Generated Content can be leveraged for socialmedia campaign strategies.]
  7. 7. WHY • More than 800 million active users. • Every user has, on average, 130 friends. • 50% of the active users login at least once a day.Facebook? Image Source :
  8. 8. • An average user spends almost 700 minutes perWHY month on Facebook. • Most websites have social logins and allow users to login using their FB identityFacebook? • Facebook provides a stable platform for businesses. Image Source :
  9. 9. FacebookEcosystemBasics of FacebookMarketing Strategy BUILD Make your presence felt on Facebook using FB Pages. AMPLIFY ENGAGE Use interactions to build your Use FB tools and Apps to engage image and reach out to more and people and spread the word more users . about your brand
  10. 10. FacebookFor BusinessFacebook Pages: Use Pages to breathe life into your brand.Timeline: Share your story with your followers.Integrate Website : Integrate your existing website with your FB pageApps : Use applications to further engage fans and increase follower base.Facebook Ads: Reach out to your target groupsSponsored Stories: Use your follower base to increase ad click through rates
  11. 11. How Will it HelpBrands? Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  12. 12. Business NetworkingMake your Facebook page an identityfor your business. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  13. 13. Market ResearchTap into conversations to know howpeople feel about your brand Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  14. 14. Customer ServicesUse your page for grievance redressaland reaching out to customers Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  15. 15. Ads & Product PromotionsUse FB Pages/Ads to market yourproducts Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  16. 16. InsightsGet quantitative analyses of yourengagement/interaction with users Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  17. 17. Getting Started
  18. 18. Build A Strategy ThatIs Social By DesignTap into fundamental social activities of people likesharing photos, stories, experiences etc Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  19. 19. Know Your KeyAudienceDesign your campaign such that makes sense to yourtarget audience and can connect with them. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  20. 20. Identify Deliverables For EveryStage Of The Campaign PhaseHave clear goals on what you want to achieve from yourfan base with every action. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  21. 21. Focus On High Level Messaging AndCampaign StructureHave a crystal clear message which communicates yourbrand or campaign. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  22. 22. Integrate Offline Campaigns WithFacebook CampaignsTry to connect the offline experiences through Facebookintegration to the campaign. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  23. 23. Facebook
  24. 24. Cause Based Focus on rich media, content, social links to generate a social message about an idea.Campaigns Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  25. 25. Contest Based Choose a simple context around which you can design a contest and run it in ritual manner onCampaigns your Facebook Page. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  26. 26. Loyalty Based Focus on identifying loyal customers and fans and reward them.Campaigns Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  27. 27. Sweepstakes & Design the perfect giveaways for your fans so that they will want to talk about it.Giveaways Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  28. 28. Create content thatViral Content resonates with people’s imagination andCampaigns sentiments. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  29. 29. Develop applications which have aSocial Apps deep integration with the Facebook social graph. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  30. 30. Leverage Facebook games toSocial Games engage and advertise your brand. Image Source : From the respective brand page.
  31. 31. Create a campaign thatCrowd-sourced connects with a niche crowd and involve them inIdeation the process.Campaigns Image Source :
  32. 32. Facebook
  33. 33. Brand Reach One way of measuring your campaign’s success is to measure your brand reach and exposure. Your campaign’s success is determined by how many people are& Exposure talking about the campaign and the brand. Image Source :
  34. 34. The number of visits to the FacebookTraffic to Your campaign landing page shows the popularity of the campaign and itsFan Page reach. Image Source :
  35. 35. Website Web traffic is another important parameter to check the success of yourTraffic From Facebook campaign.Facebook
  36. 36. Engagement Comments and Likes per campaign post are another great way to measure the success of your content.On the Page
  37. 37. Audience Above all, it is always important to identify that the people talking about the brand are your correct TG.Demographics
  38. 38. Summary
  39. 39. Social Media campaigns are engaging and a lot of fun to run, butbefore initiating a campaign, make sure you have worked out allelements of the campaign:ü Building a strategy that is social by designü Defining key audienceü Identifying deliverables for every stage of the campaign cycleü Focusing on high level messaging and campaign structureü Integrating offline campaigns with Facebook campaigns.Finally, do not forget to measure your returns. This will define yoursuccess. Created by Simplify360
  40. 40. Social Media Management SaaS InfrastructureSimplify360 enables organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in tocore business functions. Powered by Simplify360 AnalyticsTM, we extend a sophisticatedand user-friendly environment to realize value via actionable intelligence.For more information visit :