A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 8.2 Unending University Ends


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Unending University finally...ends.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 8.2 Unending University Ends

  1. 1. Hello everyone and welcome back to the second part of Unending University, an appropriate title because it took me two months to play through, what with one thing and another. I suggest that if you are new you read the previous chapters, because there is so much in this chapter, I don’t really have time to do a recap, sorry
  2. 2. Back in Regalton it is finally time for the youngest children to grow up. I was a bit partied out, so Charles and Evelyn had to make do with growing up without any ceremony. Charles was the first to give it a go. You can also see a glitch in this picture. Since I installed Celebration the xylophone continually displays musical notes, lovely no?
  3. 3. Any way Charles grows up to be a little cutie. “Hello, you must be the voice.” Yes, yes I am. “Oh. I am off to jump on a bed. ‘bye.”
  4. 4. It’s the turn of his sister Evelyn next, but she doesn’t look too sure about it. “Nah-uh, don’ wan’ to.” This reminds me of the youngest child of generation two growing up. It’s not that bad, trust me Evie. “Oh.”
  5. 5. She grows up pretty, just as all of her sisters have, and that night her Grandpa Gabe shows up to make sure that she is alright. “Hello Evelyn, my you have grown up well.” “Arghh.” “Hahaha, I do so love introducing myself to my grandchildren.” *sigh* I love having the urns on the lot, I could just do without the ghosts scaring everyone all the time.
  6. 6. Right, time to get back to university and the oldest children I think. Robert has invited his father round because he has something important he wishes to discuss with him. “Congratulations on joining the Legacy Society son.” “Thank you Father, but that is not the subject which I wish to discuss with you today.” “What is on your mind then Robert?” “Father, as you are well aware I have been stepping out with Cecilia Wrenworth since I was seventeen years of age.” “Yes indeed I am. She seems a nice enough girl.” “I am glad you think so Father, because I, well I want to ask her to be my wife, and I would like your permission before I go to see her grandfather and ask for her hand in marriage.” “Of course you have my permission Robert. Be sure to call your mother and let her know, she will be most pleased. She keeps harping on that all she wants at the moment is for her eldest children to get engaged and married.” “Haha, I will do father.”
  7. 7. So after speaking to her grandfather, who gladly gives his permission, Robert invites Cecilia to the Palisade Club in order to propose. After they had enjoyed a couple of dances, he drops to his knee. “Cecilia my love, I cannot imagine even one day of not being by your side. Will you do me the honour of agreeing to be my wife?”
  8. 8. “Oh Robert, yes of course I will.” Aww, so Robert becomes the first child of this generation to become engaged, and his mother is very happy about it, let me tell you.
  9. 9. Things aren’t going so well on the romantic front for Henry though, and he has decided to call it a day with the cow mascot. I’m rather relived at this because despite me promising him that he can marry whomever he likes, it turns out that Suzie is the spitting image of Allyn, so him marrying her would just be icky. “I am sorry Suzie, but it is just not going to work. May be if I were heir I might have more influence, but as it is the voice does not approve of our union.” Hey, leave me out of this.
  10. 10. “I, I am not quite sure what you are saying Henry.” “The voice has no desire for me to see you any more Suzie, how much plainer must I make myself?” Henry, for once be a man and take responsibility for your own actions. “Be quiet voice.” “I can change Henry, please let me prove that to you and the voice. I can think of no other I want to be with.”
  11. 11. “I am sorry Suzie, but this is how it must be.” “No, you cannot mean that, Henry please…” Suzie, I’m sorry about this…
  12. 12. “You! Don’t you talk to me. You have made it clear that I am not worthy of marrying into your precious legacy, even to a spare!” But… “Both Candi and SnootCB married two of my fellow bovines to their heirs,* yet you won’t let me marry Henry.” But… “You will regret this missy!” That went well, cheers Henry for landing me with that. *** Candi is the writer of the Uglacy and Prettacy families, I’d be most surprised if you hadn’t read them, but if not, go check them out. SnootCB writes the Apocachocolyse, another great read.
  13. 13. I re-rolled both William and Henry’s aspirations at the end of their second year, and it looks as if William was right about one thing, Henry’s true personality did start to shine through and he is now a knowledge sim with the LTW of becoming a media magnate. William is now a fortune sim, with the LTW of becoming a criminal mastermind, a career he seems to be practising for by bringing back threadbare pieces of furniture for the Legacy Society. I’ve not quite got to grips with my nice little heir wanting to be a criminal, but there you go. “The answer is very straight forward Creator, it is simply another career, and I believe that it is one which you have never topped.” True. “Well then, I know that you want to use this challenge to play in ways you have not done to this point, and to experience new aspects of the game. Any way, by pursuing worldly goods, I can make sure that my family is well provided for and wants for nothing.” Ah, I knew there still had to be a family sim in there somewhere.
  14. 14. Henry doesn’t seem to have let the end of his relationship with the cow affect him too much, and spends a lot of his time on the phone, but I’m not quite sure what to make of his conversations. “Yes, I believe that is so…hopefully not long, but I will have to wait and see… I will tell her after…hmm, she will have to, what else is there for her to do? See what I mean? “Goodbye, I will speak to you soon…you know I do.” Who was that you were talking to Henry? “Err … MichelleFobbs voice.” Some how I don’t believe him, MichelleFobbs writes the fabulous Planetary Apocalypse, and since her simself moved into the neighbourhood she has called everyday to speak to a different sim, but never Henry, I doubt she has started now.
  15. 15. At long last, after two and a half years of trying Henry finally gets accepted into the Landgrabb Society. I’m sure that his father will be pleased, I know I am.
  16. 16. “Ok Legacy, against most of our member’s better judgement you are to come with me.” “This is so degrading; do you really have to handcuff me like I am some sort of criminal?” *through gritted teeth* “Yes.” “Well this is the first and last time I plan on this happening I can tell you.”
  17. 17. “Ah, at long last I can say to father that I belong here. That cowplant looks rather interesting, Hmm, I wonder if I can get a cutting to use for my dissertation in my final year.”
  18. 18. “Err voice, a word if you please?” Yes Henry. “There do not seem to be that many people here, and those who are have all just made their excuses and walked off the lot.” Really? Maybe they are going back to their dorms because it is late. “That could very well be the case, I never thought of that.” To tell you the truth I don’t know what happened, but there were far fewer society members at Henry’s induction than at anyone else’s and they did all walk past him and off the lot. I guess they really don’t like him very much.
  19. 19. Robert has joined the Legacy Society and moved into the house. My simself takes this opportunity to give him a call. “Oh hello Miss Di, what can I do for you today?” “Hi Robert, look, I need to ask you a favour.” “But of course, what is that you want?” “I need you to keep an eye on Henry for me.” “Spy on my brother?” “I wouldn’t use the word spy, just let me know if he starts acting, shall we say, more aggressively, or secretly than usual, especially if I am not around.” “You do not trust him?” “Hah, no, that’s not a word I would associate with Henry.” “Fine, I will do it.” “Good, thank you Robert, I feel a bit more at ease now.”
  20. 20. Fresh from pledging Frederick Harrison (Violet’s stepson) and Harold Skinner (Elizabeth’s son) into the Society William grabs the opportunity to talk to Robert about a subject which has been bothering him slightly. “Congratulations on your engagement Robert, I am sure that you and Cecilia will be very happy together.” “Thank you William, I am sure we shall.” “Err Robert, I was wondering if you could give me some advice.” “But of course.”
  21. 21. “As you are no doubt aware, I have been seeing Beth since my first year, and the truth is I love her dearly and would like nothing more than to ask her to marry me.” “So how can I help you William?” “I am not sure how to ask her. I have tried rehearsing various proposals, but they all seem to fall flat, or sound forced.” “Is that all? William you just have to be yourself, tell her how much you love her and ask her if she wants to spend her life with you.” “Is that all, and I thought it would be difficult” “Sarcasm really does not become you brother. Look, you will know what to say when the time comes, I know I did. If you keep going over and over it you will make a hash out of it if only because you have built it up too much.” “I am sorry Robert, I am just getting worked up about it. Thank you for your advice.” “You are welcome William.”
  22. 22. Henry’s love life has really taken a turn for the worse and Suzie has now started to stalk Henry demanding that he take her back. He is still hiding behind me as the reason that he ended it. “Look Suzie I have already explained this to you, there is no future for the two of us. The voice has long been opposed to my seeing you …I have tried but…If I were things maybe different but…” I think I’m going to leave him to it.
  23. 23. William, fresh from his talk with Robert decides that the time is right to propose to Beth. “Right William, this is easy just ask. Oh hello Beth? It is William…yes I am well thank you, and your self...?Beth would you like to dine with me tonight...?You would...?I will pick you up at eight…until then my love.”
  24. 24. Their date goes very well. “William I do so enjoy spending time with you.” *cough*”and I you Beth…would you like to dance?” “Why I would love to.” “I will just pay the bill.”
  25. 25. After dancing for a while William finally decides that now is the right time and says “Beth since that very first day I espied you across the coffee shop, I have thought of little else, but that which I am about to do.”
  26. 26. “Beth Trimble, I love you with a passion I never believed possible, from the moment I wake in the morning until the moment I go to bed my head is filled with thoughts of you. Will you do me the greatest honour a man could wish, and consent to be my wife and carry this legacy onwards.”
  27. 27. “Oh my dear sweet William, of course I will marry you! This ring is beautiful.” “I am pleased you like it, it is an heirloom.” “So your great grandparents must have been Steven and Georgina?” “I am sorry?” “The ring, it is engraved with the names on the inside of the band.” “Oh, yes, I suppose they must be even though they do not show up in my family tree, I am sure the Creator will know.”
  28. 28. “I will ask her. Oh William I love you very much.” “And I you Beth.” Aww congratulations you two. “Thank you Creator.” “Yes Thank you, I cannot wait to marry William, but I have a few questions for you about the names on the ring. My guess is that they are relatives of my fiancé, but he says they do not show up in his family tree, why is that?” Ermm, you know what I have to go check up on your future sisters-in law Beth, see you later.
  29. 29. The girls had spent quite an easy final year, with Charlotta mainly on the phone and studying, and Anne, studying and dating. There was one date however which would be life changing for her. “Hello, it is Anne Legacy here…but for sure you remember, we met downtown a couple of months ago in Londoste restaurant…I was dining with a red-head wearing a blue and white jacket…yes that is correct the blonde in the blue and black dress…I am glad you think so, I agree it is very becoming on me. I was wondering if you wished to dine with me tonight? That is good news, I will se you soon.”
  30. 30. Her mystery date (or not if you’ve read my Christmas special) turns out to be a grand vampire. “Count MacArthur…” “Please Miss Legacy call me Jerry.” “Only if you call me Anne Count.” “Very well Anne.” “Jerry, it is so nice of you to agree to see me this evening.”
  31. 31. “But of course Anne, you are by far the most beautiful specimen of a lady I have seen for the last fifty years.” “Fifty years? But my dear sir, you do not look a day over thirty.”
  32. 32. “That is because I am one of the children of the night, a vampire. Surely you have noticed my pallid complexion and burning red eyes.” “Well, yes I could not help but notice those; I merely assumed that you were unwell, and would not be so indelicate as to mention them.”
  33. 33. “No my dear, I am one of the un-ageing and undying few. I have been on this sim-earth for nigh on three hundred years, and I will still be here after the Creator finishes her legacy.” “Surely though you would still be here anyway because you are a townie.” “Ah, but even if I were not, I would still live forever.”
  34. 34. “This, this sounds very intriguing sir. Just out of interest Jerry, how would a sim go about becoming one of the undying such as yourself.” Anne… “Shush voice, I am only asking.” “Well Anne, They would have to be bitten by one who is already affected by the condition.” “So, if, for instance you bit me, then I too would never age or die?”
  35. 35. “That is correct my dear, but please do not go and put such rash thoughts into your head. Although I find my condition to be a blessing, many would find it a curse. True I never age or die, but those around me do. It is not easy to see all those you love fade away before your eyes. Then there is the fact that you will never see the sun again. It…burns you see, and can quickly lead to the destruction of one who is unfortunate enough to be caught in it.”
  36. 36. “Yes, that does seem a shame, but I think that I would be able to live with that, especially if I never have to age again, and I am free to romance the town forever.” “You should not be so flippant about the downside Anne.” Yes, Anne, please listen to his warnings. “I thank you for the warning Count, voice, but I feel that I am quite capable of making an informed decision.” “I am not convinced that you understand the magnitude of what you are considering, and there is an implicit question contained within your remarks. I am afraid that I am quite unwilling to infect you until you have thought it all through properly.” “Really, that is too bad, I was starting to rather like you Count.”
  37. 37. “Now my dear, do not be so harsh! I am very attracted to you, and if you would consent to it, I would still like to dine with you.” “I am sorry Jerry, I am just being silly. The time is coming when I will have to leave university and start to age again, and the thought is scaring me. Let us go and eat.”
  38. 38. Anne is not one to give up on something easily, neither is she very patient, so the next day she again rings up Count Jerry. “Jerry, I hope this evening finds you well? Good. I was wondering if you were free to come over to the Victorian Privileged Ladies house ...You are how wonderful, I will see you soon.” Anne you are going to ask him to bite you aren’t you? “voice, I know what I am doing.” Yes, of course you do Anne.
  39. 39. “I have been thinking about what we were talking about yesterday…” “Oh Anne, I was under the impression that you wanted to see me because of who I am, not what I am.” “I did want to see you Jerry, but I cannot get the idea of vampirism out of my head. I want to become one.” “Och, Anne you do not know what you ask!”
  40. 40. “Yes Jerry I do. Look at me, can you not see how determined I am over this? I understand the risks, and I have decided that this is the best possible solution to my problem.” “Well if you are sure…?” “Yes, I have been searching since I was a little girl for a way to stop myself from ageing, this is the solution!” Oh dear, well it’s better than her becoming an elixir junkie, or heavens forbid finding out about cow plants I suppose.
  41. 41. “Very well, Anne.” “Thank you, thank you Jerry.” “Erm, Charlotta, I wonder what is going on over there.” “Me too Enid. I really wish that Anne had told me that she was expecting a visitor, so I could have changed into something more appropriate.” Enid moved into the house at the beginning of the year, and Charlotta has been working on her portrait for the past day or so.
  42. 42. “Come over here near to the settee my dear, you may feel a little faint after the experience.” “Anne, are you sure about this?” “Shush Enid, of course I am.” Enid, I think that it is a bit pointless to argue with her, she’s made up her mind, and she will have to deal with the consequences. “Thank you voice.”
  43. 43. “Come here my dear…” “Ooo pretty pulsating purple particles.”
  44. 44. “Ooo, feel funnnnnyyyyy…” “Nearly over my dear.”
  45. 45. “Bleh, bleh, at last I will no longer age or die.” I suppose I had better go and make some arrangements now that you have done this. “What sort of arrangements voice?” Well where you are going to live when you leave Acadamie le Tour, for starters. “You are not angry at this turn of events?” No, resigned is a better way of describing it. I can’t speak for your family though, they might be a bit upset. Look, I’d better go. “Goodbye voice.”
  46. 46. “Thank you Jerry, this is what I wanted.” “You are welcome my dear, but please remember that there are disadvantages to this way of being.” “Yes, yes I understand that, now kiss me before you go.” “With pleasure, my dear.”
  47. 47. ‘The sun is just coming up. I had better get into the coffin the voice very kindly provided before she departed. Just think I will never again be able to bask in the warmth of the sun…No Anne, stop it with such thoughts, this is what you wanted…a way to cheat death and make sure that you never leave those you love. I am sure that it was the right thing to do, I have not made a mistake…’
  48. 48. “Enid, I wish to speak to you about the terrible event last night.” “Of course Charlotta.” “What are we going to do? I have tried calling to the Creator, but I am getting no response. We need her guidance at a time like this, and instead she has gone swanning off somewhere.” “Now I do think that you are being a tad harsh on her. She has never abandoned us before, and I am sure that she has matters in hand.” “But why has she not told us that?” “I do not know. *sigh* Look, I too am not entirely happy with the way of being Anne has embraced, but I feel that we need to bide our time with it and support her until the Creator returns.” “I, I suppose you are correct. I just hate the fact that she is upstairs sleeping in a coffin.” “As do I ‘Lotta. I have to go to class now. Will you be alright on your own?” “Yes, go.”
  49. 49. “Creator, Creator, why have you forsaken us? If you are there please speak to me and let me know.” … “Please, just cough or something to let me know that we are not alone.” …
  50. 50. “Hello Mother…I am fine…Anne? She is out at the moment….No she is studying hard, we all are…Can I please speak to Father…No I am not avoiding speaking to you, I would just like a word with Papa…thank you…yes I love you too… Father are you somewhere mother cannot hear you...?Good, Father something terrible has happened, Anne had become a vampire...!Nothing, the Creator has been silent since it happened, I fear she has deserted us…”
  51. 51. “Well, yes that is what Enid said…it would have been nice if she had left word or something…yes I tried to call Di, but got no answer…I am trying to be patient, but it is not working...! Yes I am sorry father, I should never have shouted at you, I apologise, it is just that I find this situation so distressing…very well I will wait to see if I hear anything from the Creator…yes I will try to have faith in her…Of course you have to tell Mother…I wish you luck…I love you Father, good night.”
  52. 52. The next day Charlotta receives a phone call which shows her how groundless her lack of faith was. “Hello Charlotta.” “Miss Di, thank goodness, you have no idea how good it is to hear your voice.” “The fifteen messages you left for me yesterday give me some idea. Did you really think that I would desert you and your family?” “I tried calling out to the Creator you and got no answer, I panicked.” “You got no answer because both incarnations of me were dealing with the situation, and I think I have a solution. Can you make sure that everyone in your household are at my place in Regalton tonight at eight?” “Yes of course.” “See you later then.” “Goodbye.”
  53. 53. “George, Allyn, Charlotta thank you for coming.” “But of course Di, we are very worried about Anne, and want to come to some sort of resolution for this problem.” “Yes, we all do. Everyone else is already in the dining room, shall we go through?”
  54. 54. “Thank you all for coming over this evening. Now as you are all aware two nights ago Anne here was bitten by a grand vampire and infected with the vampirism virus. I have spent the last day or so coming up with and putting in to action a solution for this.”
  55. 55. “Everyone, I would like you to meet Mathias Nosferatu.” “Good evening.” “Mathias and his household moved into Regalton a couple of months ago to host one of my chapters for me. I went round to see him yesterday and to ask for some advice, and I believe that we have come up with a solution which Anne, and hopefully you her family will find acceptable. Mathias?”
  56. 56. “Thank you Miss Di. Anne, after some consideration the members of my household and I would like to extend to you the invitation that you may live with us after you have left finishing school. You are one of our kind now, and we can help you with this often difficult transition You do not have to give me your answer straight away. I understand that being asked to move in with a group of strangers is quite daunting, and I have no desire to rush you towards a decision.”
  57. 57. “What? But I thought that we would be finding some way to cure Anne. She cannot stay like this, it is un-natural!” “I know that this is upsetting for you Allyn, but…” “Upsetting is not the word Miss Di, my beloved daughter has turned into a monster!”
  58. 58. “I wouldn’t call her a monster, Allyn, she is just the same as she ever was, personality wise, it is just that now she is…differently alive.” “But…” “Look, when I saw what was happening, I decided that I needed to come up with a plan or solution which was best for Anne herself…”
  59. 59. “But I do not understand, surely what is best for my sister is if we cure her? That is what we should be discussing, not where she should live”
  60. 60. “Urgh, why do you all assume that there is something wrong with me? “Anne…” “No, Charlotta listen to me. I chose this, I wanted this, in fact I as good as asked Jerry…” “Do not be so familiar Anne, you cannot let your affliction get in the way of your manners.” “Sorry Father. I asked Count MacArthur to bite me. I have made my decision.”
  61. 61. “I cannot believe I am hearing this, George tell your daughter she is not to be so silly. She is coming home with us, her loving parents and I will not rest until she is back to normal. I cannot have one of my daughters live like this!” “Allyn, please don’t get hysterical…” “I think I have every right to do just that Miss Di!” “Mother, please clam down. We are all upset by these turn of events, but I do believe that there is one important point which you are ignoring here.” “What is that William?” “Anne’s feelings Father. She has said that she wants to be like this, but Mother is too upset to listen to her. Anne, my dear sister, is this truly what you want?”
  62. 62. “Yes, yes it is William. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to stop the relentless march towards the grave. I swore that I would never leave my loved ones. Now I have found a way to make that true. I am free to do what I want without fear or regret.”
  63. 63. “See, Father, Mother, Anne really is happy with her decision.” “What! She cannot be!” “But she is Mother. Forcing her to change will only result in her hating all of us. I do not want to be at odds with my sister. I love her too much” George: *sigh* “When you put it like that William.”
  64. 64. “Annie, darling, if this is what you want, then I will support you in it. You are, after all my daughter, and it is not as if you have brought shame on our family by associating with a variety of men...” *cough, cough* “Are you alright Miss Di?” *cough* ”Quite well George, thank you, just a little tickle is all, didn’t mean to ruin the touching father- daughter moment, do go on.” “As I was saying, this is difficult, but you have not shamed our family. I will love you despite this Anne. If this is how you wish to live your life, then I will be there for you.”
  65. 65. “George, you cannot be serious! She cannot stay like this!” “Allyn we are all extremely upset but this, but please think about it for a minute. Anne is our daughter, and if she wants to be a vampire, then we must support her, just as we would support any of our children in any endeavour they set out upon.” “But George…” “Darling, this has been such a shock to you, but please let us think on it a while. Anne is determined, and I am sure that you would not want the family to split over this.” “No, I would not.”
  66. 66. “Well, I think that now is a good time to call this little get together to close. I know that this is difficult for you all, but this is the best solution I could think of, and I hope that you will give it due consideration Anne.” “I will yes.”
  67. 67. “Goodnight Allyn. I know that this is difficult for you, but please try to come to terms with it for Anne’s sake.” “I wonder if you really know what you ask of me, but I will try, as you say she is my daughter. Goodnight Miss Di.”
  68. 68. “Thank you Miss Di, for everything you have done for me this evening. I just wish that Mother could see how happy I am to be like this.” “Give her time Anne. This has come as a great shock to her, but she does love you deeply.” “I know.” “One thing though, I would try to keep all your loves secret from her for the time being: I think a further shock of that magnitude might kill her.” “Will do. By the way, I could not help but notice that Mathias has red hair…” “Hahaha, goodnight Anne.”
  69. 69. “Thank you for being a voice of reason tonight William.” “That is quite alright Miss Di, I love my family far too much to want to see dissent amongst the members of it.” “You are still a family sim at heart aren’t you?” “Yes.” “Take care of yourself William.” “Good night Miss Di.”
  70. 70. I managed to get Anne through the rest of her final year with only a few close calls with regards to burning to death. Gosh, how ironic would that be? She goes through all of this so that she doesn’t die, and ends up a pile of ashes due to the sun. Anyway, that didn’t happen, but she doesn’t seem to be too pleased at the moment. “voice, voooiiice.” Yes Anne. “I am bored, and I wish to go out on a date.” Fine, go ring Corey, or someone then.
  71. 71. “Anne I cannot help but notice that there is something different about you tonight. Have you changed your hair?” “No.” “Perhaps you are wearing a new shade of lipstick then?” “No Corey, I have become a denizen of the night.” “A what now?” “A vampire.” “Oh.”
  72. 72. It doesn’t seem to make any difference to Corey that Anne has changed and he becomes yet another love of hers. “voice I am busy, can you give a bit of privacy please?” Sure. This was her penultimate date of her finishing school career. She also hooked up with her professor one last time just before graduation, but I’ve not got room for any more of her dates this chapter.
  73. 73. Charlotta hasn’t been neglecting her social life either, and with the two of them finishing up with perfect grades, she invites her closest friend Hannah to a local bar and restaurant. “Congratulations on graduating my dear.” “Thank you Hannah, and thank you for your support following Anne’s…transformation.” “That is quite alright. So, what are your plans for the future?” “I am not entirely sure yet. I know that I do not wish to move back home, but what I am going to do…”
  74. 74. “Well, my dear, I do have a proposition for you.” “Really?” “Yes, move in with me. I would love to travel the world, but as a single female I cannot. You could travel with me as my companion.” “That is what I have always dreamed of doing since I was a child. Yes I would love to travel with you.” “Good that is settled then.”
  75. 75. With Charlotta’s living arrangements for after finishing school sorted out, it’s time for her to throw a graduation party and make her way back to Regalton. “Well done my dear. Your father and I are very proud of you. Are you sure you do not want to move back home?” “Yes Mother, I am sure. This opportunity is too good for me to miss. Besides, you are going to need the space in the house for William and Beth to more in.” “Yes I suppose so. You are only going to be a couple of doors away anyway.” “Exactly Mother.”
  76. 76. Having spoken to her mother, the eldest Legacy child seeks out her sister. “Anne, please may I have a word?” “Yes.” “I am sorry at how I have reacted since this happened, but I wanted to let you know, that you are my twin sister, and I will love you, no matter how you are.” “Th, thank you Charlotta, that means a lot to me. I love you too.” “Hug?” “Hug.”
  77. 77. With their peace made, and Charlotta finally accepting Anne for how she is now, Charlotta grows up and heads back to her home town.
  78. 78. Charlotta’s graduation out of the way, it’s Anne’s turn. Allyn, of course is there, and she has to speak to her daughter before she leaves. “Anne dear, are you sure that you want to move in with those strangers?” “Yes Mother. I have told you already I feel that they understand me and what I am going through. Besides there will not enough room at home, and would you really want me to live on my own?” “No, of course not, it is just that I cannot see that two men and two women who are not related can live together in any respectable way.” “Mother it is perfectly respectable, besides coffins are only made for one, not that I have contemplated whether there is room for two of course.” “I really wish that you would not use the c word when referencing your current sleeping arrangements Anne.” “What would you have me say then Mother?” “Well…”
  79. 79. “And I suppose you would have me wear makeup to disguise the pallor of my skin?” Before the discussion between Anne and Allyn degenerates into a row, my simself tries to interest everyone in a game of Myshuno. She’s not very successful, mainly because William and Henry are far too intent on singing sea shanties to take any notice. I must admit that this is SimDi’s fault, since her holiday to Twikii Island, she insists on teaching everyone the song. “Well it did take some getting out of the pirate ghost!”
  80. 80. Her little tiff with her mother over it is time for Anne to grow up and leave Acadamie Le Tour. That’s two sims home, only eight still at a higher education establishment with at least five, possibly more to even start. I’ve counted cousins here as well as George and Allyn’s children.
  81. 81. I admit that by this time I was getting mighty fed up with playing through university, so I abandoned my usual rotation to try to get William and Henry home as soon as possible. After the eventful year I had with their older sisters, I was hoping for a much quieter one with the boys. It seemed to be going well, with the boys all knuckling down and doing assignments to boost their grades.
  82. 82. Henry continued to receive irate calls from Suzie the cow. “We have already been through this more times tan I care to count. If I had more influence over the voice things might be different, but I have none. I am but a poor spare…” Oh brother, why he can’t just admit that he no longer wants to see her, I don’t know.
  83. 83. Robert became the next sim to make it into the secret society. That means that Enid is the only one at the moment I need to get in. As you can see there were a few more members here than there were when Henry joined.
  84. 84. Talking of Henry, he is still getting those mysterious calls, and he will not tell me who he is speaking to. “Yes Christmas at home was lovely…it is all in hand… soon I hope…I am aware of that…of course, when the time is right…”
  85. 85. All of my sims at uni live off of pizza. It’s just so convenient to keep it in an inventory before it is needed. “We also enjoy eating it Creator.” True
  86. 86. *yawn* “That pizza has made me rather sleepy though Creator.” It’s either that or the fact that I’ve been keeping you up writing assignments. Why don’t you have a little nap? “Yes, I think I will have one Creator.” Good, I’ve got some writing to do, I’m sure you can all look after yourselves for a couple of minutes.
  87. 87. *soft footsteps… click… fizzzt*… “c’mon,c’mon…at last.” *clank* “zzzzwha’zat?zzz” “phew.” *scrape, drag…soft footsteps* “heheheh.” Some time later… *sniff, sniff* “zzzzwha’s smell? Bit like burning…”
  88. 88. “Argghh! Fire FIRE! HELP ME!” Oh my gosh, hang on William… “I am trapped! HELP!”
  89. 89. Robert, ROBERT WAKE UP. “Wha’s matter voice? Why are you yelling?” There is a fire downstairs, ring the fire brigade quick!
  90. 90. Thankfully the timely intervention of the fire brigade saves William. “Thank you fireman.”
  91. 91. “Thank you sir for saving my brother’s life.” “Just doing my job sir. If I may say so it was rather idiotic of your brother to go to sleep without extinguishing the fire in the stove first.” “But we did not light the stove today.” “Perhaps your brother lit it to get warm just before he dozed off?” “I doubt it, but I will ask.”
  92. 92. “What on earth is going on down here? All the shouting woke me up.” “Nothing to worry about sir, merely a small blaze, but I have extinguished it now for you, before anyone was harmed.” “Oh…is that all. I am going back to bed.” “Are you not a bit concerned about our well being Henry?” “I can see that the two of you are perfectly fine Robert, there is nothing here for me to worry about, except maybe the idiocy of who ever it was who did not extinguish the stove. Good night.”
  93. 93. “I know that the stove was not lit before I dozed off Robert, and look, would I be stupid enough to move the Myshuno here blocking my way?” “No William you would not. Here help me move it out of the way.”
  94. 94. “This whole situation seems to be a bit odd to me, it is as if someone wished me harm.” “I know brother, I too am deeply uneasy about this situation. Go have a shower and go to bed, I am going to have a look round.”
  95. 95. Thank you for doing this Robert. I just feel so guilty, I leave for a couple of minutes to do some writing, and when I get back, there’s a fire and William is trapped. “Calm yourself voice, we can generally take care of ourselves. Hmm, what is this caught on the latch?” What have you found? “It looks like burnt leather…I am going to call the local constabulary with regards to his. It does indeed seem like this was not an accident.”
  96. 96. “Thank you for coming round so quickly PC Kaulker.” “Quite alright sir. Perhaps we should go inside to discuss the matter?” “But of course, please follow me.”
  97. 97. “..you are sure that the stove was not lit?” “Certain, and as I was examining it, I found this in the catch.” “Hmm, interesting, looks like leather. Well thank you for this sir, I will take a look around and see what I can find. I will of course keep you informed as to the progress of my investigations.” “Thank you constable.” Don’t forget to include me too Dorian. “Of course Creator.”
  98. 98. The next day Robert gets a phone call from PC Dorian. “I see…really…all in front of the window you say?...Uh huh…You have?...That has come as a bit of a surprise…well yes, but it never crossed my mind that one of them would do that…really? You do not, well of course if that is what you wish Constable…Thank you for keeping me informed. Good bye.”
  99. 99. Once he hung up Robert sought out his brother. “I have just received a call for PC Kaulker. Last night whilst he was having a look around, he found numerous hoof-prints underneath the front window.” “Hoof-prints?” “Yes, he says from the number and positioning of then they appear to have been made over a period of time. Coupled with the piece of leather I found in the stove, they lead him to the Cow Shed. Will, he has arrested Suzie on suspicion of arson, and attempted murder.” “That, that is terrible. How are we going to tell Henry?” “We are not. Apparently PC Kaulker would rather Henry does not find out about this yet until he is finished questioning her. He only informed me because Di told him to when he rang her.”
  100. 100. PC Dorian’s attempt to stop Henry finding out about Suzie’s arrest was thwarted however the next day by Derek the cow. “You, Legacy, it is all your fault. I should have realised what bad news you are, your father was just the same.”
  101. 101. “Whatever are you talking about old chap? I have done nothing to you.” “It is not me you fool, but rather Suzie. I warned her about getting involved with legacy sims, but oh no, she had to meet you, and you had to seduce her and now she is sitting in some jail cell, because of YOU!” “Jail cell?...what are you talking about?” “Suzie was arrested the other night for trying to burn down your house, that is what I am talking about!” “A, arrested, I had no idea…”
  102. 102. “voice, are you there?” Yes. “Why did no one tell me about this?” Well..., look I didn’t think you would so upset; after all you finished with her. “Hmm…that does not mean that I have no feelings for her, we were very close.” Is that the only reason you are upset? “What are you blithering about? Of course it is.” Well, it does look like she tried to kill your twin… “Oh yes, that…Very upsetting I am sure. But that does not alter the fact that you should have told me. Now excuse me I am going inside.” Henry…
  103. 103. Look I’m sorry I really didn’t think that you would take it like this. “…” Are you going to talk to me? “…” Fine, be that way. I’ll leave you to it.
  104. 104. That night SimDi gets a disturbing call. “Do you realise what time it is Constable?...Oh you do, why are you ringing then?...Well I have Robert keeping me appraised of the situation in the house…I know that he is still not happy with the situation, but he seems to be accepting of it, why do you ask? …What? Are you sure? But I never thought… oh my gosh we need to get over there…I will be ready.”
  105. 105. “Come on, come on someone answer.” What is going on? “Suzie had told Constables Kauker and Centowski something disturbing whilst they were questioning her. I need to get to the Legacy Society as quickly as possible, but I’m trying to give Robert a heads up.” *Beep beep* “Good the police are here. I have to go.” What about giving me a heads up? “No time, let me handle this, after all I am you within this world.” Fine, go, and don’t forget to narrate! “I won’t.”
  106. 106. At the Legacy Society House a cursory inspection of the property showed that there is no one downstairs, so the search quickly moved to the first floor. I was starting to regret having changed into my normal dress, something looser would have been better suited. “Wait for me…” Who would have thought running in a restrictive corset could be so hard?
  107. 107. As I reached the top of the stairs I found PCs Dorian and Ramen waiting outside William’s bedroom door. “We believe all the inhabitants with the exception of Addison are in this room Miss Di, we are trying to ascertain what is happening, once we have done that we will enter.” Stated PC Dorian. “Why not enter and ascertain what is happening that way?” I asked. “Because we need to gather evidence of what is occurring and that might not be possible once we are inside.” He replied “Fine…”
  108. 108. Inside we could hear the sound of arguing. “It is about you, in fact it has always been about you William. Ever since the voice decided that you were to be heir...” “Henry, please calm down!” “NO Robert, I will not. Why does William have to be heir? Surely I am far more suited to the position?”
  109. 109. “Henry please, there is no need to shout like this. We have been through this before, I am the heir because I am the first born son, and I cannot change that.” “You could renounce the heir-ship.” “No, I cannot do that.”
  110. 110. “CANNOT OR WILL NOT WILLIAM.” “Please, Henry, let us sit down and talk about this rationally…” “SHUT UP ROBERT!” *thump*
  111. 111. Hearing the sounds issuing for the room worried me immensely and I asked “Please, they are my boys in there, can we not do something?” “I am sorry Miss Di,” came the reply, “but we have no evidence to tie into the investigation yet. As it stands this is nothing more than a family disagreement.” I had no choice but to stay at the door listening to what was happening within.
  112. 112. “You, you knocked him out!” “Yes, he would not be quiet.” “But he is our brother!”
  113. 113. “So, what does that really matter William? All that ties us together is blood; it is not as if I really like any of you any way.” “I cannot believe you can be so cruel Henry. We are family, and all of us love you very much.” “Please, I am not as well loved as you, the precious heir. This legacy is all about the heir, the spares are nothing.”
  114. 114. “No Henry, this legacy is about our family and its journey. Being a spare is not bad, it is not second best as you seem to believe. You will be able to live your life without all of the constraints of the main house. Aunt Elizabeth and Aunt Violet are perfectly happy, there is no reason you will not be either. ”
  115. 115. “Huh, we rarely see our aunts, and living with our cousin Harold in the Halls of Residence is the closest we have been to that side of the family in years, they have been forgotten about William. I doubt that our younger siblings would recognise one of our aunts if they passed them in the street.” “That is not true! Our family is just so large that it would be unfeasible for mother and father to invite everyone over to our house. You know how crowded it was at Christmas.”
  116. 116. “No matter, by the end of tonight I will be heir. Over the years I have tried persuasion. I have tried to point out how unsuited you are, how weak physically, I even tried to prove how mentally unstable you are, all to no avail. The only alternative left is for you to die, and then the voice will have to make me, as the eldest living son heir. Suzie failed to kill you, but I will not. Goodbye William.”
  117. 117. This was too much for me to hear and I burst out “NOW can we go in?” “Yes, Centowski go right, I’ll go left, and Miss Di stay behind us.”
  118. 118. We burst in to find Henry leaning over William, and Robert out cold on the floor. “Sir, step away from the bed.” Said PC Centowski as I hurried over to Robert to make sure that he was alright.
  119. 119. “Officers you gave me a fright.” Said Henry as William took the opportunity to get out of bed. “We were here to question you about some allegations made by one Suzie Alioto when we heard a disturbance in this room.” Said PC Kauker. “Disturbance…? No Constable there is no disturbance here, we are merely rehearsing for the drama production we all are staring in.” “No Henry, we were not.” Piped up William. “Constable, much as it pains me to say this, my brother was threatening to kill me.”
  120. 120. “Henry Norman Legacy you are under arrest for the attempted murder of William Legacy.” As I watched PC Kauker arrest Henry, I felt sick to my stomach. I still could not believe that he would have been willing to see his twin brother dead just so that he could become heir.
  121. 121. Kauker led him out of the room and downstairs to the waiting police carriage whilst I stayed to see to the remaining brothers. As he passed me I saw that his face was full of regret, but I could not believe that it was regret for what he had tried to do, rather it was regret that he had been caught.
  122. 122. Not long after PC Kauker and the prisoner had left the room Robert started to stir. “Argh, I cannot believe I let that pipsqueak get the better of me. I have maxed body, whilst he has a handful of points.” “You were not expecting it Robert.” Said William flatly, “Neither of us were.” “That eye looks nasty Robert, why don’t you go and see if there is some steak in the pantry to put on it?” “Yes, I think I will Miss Di.”
  123. 123. As soon as he had left, William broke down in huge wracking sobs. “I cannot *sob* believe it Miss Di *sob* my twin wanted me dead!” “Oh I know William, I am in shock. I knew that he wanted to be heir, and the occurrences over the past few years worried me, because I thought that he might be behind them. I just never thought that he would stoop to attempted murder…”
  124. 124. Some time later I had managed to calm William down. “I have to go now, are you sure you are going to be alright?” “Yes, I feel confident I am as well as I can be at the moment.” “Good. I know the night is nearly over, but try to get some sleep, you have an exam tomorrow evening.” “Yes, I will try. Goodbye Miss Di.” “’Night Will.”
  125. 125. The next night William returns from his final exam with an A+ meaning that he graduates with a first class honours degree. Well done William. “Thank you Creator. I am feeling rather tired, if you will excuse me I am going to go to bed.” Will you be wanting to go home tomorrow? “Home? Yes I will have to go there. I spoke to Father earlier, he says Mother has not stopped crying since Miss Di went over to break the news about Henry. I need to be there to help re-build our lives. One thing though, I do not want a party, it is not right with what we have been through.” I understand.
  126. 126. So this is where I will leave you, with William leaving university in a suit which reminds me of Miami Vice (the TV series, not the film), watched only by his brother Robert and sister Enid. Thank you all for reading, I know it’s not been a particularly happy end to the chapter, but I still hope that you have enjoyed reading. Chapter nine will see the Legacys coping with the aftermath of Henry’s villainy and the wedding of William, please join me then. The CC used is mainly from MTS2 and All-About-Style, let me know if you want a particular item. Until next time, happy simming.