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Gen 1 College!

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Bawse legacy 1.5

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome to the Bawse Legacy: College Edition #1!Last time: Hailey (gen 1 heir), Dennis, Amanda, and Laura headed off tocollege and each had different goals they hoped to achieve there.Hailey and Adam (founder) patched things up. And we saw Hailey have alittle fun at college with two new friends.Laura decided she wanted to be a player and rolled WooHoo 20 sims,much to mine and Adam’s chagrin.That’s prettttty much it, not much! On with the show!
  2. 2. I’ve been making a lot of friends at college! The guy in the scarf is one ofmy closest friends here though. His name’s… Uh… Well let’s call himGreg. I wouldn’t date him, for one he’s gay, and two he knows all aboutmy Pleasure Sim antics.Lately I’ve just been trying to fill the time til my siblings get here and wemove out.
  3. 3. “So two guys huh?”“Yup. I’m not trying to play them per say. I just like them both and I don’tknow which to choose.”“So… You’re playing them.”“Oh whatevs Greg. You’re just saying that because you want one!”
  4. 4. “Well, Zach is pretty cute!”“Haha so is Nolan!”“Yes, but two blondes would be too much of a power couple here.People just aren’t ready for the Dynamic Bleach yet.”
  5. 5. “Tell you what, whichever one I don’t choose, I’ll convert them for you.”“Ssssweet!”Alright, I’m not quite sure what I was doing with my face but just becauseshe caught a picture of it didn’t mean that Chan had to use it!It was too funny to pass up! It’s like a wink/kissy face fail.
  6. 6. The next day I get the kids to college and the awful outfit tally isn’t thatbad.Laura definitely grew up well. If you don’t remember she is a RomanceSim, (2,8,5,6,7)Ltw: WooHoo 20 different simsHailey: (2/9/10/8/6) Pleasure Sim, LTW 50 Dream Dates
  7. 7. Dennis however, did not. He looks like a K-Fed wanna be!I like it! It’s hip!Oh geez. Well he’s a Fortune Sim, he has stats and a LTW.I forgot… Ah well!
  8. 8. Amanda faired a little better, but the pants don’t quite make thestandard.She’s a Knowledge Sim… And just like her brother I forgot.
  9. 9. This is the Greek House that I rigged up. Since I don’t force my Legacykids to study we aren’t exactly working with much. I think Dennis andAmanda, not surprisingly, brought in the most scholarship money.But hey! At least we have a kitchen and a bathroom. They can sleep onthe floor.
  10. 10. Who’d you call Hailey?“One of my dates. I have literally nothing else to do in this house. Youdidn’t even give us a TV!”Not my fault you guys didn’t study in your youth. We’re broke!
  11. 11. “Yes dad, we made it safely.”“Take THAT!”“No, we haven’t met any boys yet, we just got here.”“OW LAURA! Geez do you have to hit me so hard??”“Well… Maybe you shouldn’t come over. We just want to get on our feetbefore you visit.”“That’s for interrupting my Flash Lightening speech!”“That was years ago!!!”
  12. 12. “Oh thanks for your help in making money guys. I’m sure I can support usall with my paintings.”“No problem!”“Happy to help!”“Hey where’s Hailey?”“Uh… I dunno. I think she’s outside.”“Probably flirting with someone. At least she has her priorities, Isuppose.”
  13. 13. Hey I thought you called a date!I did, he just isn’t here yet. I was thinking since we’re gonna be here for awhile I might as well make us some friends.And of course the first person to walk by is a boy.I don’t question things. I just go with the flow.
  14. 14. Soon enough though Zack came over and I stopped taking it easy on him.I wanted to know which one would be mine! And I can’t make aconclusion without a bit of testing…“Wanna hear a secret?”“Yeah, sure. What is it?”“I think you’re the most handsome guy I’ve ever met. And I want to kissyou.”“That could be arranged.”
  15. 15. Mmm Zack lips. I really wouldn’t mind having to kiss him everyday. Idon’t want to commit to one boy so soon though, that just seemswrong…
  16. 16. It’s just that… These feelings for Zack just keep growing, all the time. Theway he looks at me. When we hug…Oh crap, listen to me! I sound like a little girl in high school!I need to snap out of this. I can’t get soft!
  17. 17. This is just proof that I’m not soft. All through the night. This is whathappened. All night.This was just the start of a really good date.
  18. 18. “Say, you wanna spend the night? I’d hate for you to have to walk all thehome in the dark.”“Hmm.. I’m not sure. What do you guys do for fun around here?”“Well, my siblings and I don’t really do much together. But you and I candefinitely find something to do.”
  19. 19. Things were going my way. At least until my desperate Romance simsister tried to steal Zack away.“Now I’m not trying to impress you or anything… But I didn’t wear aseatbelt on the school bus.”“Lord Laura, it’s bad enough to try flirting with Hailey’s boyfriend… But ina bathroom where I’m showering?? I know your standards are low, butgoodness.”“Can it, prude. I’ve seen better in a mirror.”
  20. 20. Dennis is the only one making money for the family. It’s so funnybecause the only thing he does is go to class, paint, sleep and repeat.Everyone else is out having fun and he’s just making money.Hey dude, why don’t you go and find a girl?“I dunno. I’m not really in the mood right now. I’d rather make money.We still don’t have wallpaper.”I’m working on it, I promise.
  21. 21. “Wow, you think I’m funny?”“I think you’re hi-larious.”“That’s really sweet, kid.”“Kid? Oh honey, I assure you, I am not a kid.”“Sure. So do you know where Hailey wondered off to?”“Ughh.”
  22. 22. She was out making more friends! And that’s probably another friendcalling her right now! Why couldn’t you be a Pop sim??
  23. 23. I’ve taken up the piano since this was one of the only luxuries we wereallowed to have.Chan says we’re too broke to buy something stupid so it made sense toget something we could skill and have fun on.
  24. 24. So I send Dennis out one day from under his easel to go try to meetgirls. It didn’t quite work.“So uhh….. I’m grown up and stuff….”“Then why are you still dressed like a teenager?”“I heard this was cool.”“Ha! They lied. Geek sheek is totally in right now.”
  25. 25. “So you like piano huh?”“Oh yeah it’s totally rad.”“Well I can do creative stuff too. Like paint. I love painting.”“ *yawn* that’s totally boring. I’m leaving.”“UGHH This is hard!”
  26. 26. I saw him pass by and I just had to stop him. He was so cute! Somebodyin this house was gonna hook up with him, whether they liked it ornot!And it’s not a surprise who greeted him…
  27. 27. “Well hey there hotness, what do you say we go and squeak somesheets?”“Well! Did your mother raise you that way?”“Excuse me?”“I’m sure she’d be appalled at how loose her daughter is being! I’m agentleman, thank you.”
  28. 28. “Excuse me??”“No, do excuse me. I no longer wish to be in your company.”“ Did… Did he just turn me down?? This doesn’t happen to me! I’m… WellI’m me!”And you just got turned down! I was there when it happened. Youremember? It was you. David. Me. You walked up to him-“Can it Chan!”
  29. 29. “Say… you play Mozart very well.”“Me?”“Yes you.”“Oh.. Thanks. If you’re looking for my sister, she just went in the house.”“The floozy who came onto me? No madam, but I’d love to get to knowyou more.”“Uhh… Maybe some other time.. I have to.. Bye.”
  30. 30. “So you turned down my sister huh?“If I hurt her, I do apologize but-”“You couldn’t hurt me if you tried, Lame.”“Yeah, she’s waiting for the next Pass By so she can move on. But you’rean interesting guy for shooting her down.”“Umm… Thank you?”“No problem. But I have to go, my date’s here.”
  31. 31. “Whoa there Hailey. I’m excited to see you too!”“Sorry, I just couldn’t control myself.”“Don’t worry about it… But you don’t show every guy you see this kind ofattention do you?”“No, ofcourse not. It’s only you.”“I say you prove it.”
  32. 32. “How’s this for proving it?”“It’s… pretty… very good.”
  33. 33. “Hmm my Passer By senses are tingling… Ooo and someone’s gonna begetting Woohoo pretty soon!”
  34. 34. I think Nolan’s really into me. And I like him too, I do… Just maybe not asstrongly as he likes me. I mean don’t get me wrong! It’s awesomespending time with him.There’s just something not clicking. Maybe the more dates we go on thebetter I’ll feel?
  35. 35. Hailey wasn’t the only one confused about boys.“Oh come on! It’s just a friendly hug!”“Gross! I don’t even know you and you’re not even wearing clothes.”“I am! I have on pjs!”“Pft, that’s a sorry excuse for pajamas. What’s it made out of? Latex?”“UGH! Why are you complaining? It’s sexy!!”“It’s repulsive. I’m outta here.”
  36. 36. Dennis made an amount of money. Let’s go for 10,000.Anything is better than trying to find a girl again. What’s with collegekids these days? I thought they were supposed to be easy!Well that’s what I heard… But I guess this generation got therespectable bunch!
  37. 37. “Hey Zacky! What’re you up to?”“Just doing some studying, what’s up?”“Not much, I was wondering if you wanted to come over?”“Nah, I can’t right now. I really need to study for finals.”“Oh… Ok…”“But I’ll be over tonight. How’s that?”“Great! I’ll see you then!”
  38. 38. How does that even happen?He’s hot. And I don’t have him.I don’t think you’ve ever even met before!Hence my frustration.Pft. Romance sims.
  39. 39. “So my abs… What do you think?”“I could give you the world baby!”“They’re nice. I just wish you didn’t stink so badly.”“The World sounds like a nice place to visit.. Where is it?”“Well we could go shower together and-”“Oops, look at the time. I have to go… Breathe. Bye!”
  40. 40. I heart Kevin so much. He just seems so awesome! And cuddly.Definitely cuddly.
  41. 41. “Well, I generally prefer red heads but I’m attracted to everything aboutyou.”“Oh David, you don’t have to flatter me.”“I’m not, I promise. I speak only the truth when I talk about you.”“Well… I’m speaking the truth when I say I want to kiss you…”“I’ve been waiting for you to say that all day.”
  42. 42. Mmmm David lips.
  43. 43. “So you don’t prefer my sisters over me?”“I could never prefer anyone over you ever again.”“Aww David. I have an idea!”
  44. 44. So this is where you got off to. Why the heck are you giving him abackrub in the cut of the house when you could’ve easily stayed in theliving room?Well I thought we would have privacy but so much for that.A for effort. Now get inside! This makes pictures inconveinant.
  45. 45. Upgrade! Got two separate bathrooms now. Some carpet. Kept thekitchen the same but there’s still no dining room. And the living roomis larger.
  46. 46. Alright I admit it… I’ve fallen for Zack. He’s just… So amazing!When he told me he couldn’t come over earlier my heart dropped butthen when he said he could I felt happier than I have all week!I know, it’s girly and I know it’s sappy but I’m willing to give up my waysfor him. He may be the only guy for me..And.
  47. 47. “Are you sure we should do this outside? I mean, we could just wait untilyou guys remodel.”“Oh come on. Where’s your sense of adventure?”“In the house.”“Oh blah. Be dangerous with meeee.”“ *siiiiiiiigh* “
  48. 48. Needless to say, I talked him into it.
  49. 49. Seriously?“What? It’s not what you think.”That fact that you have to say that means it is. That’s weird dude.“Oh hush Chan. I haven’t been getting any action lately and it’s cloggingmy chakras. So I asked for a back-pat to clear up my zen.”…Uh huh. Or. Your brother is giving you a totally inappropriatemassage.
  50. 50. She keeps getting fat… I don’t get it! No one else in the house has thisproblem but every time I turn around, Amanda’s pudgy! What gives??I just don’t have time to work out! Or the motivation. David doesn’t mindif I’m big, so I see no reason to work out.Well I do. It’s weird having one fatty in the house. I’d understand ifsomeone else was too, but I want some abs missy. So you’re notmoving til you’re different!
  51. 51. “Who? Nolan.”“Not here.”“She says she isn’t here.”
  52. 52. “Let’s smustle!”“You can smustle on into-”“LAURA!”“Fine fine. Can’t blame a girl for trying.”“Yes. Yes I can.”
  53. 53. “Alright Zack… I have something very important to tell you.”“What is it?”“I love you and I want to be with you forever. So will you marry me?”“You’re choosing me?”“Yes- wait… You knew??”“Of course I knew. You’re not a Romance sim, cheating isn’t your thing.Word spread quite quickly actually. I think the only one who doesn’tknow is Nolan… But yes. I’ll marry you.”
  54. 54. “Hey there Taylor.”“How’s it going?”“Awful. I’m soooooo frustrated! And I don’t know what to do!”“Well… You could take them out on me. I’m a Romance Sim too youknow.”“Really??”
  55. 55. “You just got so much sexier.”
  56. 56. And finally. Laura gets her mojo going. This was the beginning of theend of her “dry spell.”
  57. 57. “It’s been kind of difficult, Ivy. We moved to an empty lot and we’re juststarting to get on our feet.”“Ah, but at least you have your sisters there to help. Find any cute girls?”“Ha, yeah sure. But none will give me the time of day. So I stoppedtrying. I haven’t even gotten a kiss since I grew up. But my sisters arejuggling guys with ease.”“Don’t worry about it, you’ll find someone.”“Eh, maybe. But I have to go Iv. Talk to you soon.”
  58. 58. “SWEET RELEASE!!!”
  59. 59. “So I hear you’re engaged to my sister…”“Yup, she proposed earlier.”“You do know as her brother, I’m obligated to tell you that if you hurther, I’ll kill you right?”“And as the man she loves, I’m obligated to tell you the same thing. Idon’t care who I have to go through, no one hurts her. Not even you.”
  60. 60. “Hmm… You’re a good guy. I approve.”“Yeah, same here. I’d hate to dislike my only brother in law.”“Well, let’s just see if my father likes you before we get toocomfortable.”“Ah, he’s that kind of dad?”“You don’t know the half of it..”
  61. 61. “GOOOOOOOOOO-”“SHUT UP!”
  62. 62. So I let Hailey throw a party because between rolling wants for Zackand random +500 Wants she wanted to through billions of parties.I just never bit because… Well I had other stuff to worry about! Likemoney!But I caved and this is the party. Mainly teens and the elders camebecause they didn’t have a lot of friends yet.
  63. 63. “Mine are bigger.”“SHUT UP Laura!
  64. 64. But it was a hit. Lots of dancing. I’m sure that Denny dancing with Ivy isappropriate but hey. Who am I to judge!It was a hit and I could finally lock those Academic Wants on Hailey.
  65. 65. “To the bed room!!!”“YES!”
  66. 66. “So you’re not gonna flip on me are you?”“Shush.”“Like one of those psycho girls who call every day?”“Hush.”“Because that’s really creepy.”“OH MY GOSH! I’VE NEVER HAD WOOHOO AND YOU ARE QUITEFRANKLY PUTTING ME OFF!!”
  67. 67. “And if you think I’m-”“TAYLOR IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP AND WOOHOO I SWEAR!”“Sorry, sorry…. But-”“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!”
  68. 68. “So how was the Woohoo Laura?”“Whoa flag on the play, what’s this guy talking about?”“He’s talking to his fiancé’ who he idiotically called Laura.”“Well.. Why are you in your underwear?”“Do I need a reason? I’m hot.”“…True! So where’s your bedroom?”
  69. 69. Elsewhere, someone else was getting their first stoke of luck as well…“Hey Dennis!”“Hey… Wow. You look amazing. I’m glad you called me.”“Me too, it’s been so long. Come sit and tell me how things are goingwith you.”
  70. 70. “It’s so good to see you Ivy. I’ve really missed seeing you.”“Aww, I miss you too Denny. Now tell me how you’ve been.”“Well, I still have no luck.. Romantically. Which I’m fine with. The onlyreason I went looking anyway was because someone told me to.”“You don’t want to find someone?”“Not really. I was more-so focused on making money.”“Oh… Well.. I suppose that’s good.”
  71. 71. “Actually…. Now that you’re at college, I think I may just know someone Iwant to pursue..”“Oh really?”“Yeah… The doofus who was nervous to kiss me when we wereteenagers.”“Hey! I’m not the same scared little girl anymore.”“Oh? You aren’t?”
  72. 72. “Nope. I’m not.”
  73. 73. I have no idea how this happened but as soon as they were done Ivywent to the common area while Dennis was asleep and just got into arandom fight!!! It was epic.I guess WooHoo brings out the fighter in you!
  74. 74. “Now that I’m done kicking ass… Will you marry me??”“Yes!”“Are you saying yes out of fear Denny or do you really love me?”“Uhhh… Well… Love?”“Good answer! Now I don’t have to fight you!”“Yaaay….”
  75. 75. I couldn’t resist. Dennis had literally ZERO luck with women and Iwanted different teens in my neighborhood anyway, so what could ithurt to get rid of a few?That and their mini love story was kinda cute to me so… Yeah.…It was my attempt at a mini-sode. Sue me, I thought it was cute!
  76. 76. “Keep it in your pants bro!”“Yeah, Zack’s right! That’s my sister!”“Oh shut up Dennis, we aren’t kids anymore. And last I checked you justgot goosed last night.”“How’d you find out about that??”“You walk differently. It’s the WooHoo walk. I’ve seen it several timesnow.”“She has a point bro… You do have a little more pep..”
  77. 77. If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘He just felt up a girl. Why’s he crying??’Well. Good question audience. Let’s bring in the culprit!
  78. 78. How’s about you knock it off and I let you live?How’s about you stay out of my way and we won’t have any problems?How’s about I teach you why Happy cows come from California and notSims?How’s about I… Scratch my armpit and make the entire house stink?How’s about I let you off with a warning. I think you need to meet myCowboy.
  79. 79. “Ahh brings back memories doesn’t it Panda?”“Definitely. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Denny painting. Evenlonger since I’ve dominated you in hacky-sack.”“You’ve never dominated me. I just always let you win because I’m justnice like that.”“And you suck.”“Shut up Denny! Paint your monkey-man!”
  80. 80. Lol at the random butterfly floating peacefully over a chaos scene
  81. 81. I tend to make Chester gay in my games but this totally goes against myplans.Oh well, if it keeps Laura happy, who am I to stop her. She’s also hadZERO luck with the opposite or same sex.
  82. 82. “I… I think I love you.”“Great! I love that you think you love me and you’re willing to WooHoofor it.”“Wait, what?”“YIPPEEEEE!!!”#2
  83. 83. Yeah, I said same sex for a reason. Now that she had her mojo, Laurawas hitting on everything that moved.“Omg, I like so love you skirt.”“Really?? I bought it from Sim&M!”“It’s totally fab. You should check out my closet and see if I havesomething like it.”“Ok!”
  84. 84. Dammit Cow!!!!! I’m gonna kick your butt!“Hehehe…. Suuuure you are. It’s not my fault he’s a ninny.”“I’m not a ninny! You just poked my moob! I’m gonna get my fiance onyou!!!”“OH NO!! NOT IVY!!! I’VE HEARD ABOUT HER!!!!”
  85. 85. “DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!”“MMPF!!!!”“It’s been far too long. I’ve missed you terribly.”“I know love, I’m sorry. I’ve just been busy with classes.”“Well I want to show you how much I’ve missed you. I think it’s time wemake this official…”
  86. 86. “And that is Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation.”“How enlightening!”I heart them.
  87. 87. “OH YEAAAAAAAAAAH! You just WOOHOO’D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *whistlewhistle*”“Dude.. Not cool.”
  88. 88. “Oh this isn’t so bad.”“I agree, we can do homework. We did a lot of it in high school.”“Right. And we’re practically adults now. What’s a little homework?”“Right.”
  89. 89. “…”“…”“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”“Oh come on Amanda it’s not that bad.”“It’s awfuuuuuuuul!!! And I’m a Knowledge sim!”
  90. 90. “UGHHHHHH!!! I just want to make money!!!!”“Told you it sucked! I’ve erased the same line 5 times now!!”“Wanna quit and go play poker?”“Sure!”
  91. 91. “Ahhh success…”
  92. 92. Hey! Stop that!!!What? I’m just acknowledging that other women besides my future wifeexist. That’s what women want isn’t it?No. Even if we say it. No. We want you to change every other womanto a man and ignore them all! It’s common knowledge!Oh……. Well we don’t need to tell Ivy of this do we?I’ll let you off with a warning this time… But don’t get caught like yourfather.
  93. 93. I love Zack so much. He leaves the best, most sellable gifts ever! I can’twait to marry him in!
  94. 94. “Oh gawd Laura… Like your closet is amazing! I feel like… Like we have aspecial connection.”“I feel it too Christy.”“Barbara.”“Whatever. Say, do you think we could take this back into my room? Ihave more… Clothes tricks…”
  95. 95. Lol at the random butterfly just floating along so unaware of the deedsabout to take place.
  96. 96. Dangit Laura!! You can’t start a meal and then go have Woohoo!! Thiswas literally the first and only fire this generation started. We weredoing so well!
  97. 97. Ooooh but she left a good gift though! And who left that champagne?Couldn’t have been Zack, he’s a much more expensive date!
  98. 98. Well.. Maybe the piano paid off in the end. We all spend so much timeplaying it that we started maxing skills left and right.I think I’ll get us a piano when we get back home.. I think Zack would likea piano…Hmm…
  99. 99. I finally got around to having Dennis paint Hailey’s portrait. I didn’twant to risk it at first because we needed the cash. But now thatthey’re a little better off, I figure we should do it before graduation.
  100. 100. #3?
  101. 101. “You’re sleazy.”“Ouch! That just makes it more fun trying to get you in bed!”
  102. 102. “So are you gonna be on your back next oooor…”
  103. 103. Zack is amazing.
  104. 104. “So guys… I think we did pretty well for ourselves. We started out withnothing and now we have a good bit of money.”“Thanks mostly to me..”“Oh shut up, Denny. We all pitched in with our grants.”“Yeah but it was my paintings-”
  105. 105. “So anyway. Panda, tell me something.”“Sure, what’s up.”“How did it feel to finallllly have a guy kiss you?? I mean, I was starting toget a little desperate.”
  106. 106. “It was great! David is an amazing guy and he really loves me. Whatabout you? How did it feel to settle down?”“Weird. Weird as crap. But never once did I doubt that I made the rightdecision. Zack is an amazing guy. And I’m a Pleasure sim. I can be happydating only one person.”“Unlike Laura. But that’s why we love her!”
  107. 107. “What about you Denny, now that you’ve kindly come back into thepicture?”“I couldn’t be happier. I’m getting married to my high school sweetheart.How many people get to say they’re doing that?”“Not many…. Well guys. I’m gonna make the call tomorrow. I think we’veset up a solid foundation here.”“As do I.”“Me three.” “Love you guys.”
  108. 108. It’s finally time! This generation’s college days actually weren’t thatbad! It’s always fun in the beginning because you have to make moneyand what not.As the generations get on it’s like ugh, college.
  109. 109. You’re leaving something else Zack??“Nope. I’m just glitchy.”“You’re the one living with us?? Don’t glitch up our house or Adam willhave another reason to hate you.”“Right I have to meet her dad…”
  110. 110. Hey… Who invited you??“Me? Oh, no one. I just heard there was a party going on and thought I’ddrop by to see my favorite legacy sims graduate.”…Ok… Well, just don’t do anything weird.“Me? I would never..”
  111. 111. HAHAHAHAHA!! YIKES! Not only did you lose your custom clothes butyour hair.Hey we couldn’t keep our good luck forever! Now let’s go I’m ready to getmarried!!!Alright! See you in a bit.
  112. 112. Before the parties were all done, I took some time to catch up with mykids. Sure I hadn’t moved since they left but still. It was weird to go tosleep one day after the left for college and wake up the next with agraduation invitation.I’m so proud of my pups. It’s amazing to have 3 talented and dedicatedkids. Laura is just… Weird.
  113. 113. But I love her though. My last child. My baby. It’s nice to see her allgrown up although, how she chose to do it is a little arguable.Oh well.I know it means I’m getting old but it’s still nice to see my kids growingup.. I think I’ve finally accepted it.
  114. 114. And look! She’s got a bit of a rock star in her. I knew my kids weretalented.How could they not be with me as their father? I mean… I’m good ateverything!
  115. 115. Hehehe your forehead is large.But I totally rock it.You do?Yup, you can’t bring me down. I’m leaving college with a bunch of guys,and few girls, under my belt. I’m feeling good.Did you ever find Mr. SexyAbs?Nope, but I got damn close.
  116. 116. This picture is just so epic. The cowboy hat. The guitar. The angle he’slooking down. I just love it.Had someone else been in it though, it wouldn’t have worked. You mainlyjust love me.Eh, sometimes. Most times I just wonder how I got stuck with you inthe first place.You know… I used to think the exact same thing! Now I just ignore you!Haha I love you Sundown.
  117. 117. Laura always manages to grow up into nice clothes! And it totally fitsher hairstyle and glasses. I kinda love Laura, she’s awesomesometimes.Sometimes? I rule always.
  118. 118. Dennis grows up in old man clothes but he’s just gonna have to copebecause I’m not changing em.Hey wait! This is my last picture and you aren’t even showing my face.Come on. Don’t do this to me.Alright. I have one for you.
  119. 119. I just thought I’d throw this in here to mark 3 times I found themautonomously having a “back-pat” session.Seriously??? I ask for a good picture and this is the one you give me??Hey the chapter isn’t called inappropriate for nothing! But don’t beupset, at least your sister is enjoying herself… Blech.
  120. 120. AND we’re gonna end here!! With… This fuzz at a corner on the lot. Ihave no idea how it got there but now it won’t go away sooo… it’s juststuck there.NEXT TIME: Does Adam like Zack?? Do they have babies?? If so, wheredoes the random custom skin come from??Do I introduce Adam to the Cow Mascot and let him go ape shiz??Find out all this and less, next time! Thanks for reading!