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In the Know: LinkedIn & SlideShare for Public Health Webcast Presentation
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In the Know: LinkedIn & SlideShare for Public Health Webcast Presentation


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This is the second of six interactive webcasts in the series, In the Know: Social Media for Public Health. Each webcast focuses on a different social media channel and provides basic information, …

This is the second of six interactive webcasts in the series, In the Know: Social Media for Public Health. Each webcast focuses on a different social media channel and provides basic information, tips, success stories, and discussion on how best to use social media to promote public health and expand outreach initiatives.

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  • 1. #SM4PH LinkedIn and SlideShare Katy Capers & Tracye Poole Digital Marketing and Health Communication Specialists - Danya International, Inc. 1
  • 2. Webcast Objectives• Overview of LinkedIn and Slideshare• Analyze the opportunities and challenges• Identify features and functions• Share public health examples#SM4PH 2
  • 3. LinkedIn Overview• World’s largest professional network• Available in 19 languages• Counts executives from all Fortune 500 companies as members• More than 75,000 developers using APIs#SM4PH 3
  • 4. Why Use LinkedIn?Public Health Public HealthProfessionals Can… Organizations Can…• Create personal profiles • Create company pages• Formulate peer-to-peer • Connect with similar networks professionals & organizations• Job search • Job recruit• Research industry topics • Research industry trends• Join business interest • Create business interest groups groups#SM4PH 4
  • 5. Personal ProfilesCreate a Profile• Summary• Experience• Skills• Organizations• Projects#SM4PH 5
  • 6. Is LinkedIn the Right Tool?Benefits for your Organization• Ideal for connecting and engaging• Excellent forum to gather information and receive feedback• Segment communications for various stakeholders• Find job candidates both domestically and internationally#SM4PH 6
  • 7. Is LinkedIn the right tool?Challenges for your Organization• May miss some audiences• Clearance and leadership buy-in• Consistently changing functionality#SM4PH 7
  • 8. Company Pages Tell Your Story#SM4PH 8
  • 9. Company Pages Promote Products & Services#SM4PH 9
  • 10. Company Pages Track Employee Updates#SM4PH 10
  • 11. Company Pages Evaluate Your Company Page#SM4PH 11
  • 12. Tips for Company Pages 5 3 1 4 2#SM4PH 12
  • 13. Recruiting Employer • Post jobs • Do advanced searches for candidates – Keywords, region, experience, language • Get introduced or send an InMail • Utilize LinkedIn Talent Solutions • Advertise positions#SM4PH 13
  • 14. Groups • Create groups • Establish an open or member only group • Send announcements (once a week) • Track top influencers#SM4PH 14
  • 15. Success StoryAmerican Public Health Association (APHA)• Member-Driven Content – Requests for more content generated by APHA – Share interesting and work-relevant content – Controversial or current event issues garner most attention• LinkedIn Perks – Profile-career link keeps discussions professional and free of personal attacks – AHPA monitors posts to ensure little self-promotion and spam• Results – Learned more about what works and doesn’t works in the LinkedIn platform#SM4PH 15
  • 16. Success StoryPhillips• Goals – To increase brand awareness for their groups – Develop strong community membership for a network of professional industry discussions• Activities – Promotional displays – LinkedIn messaging (InMail) – Viral activity• Results – Membership: 121 countries, range of specialists – 4,400 discussions, largest group dedicated to healthcare innovation#SM4PH 16
  • 17. LinkedIn Cool Tools• Polls• Follow• Outlook sync• ProInsights• InChat• CardMunch#SM4PH 17
  • 18. Polls• Post• Answer• Follow• Share#SM4PH 18
  • 19. Follow 19
  • 20. Sync with Outlook#SM4PH 20
  • 21. More Cool ToolsCardMunch ProInsights In Chat#SM4PH 21
  • 22. #SM4PH Slideshare 22
  • 23. Slideshare Overview• Established Oct. 2006• Worlds largest community for sharing presentations• 52 million monthly visitors and 129 million page views• A Worlds Top 10 tool for education and e-learning#SM4PH 23
  • 24. Big Players on SlideShareShare content with and grab information from...• The White House• Pew Internet• UNICEF• Gartner Research• Pfizer …and more!#SM4PH 24
  • 25. Is SlideShare the Right Tool?• Ideal for sharing open files• Great forum for collecting ideas and connecting with new partners• Variety of users – Even split between male and female – Mostly young adults – Largely graduate and post-graduate education – Concentrated Hispanic and Asian user base#SM4PH 25
  • 26. Why SlideShare?Variety Sharing Options ResourcesSupports… Publish content… Downloadable…• Presentations • Publicly • Recycling • Brainstorming• Documents • Only to your • Sources• PDFs personal • Feedback• Videos network • Collaboration• Webinars • Via social media#SM4PH 26
  • 27. Why SlideShare?Networking Integrated SearchableConnect with… Widgets for… Within…• Other PH • Blogs • Search professionals engines • Wikis • Inside the• Target • Websites platform audiences • Across devices …with strong titles,• Potential (no Flash!) tags, and partners descriptions• Relevant content#SM4PH 27
  • 28. SlideShare Cool Tools• SlideCast• ZipCast• Analytics• Archive• Social sync#SM4PH 28
  • 29. SlideCast• Integrates audio for webinars and lectures – Automatically creates a transcript – Sync and time audio with slides#SM4PH 29
  • 30. ZipCast• Browser-based social conferencing system – Conduct public or private meetings – Live slides, audio, video, and chat functions#SM4PH 30
  • 31. Analytics• Paid tracking and monitoring – Views – Downloads – Tweets – Favorites – Facebook Likes#SM4PH 31
  • 32. Other Cool ToolsArchive• Curate presentations and files Social Syncing• Push content to Slideshare, Facebook, and LinkedIn simultaneously#SM4PH 32
  • 33. Success StoryOffice of HIV Planning for Philadelphia• Content – Generated by both staff and guest presenters – Topics include policy updates, planning meetings, social determinants, HIV prevention, allocation processes, and more!• Integrated – Posts links to slides on website, Twitter, and Facebook• Results – 150-175 views per week (compared to 100 weekly website hits)#SM4PH 33
  • 34. Opportunities in Public Health• Policy updates • Health topic news• Strategic planning • Research reports• Success stories • Introduce new initiatives• How-to guides • Local resources and• New posters, tools infographics, photos • Organization overview• Post-event recaps #SM4PH 34
  • 35. Want More In the Know?Join us from 2-3 p.m. ET for…• Gaming & Mobile – April 2• Facebook & Image-Sharing – April 23• Google+ & YouTube – May 14• Measurement & Evaluation – June 4 Tweet “I’m in the know” with your tips and success stories @CDCNPIN and be featured in our next #SM4PH webcast!#SM4PH 35
  • 36. Thank You! @CDCNPIN