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Mishaps Yo

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Bawse Legacy 2.4

  1. 1. Hello! And welcome to the Bawse Legacy: Mishaps Yo!Last Time: We lost Adam our founder. I had an emotional breakdown.We sent generation 2 to college where the kids didn’t really domuch of anything.Except one of the Mona Lisa twins started hooking up with this guyand everyone started hating him. For reasons I didn’t find out formonths.That’s about it so on with the show!
  2. 2. Things have been going pretty well at college. We’ve gotten settledin and my cousins and I have picked up right where the previousgeneration left off.We’ve made improvements to the house and even added a lotmore friends to our Greek House status.Things are going great… Except that Taylor guy who’s the placeholder. He’s been causing nothing but trouble and the guys arestarting to get pretty tired of it…
  3. 3. Like just the other day Davin tried to talk me into sabotaging him…“All I’m saying is, no one can take the Cow Mascot forever. Ok?We give him a few dollars, sick him on Taylor, and nobody will beany worse for wear! He’ll move out on his own!”“Davin, we can’t just kick him out! He was our parents’ friend!”“And now he’s irritating soooo…”And that was the end of that conversation. Davin can be prettystubborn sometimes.
  4. 4. Ok so you may notice that some of these pictures don’t reallyrelate to anything I’m saying, but just hold on a second. Instead ofgiving you useless pictures of me, I’m giving you pictures of thecollege life!Boom, productive.Anyway, I was feeling pretty acclimated to the college life, so Idecided to go explore college. Maybe find someone to date andstart on my LTW with.
  5. 5. I decided to go to the longue and check it out. Apparently Chanhad never been there and she wanted to try something new.I was on the prowl for friends and blonde guys. Mostly friendsthough. I’m eager to keep the Legacy going… but.. Friends.
  6. 6. “Hey, I love your blazer!”“Yeah? I got this, a pair of shoes, a garage, an Indonesian orphan,and Bono for just $5 more at Burlington.”“Wow, really? A pair of shoes too??”
  7. 7. Blonde candidate analysis #1:Eh. He’s alright but he has the Dumbledore’s twice broken nosething going onThat and his ears are a little large.But dominant eyes so we could have a little variety.Overall: 4/10
  8. 8. To pay for my college experience, I decided not to become astripper, but to instead use my skills in a different way and play thedrums for tips.I got a little money.I should’ve tried stripping.
  9. 9. “Hey man… There’s something familiar about you… Have I seenyou before?”“I’m not quite sure… Did you go to Private School?”“No, just Public… But I just have this feeling that I’ve seen yourface somewhere before!”“I have the same feeling.. It’s uncanny.”“It is… Oh well, probably gas. Want a small, medium, or large?”
  10. 10. Blonde Candidate Analysis #2:Oohh, not bad! Nice body. Simple face.Nice nose. Because of all the things to judge a person on… Thenose is most important. Not personality. Not standards. Notincome or prison history.. Nose.Anyway:6/10Attack
  11. 11. “Hmm, yeah I love good parties. They have to have good musicthough.”“Yeah? Like what kind?”“Oh you know the usual… Beethoven, Bach. Typical hard edgestuff.”“Umm… Really?”
  12. 12. “You think I can’t like Bach, don’t you??”Hmm… Potential Blonde mate #3…“Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I can’t like classical youknow.” Really really cute.“I’m actually learning Moonlight Sonata in the key of G, so there!”Nice face. Nice outfit. And he notices me… Oh yeah. Attack.
  13. 13. Meanwhile upstairs at the coffee shop…“So… You guys seem to be having a rough day…”
  14. 14. “Rough day?? NOT AT ALL! I’m not upset in the least! It’s not likesomeone compared me to Komei!!!”
  15. 15. “I didn’t say you looked like Komei, Damien! I said you looked likesomebody I knew! Or I’d seen before, like recently when I wasbuying my coffee although I’m not sure who it could be!!”“ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT???”
  16. 16. Meanwhile, back at the lab…“Hey, you look pretty cool. Wanna come in?”“Yeah, sure. Got any fresh bowls?”“Err… For?”“My haircut. Duh.”“Oh right of course, sure.”
  17. 17. When getting fit goes too far.
  18. 18. “So you looking to make a wise investment?”“I’m listening. Step into my office.”“I have a hit to put on a guy.”“How many days?”“Soon as possible.”“Alright. I’ll be expecting an envelope in the mail in 2 days.”“Wait but what about the details-?”“Shhh… They’re watching.”
  19. 19. “I hope you’re happy with yourself.”“Oh so happy. You just deserve the best don’t you.”“The very best! Because you do such good things.”“Great things. You don’t cause any problems in this house ATALL!!!!”“Guys… Romance sim. Shut up and eat your burgers. Or else I’llpoop under your bed.”
  20. 20. And looking at this picture is when it hit me. I then knew whyeveryone hated Taylor…Because he slept with Laura!! HA!!!!I figured out the great conundrum! How they came to knowthis, I have no clue! But that’s the only logically explanationfor all the hate.And this resembles a similar problem that will arise in the nextchapter or so! I need to keep better track of my sims.
  21. 21. We’ve been trying to talk sense into Lisa…Mona. We’ve beentrying to tell her that he’s doing nothing but cause trouble. Thattheir relationship has caused nothing but trouble.She just doesn’t listen.I should’ve tried stripping.
  22. 22. “We’ve got a new hit… You stupid Llama!!”“Yeah? Who is the sucker this time? I hate you heifer!”“The kid in this house.. Taylor I think. Yeah well you’re ugly!”“How long? Your mama is ugly!”“A few days. That was kinda mean by the way. Yeah??”“Done. And I’m sorry, I love you. YEAH!!”
  23. 23. “But I still have to whoop your ass. We strike at dawn.”
  24. 24. Things have been getting pretty crazy lately.There’s been talk of hits and the Cow Mascot and Llama Mascothaving a secret love affair.The boys have been having secret conversations about Taylor andI feel like things are going to hit the fan soon…Oh and cheerleaders creep on us in our sleep.Just to relate it to the picture.
  25. 25. Meanwhile at the lab…“Alright man. I can’t wait for the Cow anymore! I’ve had it with youand your shenanigans!”“That’s right Dav, you tell him!”“Whoa whoa… Are you guys twins?”“Alright that’s it! Enough of your sass!!”
  26. 26. “I want next! I have abs and I’m not afraid to show it!! I may be gaybut I don’t play!”“Whoa whoa whoa….. You’re gay??”
  27. 27. “Now you have a problem with gay people too???”“He does?? I’ll handle this!!!
  28. 28. “VICTORY SCREEEECH LOOLOOLOOLOOLOOOLOOO!!!”“He’s smelly…”“Just gonna be over here dancing to my music. Have fun boys.Make good choices.”
  29. 29. “Goodbye Taylor. I’d say it was nice to have you, but… No.”“You’re kicking me out? But what did I do??”“Oh nothing. We just think you’d like living at the queue better thanyou like living here with us you know? Less restricting.”“Oh if that’s the case!”
  30. 30. When secret identities go too far
  31. 31. So I started greeting practically everyone that walked pass thehouse. I wanted friends very badly and it didn’t hurt that most ofthe guys walking past were blondies.This guy looks like the other guy I saw, so he doesn’t quitecompare to Nolan or anyone else…(because Chan can’t remember Blondie #2’s name)But he was good Aspiration Fodder
  32. 32. Oh god what’s his name…“Hey there!”“Hey what’s up?”“Not much… Listen, I’m sorry for not believing that you liked Bach.That’s really cool though, and I’ll make it up to you over lunch.”“That sounds great. Hope you have a bookcase, because I’m allabout classical literature.”“Oh… Yay.. T.. A… Tattail.” Oh geezus.
  33. 33. All my encounters don’t go as well though…“What’d you say to me?”“What? Can you not hear or something? I bet you don’t even haveany ears under there. Freak.”“Freak… A freak??”
  34. 34. “What you think I’m an alien or something?? That I came fromouter space?? Well guess what, I am an alien. Oh yeah, I am. Andlet me tell you something: It’s awesome. I’m weird. I’m a freak. Myskin tone was random. My nose is tiny. And I love it. You, on theother hand, suck. You’re blonde and pretty and miserable. So youtried to pick on me. Well it won’t work. Because I rule, and I knowit. So, f*ck you. With I my huge alien shlong. Don’t forget to tellyour friends.”You go Kris. Two for you Kris Devereaux
  35. 35. “Oh great, another one. Look I don’t care that I look funny ok! I’veaccepted-”“Bawk bawk, whaaa? No dude, you win! You’re cordially invited tobe in the SE SO. Pronounced say so, because we’re like… Sothe.. Say in the… Whatever, look the secret society is a group forpeople who have lots of friends.”“Oh yeah! Let’s do it!”
  36. 36. You will be mine.And I will call you Nymeria.
  37. 37. I loved the Se SO. It was like the perfect place for me. Lots ofpeople to make friends withAndIt was like the Olympics for Popular people…Or.. Some equivalent. Either way.I had so many awesome experiences there and I’m really glad Imade it in.
  38. 38. Like the time I tried to peddle money!Don’t be confused by the look on my face, I regretted this.But college isn’t cheap!I should’ve tried stripping.
  39. 39. Meanwhile back at the lab…“Here Nymeria… You sexy beast you… Uh… I have a, hey watchit, piece of venisen for you. If you could just, holy!, take this pieceof deer slaughter, then we can, OH MY GOD DAVIN!!! I CAN’T!!!”“Sorry bro, you lost a bet! Get it done.”“ *sobbing quietly*”
  40. 40. “Heyyy Tattail. Glad you could make it.”“How could I pass up a chance to see one of my buddies? Say,what’s with that name?”“What name?”“Tattail.”“It’s.. My uh, special nickname for you. Totally, not because me normy creator know your name.”
  41. 41. No no no. What’s with you being attracted to every blonde yousee?? I’ve already talked about him!Sorry Chan, but… He’s really cute!Yeah well! You’re already kind of on a date, so just keep himas the back up back up.Can I make friends with him??Ugh popularity sims.
  42. 42. “Hey there fella!”“Oh gosh, he is hideous…. Oh Matchmakeeeeer! Can you get mea nice looking guy to canoodle with?”Ok, so I’m kind of blowing out the fact that he’s gay… But Ithink it’s kind of funny because he looks really macho, and thevoice in my head is that of an old New York dame.
  43. 43. “Oooh… Matchmaker.. You uh… You couldn’t have done a littlebetter for $5000?”“She looks a lot like your other love. You should be happy.”“That reminds me!! Yes! Ok, um sweetheart, you can just go helpyourself to that cake over there. I have a call to make.”
  44. 44. I wasn’t on a date like Chan thought. So since everyone else wasasking for blind dates, I decided to ask… for a BLONDE ONE!Get it?Because… he’s…I should’ve tried stripping.
  45. 45. “Hey, I remember you!”“Uh, you do?”“Absolutely. You were walking past the lounge and waved at me.What are the odds that I see you again?”“Well, maybe it’s fate? Now that you mention it, I do slightly recallyour face. But you were with another blonde guy.”“Pish pose. Details. Let’s just have a nice date and think aboutserendipity.”
  46. 46. And there goes the other blonde guy I had my eyes on. I think hewas the first casualty of Nymeria.Bum buh buuuuum… Bum buh buuuuum.
  47. 47. “So, you know what they say about guys with an updo right?”“No, what?”“They’re probably really attractive… And in this case, it’s anunderstatement.”“Hehe, I thought you were gonna make an awful pun about“updos.”“Well I tried but I drew a blank!”
  48. 48. “So we’re just going to dawdle around on your date... Hey Dan,how’s it going?”“Pretty good. Say Mona, I hope no one gets offended by your stink.That would be so unfortunate.”“Why yes Danner, it would be. I wouldn’t want to scare off anotherboyfriend attempt.”“God Kristen, what is that smell?”“Err what smell……”
  49. 49. “That rancid stench! It makes you all the more alluring. Some girlsare quite embarrased about that sort of thing but since you are notI find myself all the more attracted to you.”“Really??”Mona: “Really??”“Truly. It may seem odd, but everything about you is alluring.”
  50. 50. “No… It’s not odd at all. It’s endearing. Can I ask a question?”“Anything.”“Does it bother you that I look different from everyone else…? Likean alien?”“You don’t look like an alien Kristen. You’re absolutely beautifuland I think everything about you is great.”“… …”
  51. 51. “You’re awesome.”
  52. 52. “So! Do you remember me?”“The annoying kid who used to come over to my employers’ houseand say really inappropriate things to me?”“Yeah! You do remember! Well, I’m old now...”“And?”“And I meant everything I said when I was younger. We’re going toget married.”“What if I still don’t want to be with you?”
  53. 53. “How could you reject a guy who dances like this??”“Haha, well that is a pretty cool dance.”“Listen, I know you might still see me as a little kid… but I’m oldernow and ready to follow through on what I said. So let me take youon a date and if you don’t like me after that, I’ll finally learn mylesson and leave you alone.”“… *sigh* Fine. One date.”
  54. 54. “I’M SO LONELY!!!”“Lisa…. He was tearing our house apart!”“HE WAS NICE TO ME!!!!”“Lisa…. He was an idiot!”“I LOVED HIM!!!!”“Lisa…. You’re a Romance sim.”“I- But- There’s just-… Well alright then.”
  55. 55. Can I just take a second here and say I have no idea what’sgoing on here? She tried one interaction that wasn’t even anew interaction and he just started hating her!! It wasbananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
  56. 56. Now, I thought things were going well between Nolan and I… Butfor some reason I also felt like he’d had a sudden, random changeof heart about me.That didn’t stop my feelings from blossoming, however.I felt my heart opening to him and it was awesome. He didn’t mindthat I looked like an alien and he didn’t get mad if he liked Bachand I just couldn’t quite comprehend it because it’s a weird like fora person like him!
  57. 57. Seriously Nolan. What freaking gives??
  58. 58. And then you say you’re her best friend. Make up yourmind!!!!! Either you love her or you hate her!!!
  59. 59. Hey Benny I’ve been leaving you alone!“You have….”What’s wrong?“I kind of miss the face time…”I knew you would! But it’s too late… This ship has sailed.You’re too late.“ Baby come back… You can blame it all… On. Me..”
  60. 60. “Ok listen, over the past few hours I have no idea what’s beengoing on but I’ve had some crazy inner turmoil crap going on.”“Yeah, I could notice from all the glares.”“I know. I’m sorry, I have literally no idea what came over me. Butit’s all fixed now and I’m 100% committed and prepared to tell youthat I love you. Undoubtedly. I love you.”“Prooove iiiiit.”
  61. 61. “I’ll prove it in more romantic ways later.”“Good but this will do for now.”
  62. 62. “The queue is no fun!”Sorry… But literally everyone in the house hated you sooo…“Just give me one more chance!! I’ll be good, I swear!”I’m sorry, Taylor. But you’ve been voted off the island. And noone gets back onto an island once they’ve been kicked off.
  63. 63. No. No. NO!“What? He’s not even family. He’s an alien.”“Hey!”“Bernard, you’re green.”“But I’m still human!”“No, honey. No. That’s what that means: you aren’t human. You’rean alien… And you’re cute.”“I’m leaving.”
  64. 64. Davin gets max creativity by painting the portraits.
  65. 65. “Your idea of a date is in the bathroom… That I clean?”“My idea of a date is where ever I can see your beautiful face.Whether in a bathroom or a five star restaurant or the middle of avolcano. If I’m with you, I’m happy.”“Well aren’t you a little charmer?”
  66. 66. So a little while ago, deciding to get out of her funk, Mona decidedto call up the matchmaker for a date.HoweverShe got an old guy who tried very had to be “hip.”For gods sake his pants were so tight you could see the varicoseveins on his…Moving on.
  67. 67. They had a hard time getting along. You could hear Mona’s yells offrustration from all the way outside.Apparently there was something about a tickle?I’m not sure I just know that the date was not going as well as shewanted it to.
  68. 68. I suppose in the end she just decided to be unromantic.“Alright Grandpa. Enjoy this game… Enjoy everything while youcan.”“What do you mean? The date won’t be over for another twohours.”“Oh… Nothing….”
  69. 69. We never saw the old guy again.We hear strange noises at night now though and we alwayswonder how or why it started.It sounds like a voice that’s always saying: “I don’t have veins.”I dunno. College is weird.
  70. 70. “So are you enjoying your date?”“It’s not bad…”“Not bad? Oh yeah right, I deserve more credit than that.”“Age hasn’t made you anymore humble, has it?”“I politely asked you out didn’t I?”
  71. 71. “Yeah, I suppose that’s true… What? What’s wrong?”“Oh… Nothing. There’s just… Well… What do you say we go intothe kitchen?”“Is there something-”“No no! Let’s go to the kitchen!”
  72. 72. All the roommates except one are playing poker…“Oh they’re playing “poke ‘er” alright.”“He’s working with a full house right now, daring devil.”“Someone’s getting laid.”“Nice, Mona. Creative.”
  73. 73. “Ugh, seriously Benny?”“What? Is something wrong?”“YES! The smell of your butt is messing with my concentration.”“Then clog your nose. I’m dirty and I want to bathe.”“We have at least 7 showers Bernard.”“And none of them hold the allure of this sink!”
  74. 74. “I love you…”“Wow you really scored Davin! She loves you!!!”“Wait what? Who said I loved him?”“Why, you did… Just now?”“No, I just said I had.. To mop this puddle. Looks like someonewas bathing here.”“I have no idea why you would think such a thing… I’ll just leavenow.”
  75. 75. Chan made some new random townies and Benny thought it wouldbe cool to make friends… With all of them.“That would be easier to do… If you would move!!”“Sorry dude, I’m just trying to make friends.”“No, you’re trying to CB me!”“I have no clue what you’re talking about. Talk to avatar overthere.”
  76. 76. Sometimes the loneliness got to us all you know. We had somethoughts, that I’m sure we don’t mean.Certain very inappropriate thoughts… That I know we do notmean.Benny is just lonely. He knows not what he does.
  77. 77. Then Mona found random love in one of the binned boys, JonnyPhoenix.I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but it did and now she’s notalone.
  78. 78. And apparently they’re getting engaged. Seriously, he was out ofthe bin for like 3 hours and now they’re engaged?Oh the fools.Meanwhile the legacy HEIR is still conveniently without a ring ofsome sort.Just thought I’d toss that out there…
  79. 79. Nolan decided to make up his hate to me with a fish tank.Which only resulted in a bunch of cute pictures apparently.
  80. 80. The twins master Creativity
  81. 81. Hey. Hey wait. No. NO! I thought you were gay!“No you just wanted to make me gay. I am very much straight.”Oh… Huh. Well carry on.
  82. 82. “Whoa there Danner, I thought you were gay.”“Wait you’re gay??”“No I’m not gay! Chan just wanted me to be gay. Hun, trust me, I’mtotally straight.”“Are you sure man because there’s a guy over here saying-”“Oh look! A fire!”
  84. 84. “There was a fire!”“I saw, are you ok?”“No, I darn near peed myself, screamed like a girl, and am nowkissing my brother for moral support. I think that sufficiently says:not ok.”“Well buck up champ, at least I know you’re straight.”“You’re my twin, of all things to know, it should be that.”
  85. 85. “So Gabs, how do you feel about living in here as a place holderafter we graduate?”“Eh, I don’t mind. I figured I went to college late for a reason.”“Great! I think I’ll ask Benny to stay with you. Our parents hadentirely too many children for all of us to leave.”“What did they have, two sets of twins, an alien, and us two?”“Bernard, Gabby, Mona, Lisa, Davin, Danner, and Kristen. I hopeI’m not forgetting any.”
  86. 86. “Nope, that’s all of us. Wow, you’re a true heir to remember a litterof kids’ names.”“Well, just trying to get ready for Mom-hood. It’s a bit scary.”“Oh please, Mom hood is just going to be a ray of sunshine foryou. Because even if you fail, Mom and Dad will be home to kickyour butt back into action!”“What about Nolan??”
  87. 87. “He’s a Pop sim. He’s no better at raising kids than you’ll be.”“Gee, thanks Gabs. I knew I could count on you for strong words ofencouragement.”“Hey, what are sisters for?”
  88. 88. Danner has had a rough day. They haven’t even graduated yetand it’s already tough to maintain their lives.
  89. 89. Yeah, I’ve been killing a lot of people with the Cow Plant andnot doing anything with the ghosts.Gabby got the brunt of every attack.She got so many attacks in one night that…
  90. 90. Aspiration failure! Huzzah.I promptly sold every grave I had.
  91. 91. “Hey match maker, why’s my date checking out your butt?”“Well youngster, when you get this old, you start to sag in all theright places.”“That’s gross…. But effective.”
  92. 92. Graduation day.Kristen Devereaux. Popularity Sim.Graduating Somehow with some grades.Some personality.Yeah, that’s very descriptive. Thanks for keeping track of meChan.Lerveee yerrr
  93. 93. I invited Nolan… Today, was finally the day I was going to proposeto him.I was finally going to get the lovin’ I deserve!!Unless he still hates you…Shut up Chan!
  94. 94. “Nolan… My bipolar lover. How do you feel about me right now?”“I love you. I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me these pastfew weeks.”“I know. It’s ok though. Because I still loved you. And I want you tomarry me.”“Deal. But there’s something I should tell you…”“Nope, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except us.”“Well… Ok….”
  95. 95. This is the blooper. Look at her!Next time: Kristen moves back home and gets started on the nextgeneration!We find out what Nolan wanted to tell her.We get closer to a plot?Or do we…Find out all this and less, next time! Thanks for reading!