ICABA Social Media Success Stories


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ICABA Social Media Success Stories

  1. 1. Social Media Success Stories video success $$$
  2. 2. Social Media Success StoriesPowerful Case Studies for Your Business and Personal Brand• Real business examples of Social Media programs that generate positive ROI• Infographics, memes, kicks, captions, pins video success• Local businesses that are making it work $$$• A few fun and surprising categories
  3. 3. Margie Schneider Vice PresidentTen Golden Rules
  4. 4. Social MediaSuccess Stories video success $$$
  5. 5. Eleanor Hoh -- WokStar!Business Model: sells“wok star kits”,community membership,classes & franchises
  6. 6. Phonto ‘app’
  7. 7. Build Community & EngagementRef: http://socialwayne.com/2010/12/01/how-ways-brands-can-use-instagram-customer-today-engagment/
  8. 8. Instagram• Great product shots• Phonto app to add branding• Submit photos, voting, caption video contests success• Regular engagement with audience $$$
  9. 9. AquabumpsBusiness Model: sells high-quality prints ofphotos, related products & website advertising
  10. 10. Social “Selling”• Aquabumps = awesome content• Squishables engagement through “crowd sourced” voting video• Charitable donation successpictures = for pictures of your product on fans profile pages $$$• 29% of Squishables traffic comes from Facebook
  11. 11. Morning CoachBusiness Model: sells membership with access toa “community of positive people” , daily support &information.
  12. 12. Memes
  13. 13. “Share-able” Content• Calendarize your content• Memes are powerful engagement devices! video• Builds brand awareness success $$$
  14. 14. Warby ParkerBusiness Model: sells vintage inspired eyewearand related products.
  15. 15. “We saw traffictriple fromPinterest and itconverts at ahigher rate thantraffic fromFacebook andTwitter” co-founder NeilBlumenthal
  16. 16. InfographicsInformation graphics orinfographics are graphic visualrepresentations of information, data orknowledge. These graphics presentcomplex information quickly andclearly,[1] such as in signs, maps,journalism, technical writing, andeducation. With an information graphic, MARKETERScomputer scientists, mathematicians,and statisticians develop andcommunicate concepts using a singlesymbol to process information.
  17. 17. Pinterest• A purely visual medium• Pinterest contests• Great for video designers, products, recipes, lifest success yle $$$• Active interaction, pinning, following etc.
  18. 18. Kickstarter campaignto fund creation ofvideo series
  19. 19. Kickstarter• “Crowd funding”• Great way to fund a start-up or project video• Superior social integration for viral success reach (it helps if you have a great $$$ network to get the ball rolling)
  20. 20. Facebook PPC Advertising
  21. 21. The Power Of “Friend’s Recommendations”
  22. 22. Same Landing Page For 2 Campaigns. Google cost per sale $24.42 Facebook cost per sale $6.02
  23. 23. Facebook PPC Advertising• Enlist friend’s recommendations• Highly relevant targeting• Beating Google 3:1 video success $$$
  24. 24. AskTheBuilder.com’s TimCarter uses YouTube search results to drive traffic!
  25. 25. Guinness WorldRecord for mostliked video inYouTube history!Featured on EllenShow with BritneySpears, TodayShow, etc100s of Parody &Tribute Videos
  26. 26. Video• How to videos• Answer the top 10 questions• Create community & get search video engine results success• Viral! $$$
  27. 27. Social Media Success StoriesPowerful Case Studies for Your Business and Personal BrandTry something! –Videos, infographics, Instagram, Pinterest, memes, kickstarter, video live blogging, Facebook success community & advertising $$$
  28. 28. Social Media Success StoriesPowerful Case Studies for Your Business and Personal Brand video success $$$