Facebook Social Media Marketing


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Facebook Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)Facebook for local, Portland businesses. Oct. 2011.
  2. 2. SMM = Facebook 1 of every 8 minutes online is on Facebook 160 million U.S. visitors each month and90% of all time spent on social comScore, Feb, 2010, May 2011
  3. 3. Facebook’s Power forEarned Media LoveSales that are earned organically(non-paid) through value, merit,interaction, referral. 1. Get found online 2. Convert visitors & leads 3. Analyze & improve
  4. 4. Facebook users aremore likely to buy afterseeing a positive referral from a friend. Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey & Imoderate Research Technologies, Feb 2010
  5. 5. Why big brands invest in SMM.•  $190,000 one time full page ad (open rate)•  Few search/sharing benefits•  “Expiration” date as issue ages•  Can’t determine accuracy of impressions•  Hard to track behaviors or feedback•  Control your own budget, PPC or CPM•  Real time feedback to quickly change offers•  750 million users with broad reach and strong targeting based on preferences•  Track clicks, page views, and conversions•  “Friend endorsed” sharing
  6. 6. Listen & Optimize Track & Analyze & Goals Evaluate Listen First to Target Audiences in Facebook Likes and interestsLocation Rather than using keywords like a search engine,City, state, province, country Facebook targets interests, hobbies, conversations.Demographics Listening to the conversation is vital for success. What is your target audience talkingAge range, gender, language,relationship status about? How can you connect? Targeting for “likes and interests” should focus onEducation and work topics or themes instead of individual search terms.Specific university or level of educationThese are the four categories Facebook offers fortargeting your media buy to the correct audience.
  7. 7. Facebook’s dashboard •  Impressions: each time an ad is shown to a user, regardless of whether the user clicks and metrics provided: or takes any other action on the ad •  CTR (click-through rate): the number of•  Social: the percentage of your ad’s clicks your ad receives divided by the impressions where the viewers saw number of times your ad is shown on the at least one friend who liked your site (impressions) in the same time period Page, Event, Application •  Avg. CPC (cost-per-click): the amount•  Clicks: each time a user clicks you’re paying on average for each click on your ad on your ad
  8. 8. Leadership with Social Media Engagement Here is the sort of social media platform that agencies create for the Fortune 500 clients who will expect 80-hours of work per channel. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. Customer RESOURCES AND COMMITMENT. Set up service, PR, sales, marketing, branding and for longevity. How can we fuel an ongoing loyalty across multiple social channels. social media presence? ASSESS AND AUDIT. Use, needs, industry. VALUE EXCHANGE. What does our Who’s talking about you? Where are they target receive in return? What barriers to and what are they saying? participation are necessary? SOCIAL VIBRANCY. Finding and EXISTING SUCCESS. Can we leverage and creating conversations and opportunities connect with a movement or conversation for involvement. already happening? VOICE. Who are we speaking as and to SOCIAL CURRENCY. Can we create a whom are we speaking? Determine voice, message that will drive our target audience tenor, feeling, direction, and consistency. to socialize around it? INTERACTIONS. Open nature of social SUCCESS CRITERIA. Army of friends/ media equals heightened expectation for followers is meaningless without right transparency. PR spin plans in place. audience and motivation to desired action. Determine metrics.
  9. 9. Fan-GatingPhoto contest I’d love it if you’d like us Campaign approach Sign up to win •  Optimize pages •  Target promoters •  Incentivize promoters •  Launch campaignTug-of-war •  Promote, track, adjust Take the challenge Keep Facebook users in Facebook to increase conversions. Fan faves www.DojoAgency.com