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So You've Got Facebook Fans. Now What?


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Building a Successful Facebook Community

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So You've Got Facebook Fans. Now What?

  1. 1. So You‘ve GotFacebook Fans. Now What? Building A Successful Facebook Community
  2. 2. Companies have spent millions ofdollars gathering fans on theirFacebook pages and being liked allacross the web. But who are thesefans and what does this mean forthe brand?
  3. 3. It s not about how many fans you have, it s what you learnfrom and do with these fans that matters most!
  4. 4. Think Of Your Facebook Community As A Party What makes some parties more successful and desirable then others? Appeal AudienceAdaptability Awareness
  5. 5. Appeal     Is your Facebook page a placepeople would want to spend time in and visit often?1.  Creative.2.  Discounts and Coupons.3.  Contests and Promotions.4.  Applications.
  6. 6. CreativeYour creative should beappealing, represent thepurpose of your page, andinclude a strong call to action.•  Profile Pictures.•  Photo Strip.•  Welcome Tab.•  Additional Custom Tabs.  
  7. 7. Discounts and CouponsCoupons and discounts are a great way to not onlyacquire new fans but to reward existing fans,encourage sharing, generate sales, and track results.  
  8. 8. Contests and PromotionsFacebook contests allowcompanies to reward theirfans while being a greatway to support internalmarketing initiatives,encourage engagement,get people talking, anddrive organic growth.
  9. 9. ApplicationsApplications are a strongmedium to showcaseinnovation, encouragesharing, prolong time spenton your page, and providea creative platform with aclear call-to-action for usersto interact with your brand.  
  10. 10. AudienceWho are your fans and how will you keep them engagedand entertained?•  Get To Know Your Fans.•  Keep Fans Engaged. Stop in and stay awhile!    
  11. 11. Get To know Your Fans  • Facebook Analytics.  •  Polls and Surveys.•  Facebook Questions•  Screener Status Updates.
  12. 12. Keep Fans Engaged  •  Ask Questions.  •  Ask for Opinions/Suggestions.•  Share Stories.•  Provide Sneak Peaks.•  Post Quizzes, Trivia.•  Provide Value.•  Multi-Media Content.•  Be Likeable.
  13. 13. Adaptability Are your taking care of your fans? Are you listening to their needs, using what you learn, and taking action?1.  Customer Service.2.  Focus Groups.
  14. 14. Customer Service  Thank and respond  to the positive andrespond even morediligently to thenegative.Provide real andtimely solutions!
  15. 15. Focus Groups    Think of your Facebookpage and wall as theultimate Survey or focusgroup.Continuously discover howyou can meet consumersneeds while exceeding theirexpectations.
  16. 16. Awareness     Are your fans talking about or promoting your brand and encouraging their friends to purchase your products or join your Facebook community?1.  Engagement and Interaction.2.  Brand Ambassadors.3.  Review Programs.
  17. 17. Engagement and Interaction  Encourage fans to  spread the wordabout your brandthrough the stream!•  Engaging Updates.•  Sharable Content.•  Social Plugins.•  Social Ads.
  18. 18. Brand Ambassadors    •  Rally biggest fans to spread the word about your brand.•  Reward biggest fans for sharing.•  Parties and Sampling programs.
  19. 19. Review Programs  Encourage and reward  fans for reviewingproducts or servicesthrough coupons orsamples.Keep it simple andmake it sharable!
  20. 20. So Remember Its not about how many people you can getto come to your party, it s about giving them a personalized and rewarding experience so that they will come back and bring all their friends.
  21. 21. Thank You! Mandy Cudahy - @Mandy55Lauren Sleeper - @LaurenSleeper