Herangel chapter 2!


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Herangel chapter 2!

  1. 1. Huzzah!Chapter2!
  2. 2. Alright! About that time again because… Why not?It’s the Herangel Prettacy. The lovely lady up thereis Johnnie Herangel. The guy she’s canoodling isScott Gibson Herangel.Last time, literally on the last slide, they were aboutto have a baby.So we can just start off with that!
  3. 3. As you can see, Scottie was asleep in his mostimportant hour. While I am standing vigil as Ialways am.Pft. Shame on you Scott.“No time to be angry at you! Baby’s here!”
  4. 4. That’s Panic. Like Panic! At the Disco. It was late.Leave me alone.He’s gonna have to get used to this because he’llbe feeling a lot of it.It’s like everyone puts him on the floor!No clue why but look:
  5. 5. Some of you may be thinking, well Chan… Nanniessuck anyway.Nope, my nannies are typically very reliable.It’s just Panic.
  6. 6. “Seriously Chan?? He was just born yesterday!”Alright that time jump actually shocked me too. ButI guess you guys didn’t do anything interesting.Sorry.“My son is old now!!”So have another! They’re replaceable.
  7. 7. And back on the floor he goes. Maybe instead ofgetting angry at me, you should pay more attention toyour child!“He can be on the floor now! He has toys to play with!”Well then.It gets a little tougher for them from here. They bothwork the same hours because even though John waspregnant she jumped through her promotions andcaught up with Scotty slow poke.
  8. 8. But no, Panic is loved. I’m not sure where he gothis massive under-bite from, but I think it’s from hisdad.Who’s face I didn’t look at until he started havingbabies with Johnnie.Still, Panic didn’t get the cheeks so I’m happy. Ithink he’s adorable actually
  9. 9. Ok maybe not when he makes that face. Mr. Popularover here has about 3 nice points so he’s oftenfound frowning at someone or something.
  10. 10. “Fishy!”I had no clue they could do this! I saw Panicstanding up and I freaked out because I thoughtmy game was glitching because he can’t walk yet.Nope, he was just looking at the fish.
  11. 11. “Can you say: Plastic sitting contraption on which youingest food??”“Chair!”“CLOSE ENOUGH!”
  12. 12. I just had to catch a picture of this. Johnnie hasnever looked more ant like. I’m glad I didn’t give hertiny eyes.They’d take away from her adorableness.
  13. 13. See! She’s a great nanny! I think I can count on myhands how many bad Nannies I’ve had in about 7-10 years of playing sims.Oh and Panic is about to grow up on the next slide.
  14. 14. “My lips aren’t pursed that’s just how they are…”Hey I think you’re adorable. Your eyebrows arereally archy though.“I know. Am I happy or angry? I’ll never tell!!”
  15. 15. “When did he grow up??”“Just a few hours ago. You can talk to me mom, I’m oldenough now.”“Oh, sorry honey. It just seems like your life is movingso quickly!”Don’t Panic Johnnie. He’s just a kid. Heh heh…Panic… Like freak out.. Fear humor.
  16. 16. This is what the Herangel’s do on a daily basis.They study for promotions and complain when Idon’t take a lot of pictures. You guys don’t doanything interesting!At least the kid gives me something!
  17. 17. I didn’t know they could study from a kid’s book.“Hey Mr. Fuzzkins is very informative when it comes toEinstein’s Hidden theories of Mechanical Wisdom.”Mr. Fuzzkins is a kitten… With no body…“But he has a brain. That’s all he needs..”
  18. 18. “God dad, your funk woke me from my slumber! Getyourself together.”Scott usually comes home pretty exhausted. I’mnormally good on getting him to an Energizer but Iwasn’t fast enough this time and he wafted his sonout of bed.Panic hasn’t gotten his own bed yet.
  19. 19. “Hey…. Whatcha doin’?”“Working…”“Oh… That sounds nice……..Hey… Whatcha doin’?”“Ugh! Do you mind??”Why are there hamburgers in the yard? Who grilled??”
  20. 20. “Woo. You’re like a glass of water in the desert!”“Thanks!... But you know my wife so this is just acompliment right?”“Oh of course it is…”
  21. 21. I finally get around to throwing them a party and 1:Johnnie is asleepAnd 2: It gets busted.And then some girl hogs the only bathroom in theplace!
  22. 22. I got bored.
  23. 23. Darnit Scott you have 10 skill points and a smartcap on!“It’s not me! It’s the stove! We all know I’m too smart forthis type of thing!”No. No we don’t know as a matter of fact. Becausethis was really really stupid!
  24. 24. “Hey guys, can I go outside?”“Yes. Great. Go do that.”“And take the car too.”“But I can’t-”“JUST GO!”
  25. 25. SERIOUSLY SCOTT??? THE FIRST NIGHT IUPGRADE THE KITCHEN???“This thing is clearly glitched you can see it!!”You’re becoming a pyro and I don’t like it! You justgot Woohoo! Give me something!
  26. 26. This is just so that you can see the actual size ofher eyes.They’re so darn cute!Never mind the baby bump. The eyes.
  27. 27. Adults have big hang out groups too! They’re allpeople Scott knew when he moved in and they’reall people who call the house at break neck hoursto complain that he doesn’t call them enough.
  28. 28. “So a new baby, huh? That’s pretty cool I think.”“Do you want to know how they’re gonna get here?”“Nah, not really no.”“Oh… Well good. Now eat your cereal.”
  29. 29. “Hey Mister. Isn’t a little weird that you’re greeting kidsin your underwear?”“Well.. You’re not here for me, I just want you to meetmy son.”“Still… It’s a little pedophilic.”“Oh shut up kid.”
  30. 30. “That’s a pretty cool dance you’re doing there kid.”“HEY HE’S LOOKING AT MY BUTT!!”“You turned away when I walked over here!!!”
  31. 31. “Hey dude. Did you know your dad was a creep?”“No, what makes you say that?”“He’s over there dancing with a kid in his underwear.”“So? Look I want to be friends, but if you’re gonna bemean to my dad, I’m not buying.”
  32. 32. “Oh relax. We can be best friends forever. Your dad isjust a little weird is all.”“Really??? We can be best friends??”“Settle down there tyke. It’s only friendship. I’m notsharing my chips with you or anything.”
  33. 33. And we’ll end here with some smustle faces!Happy simming!