Herangel chap 4


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Herangel chap 4

  1. 1. HERANGELHuzzah Chapter 4
  2. 2. So as you can see Vicki (I found out her name), doesn’t have verymuch money. We need money but I’m willing to sacrifice money forpretty.“Good because I got this far, we’re getting married.”“Well Vicki, you can’t really…”“We’re getting married.”“Yes were are.”
  3. 3. This is how they danced back in my day. None of this grinding andgyrating. Nope.We made our parents proud!!We traveled to school up and down a hill!“Chan you’re only-”Old and wizened!!
  4. 4. “This dance is soooo stupid!”“No it’s not, it’s fun once you get the hang of it.”“Nope I think it’s stupid throughout.”“Because you can’t do it.”
  5. 5. Seriously dude?“Nobody feeds me in here! I may be the founder but I only have 2 cookingpoints! I can’t support myself! My husband has 10! 10!! But he burns downthe house. No one eats!!”But still…. We have leftovers. Good ones.
  6. 6. “Scott, some attention please. Scott. Scott!”“One second dear, I just need a few more-”“SCOTT!!”Scott can usually be found on the Energizer and yes Johnnie usuallyhas interactions for him in her queue but they end up gettingcanceled!
  7. 7. Cleaning?
  8. 8. “Never again do I have to skill!! NEVER!!!”LTW: Become head of Medical Career.I’m not sure what the next one is to be perfectly honest because Icouldn’t care less.
  9. 9. Now he makes time for his family. I think that’s Time.
  10. 10. “Ha.. Hahahaha!!! NO MORE WORK!!”LTW: Become head of Medical CareerOnce again, I dunno what the next one is.
  11. 11. I’ve seen these bikes in other legacies and it would seem that theycause the family to neglect each other and spend every chance theyget on this…Even in knowing this I thought… Eh, that’s a risk I’m interested totake.
  12. 12. I let Panic take Vicki out on an “actual” date Downtown because Ihadn’t been downtown much, mostly due to laziness.So I decided to explore some places I’d never been before.It was very interesting.
  13. 13. “Seriously Alvin? You throw a water balloon on the owner of the club youwant to work at? Then not only do you drench a $5000 SimCci Suedejacket, you force my body through a wall!!”“Heh heh… But it was pretty funny, huh?”
  14. 14. “No it was not fun you imbecile!!! I paid more money for this outfit thanyou’ll make in your entire life!! Are you kidding me? You poor, ugly,rundown, disgrace of a sim! I should buy your house and evict you justbecause I can!”“But… I thought it was-”“GET OUT!!!”
  15. 15. *faint sounds of shouting in the background*“What do you say we blow this popsicle stand before Alvin blows it up forus?”*louder shouting*“Yeah things are getting a little too intense for me in here.”
  16. 16. “Don’t look out of your window… Just look at me.”“But what’s-”“NO!”Alvin (muffled): HELP ME!! OH GOD THE HUMANITY! I THOUGHT ITWAS FUNNY!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!
  17. 17. “Oh geez guys seriously? Right in front of my date?”“What? You make out with your girlfriend all the time.”“But we’re young dad. You’re not young! And that’s just gross.”“Well I’m glad that you think me loving your mother is gross. I hope yourkids feel like that to you too.”
  18. 18. “What do I do next?? This is hard. What’s this dance called again? Thehustle and bustle?”“Smustling mom. It’s smustling.”
  19. 19. He literally checked his email about 5 times. No exaggeration.This is how I realized he needed a hobby.
  20. 20. This could be the start… Of something new.It feels so right to be here with you. OhhhOh gods I’m so ashamed to sing or even know that song. My stupidschool is doing that as our play this year and as you can see it’swearing off on me. >_<
  21. 21. “Wow, he’s my brother?”“Gee, thanks Panic.”“Well it’s not my fault your outfit is lame.”“I thought you meant my face.”“That needs work too.”“Hey!”
  22. 22. I grow up all the teens or children that they’re involved with to see ifI’d get some new Townies.So far, I haven’t had very much luck.
  23. 23. This would be a good time for stats.Time Herangel:Romance SimLTW Rock God10/0/10/7/3Everything is a turn on for Romance Sims
  24. 24. He doesn’t quite work the sex walk as much as other sims do.I’m shocked he can even still do it since he has 0 outgoing points.
  25. 25. And this is how he ends his date and becomes best friends with hispossible girlfriend. Great.That’s where we’ll end it!Bueno.. Simolio?