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Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 10


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Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 10

  1. 1. Romancing the Apocalypse Ch. 10 – Something More (Gen 3 - Jake and Mel start their life together. What happens when love may not be enough?)Welcome back to Romancing the Apocalypse! Episode 9 ended with Melissa Fancey in a panic after her acceptance of Jakes marriage proposal. Will she beable to overcome her misgivings for marriage and having children? After growing up around parents devoted to each other, will Jake be able to acceptanything less for Mel and himself?The Apocalypse Challenge can be found at (10/12/2008)
  2. 2. Ill begin my story when Mel introduced herself at my house on campus.I had kept a pretty low profile at college. Digging for treasure, classes, and studying took up most of my time, unlike my sister who only came home toprepare for class, then she was out on yet another date."Jake, right? Im Mel.""I havent seen you around here before.""I met Sullivan...your grandfather, right?...downtown awhile back. He told me about you.""So you dont go to school here?""No, actually, I want to be a Celebrity Chef some day."I didnt know what to say. My first thought was, Good lift. But it wasnt what we needed."Um Jake...could we go inside? Its freezing out here."There was something about her that made it impossible for me to refuse. "Sorry, come on in."
  3. 3. It was fun to finally be seeing girls. It wasnt love at first sight, but there was something...captivating about Mel. And she could really light up that dingy littleroom with her smile.
  4. 4. After all those semesters on my own, I was finally seeing some action and guess who was hovering? After her blow-up with Dad, I didnt have the heart to tellCiel to beat it. Then she got this crazy idea and had one last marathon dating session that lasted for days. Yes!...the house was all mine again.
  5. 5. Not that Mel was the only one. It was kind of hard to ignore Ivy when she was busting in all the time.Then the course of my life changed forever: they had found a Mad Scientist, a female Mad Scientist, which meant I was the heir.How did I feel about that? I was shocked, and not exactly thrilled. Haley and I had always assumed Ciel was a shoo-in. Over time I got used to the idea, but Iwas going to do whatever I pleased before I graduated and the obligations began.
  6. 6. Sometimes Mel would get a distant look in her eyes. On one hand I was curious, and on the other I thought it wouldnt be much longer before I would beliving with the Mad Scientist, so why bother?
  7. 7. Just a few days before graduation, I fell in love with her. I didnt tell her because...well, what was the use? I wouldnt be seeing her after I graduated anyway.And then came the shocking news that Mel was the Mad Scientist.I am not a nice person. Of course I was upset on some level, but I was also just so relieved that I wouldnt be facing a future with a total stranger.My parents were devoted to each other, and their marriage was arranged. I couldnt believe that it could be the same for me and Mel. I told myself I wasgoing to try to be understanding, try to be...nicer, so I cut her some slack for not telling me the whole truth.
  8. 8. Then I proposed.All my hopes. All my optimism. All my good intentions. All my stupid, naive, romantic visions of our future. All went flying out the window and wereconsumed by that bright red ring...
  9. 9. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. It was all I could do to keep from confronting her right away, but I heard the desperation in her voice when she saidshe needed time alone.It didnt take long for my patience to run out, and I practically pounced on her the following morning."Okay, Ive given you time to take this all in. What was all that last night?""I dont know where to begin...""Cmon, Mel, say it. Why didnt you just say no if you didnt want to?""I meant it when I said I was falling for you too, Jake. It isnt you...its me.""Classic line when you dont want to commit.""But it is me...and marriage. Im a...a...""I said just say it. Or are you playing games after all?""Im not! Im a...Romance sim. I couldnt help my reaction when I said yes.""So you moved in knowing you wouldnt want to settle down. What were you thinking?"
  10. 10. "I know exactly what you and everyone else were thinking. Mad Scientist for the move outs. I told you no one asks Melissa Fancey to move in except for hercareer.""Then why did you move in?""I like your family, but Im under no illusion... I was used for the career lift. And I guess I used your family to get what I want, too.""Whats that? Woo-hoo every guy in the neighborhood? I hate to break the news to you, but theyre just about all taken.""Thats unfair! I told you, my dream is to be a Celebrity Chef.""Fine, I told you to go for your dream job."
  11. 11. "I suppose you have an aversion to having kids, too?""I...dont know. And even if I do eventually, youll get your kids. I knew what I was signing up for.""Signing up for? How heartwarming. I wish I had known.""Jake, Im sorry, I cant help what I am. But you said we were good together...""That was before.""...and I think maybe we can be, too. But I also know you are in no frame of mind right now to be open to that possibility.""Ive pretty much kissed that notion goodbye.""Jake...""Youre right, Im not in the mood for this. Dont you have some studying to do?"I left Mel to her studies, and wished my job was more than one day a week.
  12. 12. I sought out Ciel. Giving her a good ribbing was always good for a little diversion."What on earth are you doing, sis?""Geez, a little privacy, please?""Ah, sorry...""Wait! You, um, seem to have a flair for these things. Whadya think?""For what?""You know...a wedding.""Yours?""Duh. Unless you and Mel...""No, we decided were...uh...not in any rush.""So whadya think? For a bride, I mean."
  13. 13. "It could be better.""Are you kidding? The dress was an Apocalypse crapshoot, it doesnt get any better than this.""Not the dress, dip. Your hair.""Whats wrong with it?""Its not very...bridelike.""Yes, bridelike would be nice. You got any bright ideas?"
  14. 14. "Im loaded with em.""Okay, but no fooling around.""Oh, the possibilities...""Im serious, Jake."
  15. 15. "Whadya think?""Well, it is bridelike, but...""No likey?""Umm...not really?""Heheh, Im just joshin ya. How about this one...?"
  16. 16. "The gift to you. A nice touch, yes?""Jakey! Youre a genius!"
  17. 17. It wasnt long before Ciel told us she was moving out."Can you believe it, Jake? Im actually gonna miss you.""Meh.""Thats it?""Meh.""Be that way. Its not gonna stop me from giving you a little something to remember me by, though."
  18. 18. "Whatd I say?"
  19. 19. "Wow, Mom, congrats on the new job and your novel.""Thanks, honey. It feels so good to be busy again. Not that you kids didnt keep me hopping.""I bet. Well *sniff*, I guess this is goodbye.""Give Nemo my best. And Im available anytime for babysitting....""Mom! Dont rush.""Oh, Im not rushing you, honey. You just go and enjoy your new life.""Thanks, Mom. And thanks for always supporting means a lot. *sniff* "" *sniff* Oh, and I was doing so well. *sniff* Now go on before you really get me going."
  20. 20. "Whats this? I cant have my sky girl getting all mushy on us.""Hehe, stop!"
  21. 21. "Make your dad happy and keep in touch, all right?""I will. *sniff* Bye, Dad."
  22. 22. Our childhood together was mostly arguing and noogies, but when the moment came for Ciel to actually leave our home for good, this memory was whatpopped into my head. She may have been my arch nemesis growing up, but besides Mom, she was also the one I felt closest to.
  23. 23. I caught her just as her taxi arrived."I uh...what I mean is...""I know you will."" one thing for me?""Do I feel a setup coming on?""No, no joking. thankful you got to choose.""I am, Jake. Is everything...?"It was tempting, but in the end, I decided I didnt want to burden her with my problems just as she was starting her new, hopefully happy life."Everythings fine. Go on, you dont wanna miss your ride.""Okay, if youre sure. Bye, Jake. Call if you ever wanna talk."And then she sprinted down the stairs, humming a little tune.
  24. 24. And Id like to tell you more but Ive got to rushI still love the guy with a school girl crushNemo Nemo Nemo HoneyNemo Nemo Nemo**A little name substitution in Jonathan Richmans song "Reno"
  25. 25. "The new face of Ghostbusters... I like.""Ha, this was Lorins idea. I dont know why we cant take our clothes with us when we move out.""Wanna go shopping?""Heck yeah. But first..."
  26. 26. "I gotta try out these stairs."
  27. 27. And now for a little simself diversion..."So Nemo, I have to say, Desert Rose is my favorite safehouse aesthetically. But for practicality, I think White Radiance is still the best. You just cant beatthat lower platform for versatility."
  28. 28. Nemo: "Hey Lor, nobody takes more liberties than I do when it comes to how I treat simselves, but even I would think twice before I showed Maxi like this."Me: "Wha...?"
  29. 29. "...Crap, Im toast."*ducks for cover*
  30. 30. Ooh, being a part of the welcome wagon is so fun!
  31. 31. "I hope you dont mind that I moved you out in your Exorcist outfit. Its always been one of my favorites.""I dont know when Ill possibly wear it, but no biggie... I can go shopping now!"And speaking of shopping, my simself better do some herself. I love this H&M outfit, and on a skinny body it looks great, but eek, Im looking a little too much likethe refrigerator repairman in it for my liking.And now, back to our regularly scheduled Apocalypse...
  32. 32. We put our hopes of lifting the final pet restriction, Security, onto lovely Tiffany.
  33. 33. Dad found her one night after he returned home from work and relentlessly showered her with attention until she couldnt say no to adoption.*meowww* he hottie
  34. 34. I found out just how patient Gramma could be, since training the little ditz took hours."Stor..."*meowww?* where hottie?"Stor, Tiffany!"
  35. 35. Still, we were proud that she managed to get promoted twice.In the end, all the training and sacrificing of food were for nothing. On the first workday after her second promotion, she couldnt figure out how to use thescratching post or her bed which were right next to her as she lay on the cold metal floor. She was so unhappy, she refused to go to work.Mom said shed take care of it.
  36. 36. "Kennedy, its lovely to see you. Im so sorry things didnt work out with Ciel.""To tell the truth, I was more attracted to you than either of your girls.""Oh dear. Im flattered, but Corey is my one true love. Im sorry, but I have nothing to offer you. I hope you understand.""A guy can only hope. Are you sure theres nothing?""Well, I do have something to give, but I must warn you...""Yes?"
  37. 37. "...youll have to potty train her."Lorin here: Kate did promise Maxi she would be the next recipient of a cat, but after Maxis earlier appearance, I couldnt add insult to injury and give her theincredibly dimwitted Tiffany.
  38. 38. Then there was the rather handsome but clueless Moonshine. He couldnt be bothered with catching the carpool his first day on the job.It seemed our neighborhood had run out of feline geniuses.
  39. 39. As Mel worked her way up Culinary, I became obsessed with getting my gold styling badge. Dad humored me and let me get more practice in. No badgethough.
  40. 40. "I feel nostalgic, Nemo. This is going to be our last game at this table.""Yeah, were both moving on. Its a good thing, Kate.""You tell that daughter of mine to call me. Shes just as bad now as when she was in college.""I will. Stop by anytime, I know your old boy would like to see you."
  41. 41. "Ive said it before, and Ill say it again. I couldnt ask for a better friend *sniff*.""Me too, Kate, me too."
  42. 42. The rest of the family was getting ready move out, and truthfully, I was ready to be on my own."You sure you dont need anyone to stay and help with anything? Ive got this cat adoption thing down to a science.""Nah, Mel and I can handle it. I gotta have something to do on my days off.""Enjoy it while you can. Once the kids start coming...""Uh yeah. Isnt Mom waiting for you?"
  43. 43. Mom had moved out a little earlier to go house hunting, and Dad was right behind her.Lorin here: I was going to have Corey stay until he adopted another cat (vampire + stray + night = easy adoption), but when I moved out Kate first, he cried, so Ihad him follow right after her. The move outs were not easy for me. Ive been playing these Sims in this house for over nine months, and its strange not to playthem anymore. Well, I am still playing them, but its not the same.
  44. 44. "Are you sure you and Vampa dont want to stay? I feel funny, it is your house.""No Jake, maybe after the Apocalypse well come back. But for now its yours. Were ready to go and take life a little easy for a change, maybe go on avacation soon. And I have lots of friends I need to catch up with. So dont you worry about us.""Nobody trains cats better than you.""Youll be surprised how well your kids will do in that regard. Oh dear, look at the time, itll be dark soon. Were rather anxious to be on our way.""Im glad we got to know each other a little, Gramma.""Me too, Jake. You kids really brighten my days."
  45. 45. When Gramma Ei and Vampa moved out a short time later, it really was just Mel and me.
  46. 46. My dream has come true, and I owe it all to Jake. Hmm, now what do I want? Oh no...put those thoughts right out of your head, Melissa. Get a good nights sleep,tomorrow is a new day...
  47. 47. "That feels heavenly, Mel.""I am just so happy, its the least I can do. I cant thank you enough, Jake."We hadnt interacted much since the morning after our engagement. It turned out to be a good thing, for the sting of her reaction to my proposal hadlessened a little over time.
  48. 48. It was a good day for us. We dated and played...
  49. 49. ...and styled. But still no gold badge."Now thats what I think an Ecological Guru should look like.""I think youre right on, Mel."
  50. 50. And that night she thanked me properly.
  51. 51. Having things good between us again felt too new, too strange, for me to sleep. I couldnt help thinking we were hanging on by the finest of threads.
  52. 52. Ciel called for the first time since moving out."We got engaged! I am so happy!""Good for you, sis, really. Whens the big day?""Not sure yet, but...umm...soon, real soon. Ill let you know when I know."And that wasnt the only news she had."We spent the day in town, and you wouldnt believe how everything is growing. It was all around us...the trees and grass and flowers... It was the mostbeautiful day ever.""Ill have to go see for myself. The grounds still too frozen for anything to grow here.""Bummer. But yes, do go see for yourself. Well, I gotta go. Say hi to Mel for me."
  53. 53. "Jake, you have surpassed yourself. This salad is delicious.""Coming from Miss Celebrity Chef herself, thats a real compliment. By the way, Ciel called. She and Nemo got engaged. You know shes gonna want us togo to the wedding.""I...okay, Ill go with you. Maybe going to her wedding will be good for me. I like Ciel."I was trying, and it was good to know Mel was, too.
  54. 54. I decided it was time to redecorate the upstairs rec room. I loved my job and felt proud of my accomplishments, and I wanted the room to reflect that.Besides, there would be nothing I could plant outside until this eternal winter was over.
  55. 55. I redecorated the bedroom too. The Jumbok statue inspired a jungle theme.
  56. 56. We couldnt move the coffins yet, but I didnt want to stare at them everyday either. They became part of the, shall we say, master bathroom?
  57. 57. "Wow, Mel, youre pregnant. You look good.""Hmmm? Uh, yeah...I just found out this morning. Huh, Sake boy?""Jake must be pretty excited.""Im sure he is.""Ee-yah... Are you and Jake okay?""Yeah, sure, were fine. Look, I just stopped by to say hi. I better go...""Just a sec! Nemo and I are getting married tomorrow night. Can you tell Jake? Id really like both of you to be there.""Sure, Ill tell him. Now I really must be going. Good kitty kitty kitty.""Thanks for stopping by. Take it easy, Mel."
  58. 58. It so happened that Ciel called and invited us to the wedding on the only day of the week that I was at work, so Mel and I wouldnt be going together after all.
  59. 59. When I returned from work the following morning, that thin little thread had snapped."How could you, Jake? I had to go to the wedding all by myself. You know that wasnt easy for me... I really needed you. I tried to call you all freaking day andyou wouldnt answer.""And just where would I keep a cell phone? Im open to suggestions.""Not funny, Jake. When the baby comes, youre going to have to quit your job.""Oh, no no no. I like my job, and I can still take care of the kid most of the time.""But I have to go to work that day too!""Im not quitting, Mel.""Well, Im not quitting either!"
  60. 60. "Lets not argue, Mel. Well figure it out when the baby arrives, okay?""I dont want to argue either.""So will you tell me about the wedding?""Not a chance."
  61. 61. "Mom, its good to see you.""As if I could stay away. Im so happy Im going to be a grandma."
  62. 62. "Jake, how could you miss your sisters wedding?""I couldnt help it, Mom. I was already at work when she called and invited us.""Well, you missed something really special.""So tell me about it.""Didnt Mel?""Mels, uh, a little ticked that she had to go by herself. She wont tell me anything.""It was beautiful, of course..."
  63. 63. "Haley and I showed up in the same dress, which was just looked like we were her bridesmaids. And it was a good thing Ciel had eyes only for Nemo,so she didnt notice that your dad couldnt quite bring himself to watch the exchange of rings."
  64. 64. "Ciel told me you helped with her hair. The flowers were a beautiful touch, honey. I was just so happy and excited. I looked over at Melissa, and she lookedlike she was going to be ill. I was hoping talking to her would help her feel better.Melissa, everythings beautiful, just beautiful, isnt it?.......Melissa? Are you all right?I...uh...need to get some air...She never did come back."
  65. 65. "Ciel and Nemo looked incredibly sweet together."
  66. 66. "After the ceremony, it was no surprise that Nemo and I hung out..."
  67. 67. "...while Ciel entertained your dad. It didnt take the four of us long to make the wedding party a Roof-Raiser. The only thing missing was cake."
  68. 68. "Eventually we went back to the house where we found Melissa and Haley. I almost panicked when I saw Mel scarfing down a bag of cookies. I didnt wantyou guys to get in trouble for breaking Culinary, then I remembered how hungry I used to get when I was pregnant, and I just couldnt bring myself to sayanything.""Dont worry, Mom, Mel has been meditating almost straight through. Those cookies definitely wouldve been the only meal for the day."
  69. 69. "Your dad was doing anything he could think of to avoid talking to Nemo."
  70. 70. "But they did finally exchange words. I couldnt hear much of their conversation, they kept it pretty low, but I heard snippets like drink and helmet and evercall me Dad."
  71. 71. "The time just flew by and your dad had to leave rather abruptly. Turned out it was probably a good thing..."
  72. 72. "...because I found out I was going to be a grandma twice in one night!""Aha, thats why Ciel wanted the wedding so soon...""Yeah, I dont think she couldve fit into that beautiful dress even a few hours later."
  73. 73. "She crashed on the bed in exhaustion, and when she woke up long enough to say goodbye, she got her first bump right there! Nemo just looked on withthis goofy grin on his face.And that, in a nutshell, was your sisters wedding.""I really am sorry I missed it.""You should be."
  74. 74. Mel gave birth to a boy we named Mark. He had Mels nose, eyes and skintone, and no doubt my chin.
  75. 75. Mel was really struggling with the mommy thing."Hellooooo, Mark... Jake, what do I do now?""I dont know...try playing with him."
  76. 76. I gotta give her credit for trying, but Mark wasnt exactly helping matters.
  77. 77. "Uck, it stinks, I stink. I need a shower... I hate this."
  78. 78. "I cant read your mind, what do you want?"
  79. 79. "Mel, you gotta calm down, just relax a little.""I cant calm down, the baby doesnt like me. I dont know what Im doing.""Neither do I. My sisters got to practice on me, but I was the baby so I dont have a clue.""Im just not any good at this, Jake.""Were two smart people. Well figure it out.""I dont think so...""Well talk about it when I get home from work..."
  80. 80. "WHAT?!!! You are not going to work. Im going to work.""Listen, it makes sense that I keep my job. You cant beat six days a week at home with the kids.""I DONT CARE! Get another job! Im going to work today."Im not really sure, because I do love my job, but perhaps if Mel hadnt been screeching at me, if she had tried to talk reasonably, I might have consideredletting her have her way. But nuh-uh, no way, she wasnt going to demand that I quit. I had the trump card, and I didnt hesitate to play it."You cant win, Mel. I go at noon, you go at what, two? three oclock?""....I HATE YOU!!!"
  81. 81. Im out of control. Why, Jake? I want to love you, but you make me hate you... Why did you have to kill my dream? Wait, now I have another dream...and it wontinterfere with your precious job...
  82. 82. "Yes, Im sorry, but Im going to have to *sniff* quit. No, I love my job. Its obligations, new baby... Ill miss you guys too. *sniff* "
  83. 83. I hate him.
  84. 84. If it wasnt for the baby, I would have expected her to be long gone the next morning when I returned from work."I know it got ugly yesterday morning, but I am sorry you had to give up your job, Mel.""It was timing, nothing more. You won. I lost. I wouldve done the same to keep my job.""So where do we stand? Truce?""...All right."She was freaking blowing my mind. I never in a million years thought she would be this calm and reasonable after yesterdays blow-up."Do you mind if I go out? Just for a little while, you know, Ive been cooped up here alone with the baby. Just a little time to myself?"I was so relieved I would have indulged her just about anything."Take all the time you need."
  85. 85. Come on, come on, someone, anyone..."Hey, Melissa Fancey, where you been?"
  86. 86. "Well well, if it isnt Hunter Cho. All right, definitely looking good.""Long time no see, Melissa. I almost forgot how you can light up a room.""Only for you, Hunter. You have no idea how good it is to be back again...".......To be continued...