Unit 3 b ch 10 s3 future of biodiversity


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  • This is rafflesia- aka corpse flower or meat flowerIt looks and smells like rotting meat. Attracts flies as its pollinator.From Southeast Asia
  • Many birds were killed by lead poisoning back when lead shot was used in bullets in shotguns. Now lead is banned. Lead shot can still be found in wetlands, ponds, lakes where the fish of the condor live and eat. The condors can get lead from the fish they eat. When training them to return to wild, the scientists use puppets so the babies do not associated people with food.
  • Unit 3 b ch 10 s3 future of biodiversity

    1. 1. Biodiversity Ch10, Section 3: The Future of Biodiversity Standards: SEV4f, 5a, 5f
    2. 2. How are species preserved? • 3 Methods to save species 1. Captive Breeding programs 2. Germ Plasm Banks 3. Zoos, Aquariums, Parks, & Gardens
    3. 3. How are species preserved? 1. Captive Breeding Programs – Breed species in captivity and then reintroduce them to their natural habitats. Ex: California condor – • • • Population dwindled to 9 birds due to habitat loss, poaching, lead poisoning Scientists captured 9 birds, bred them in pens and re-released the offspring. As of June 2012, 233 birds live in the wild. Scientists use puppets to teach chicks so the chicks do not associate people with food.
    4. 4. How are species preserved? 2. Germ Plasm Banks – Store sperm, egg, pollen, seeds, or pure DNA for future use Cryogenically frozen Can be used for – – • • Research Species recovery efforts
    5. 5. How are species preserved? 3. Zoos, Aquariums, Parks, & Gardens – – – Living museums of world’s biodiversity May protect the last remaining members of a species. However, will never have enough space to preserve all organisms
    6. 6. What problems are associated with saving a species? • Some species won’t reproduce in captivity – Ex: Rhinos rarely mate in captivity • When species reintroduced may not mate or survive in wild • Inbreeding may occur & make organism susceptible to disease
    7. 7. What is the most effective way to preserve a species? • Protect its habitat or ecosystem! • Protecting entire ecosystem will not only protect endangered species but also other species in the area. • Establish preserves to protect large region • Promote products that may come from these ecosystems will help save these ecosystems (shade grown coffee)
    8. 8. How are endangered species protected? • United States – Hunting & fishing laws – Endangered Species Act • Internationally – CITES – Biodiversity Treaty • Private Conservation Groups
    9. 9. How are endangered species protected? • Hunting & Fishing Laws – Establish • Season for hunting/fishing • Size of catch • Gender of catch • What type of hunting tool you can use This fish is tagged so scientists can study population sizes and how they grow/change. Based on what they observe, hunting/fishing laws will be altered.
    10. 10. How are endangered species protected? • Endangered Species Act (1973) – US Fish & Wildlife Service must compile list of endangered & threatened species – These organisms (or any of their parts) may not be caught, killed, uprooted, sold, or traded • Fined if caught $500-$25,000 and/or 6 months in jail • Endangered Species Act Fines – Gov’t may not carry out any project that jeopardizes endangered species (ex: building a dam) – Must prepare a species recovery plan for each species
    11. 11. Species Recovery Plans • Forces people to protect their own land if a protected species lives on it. • This means people can’t build on their own land. • Try to compromise with habitat conservation plans which allows people to build on land but only in areas where protected species will not be completely harmed.
    12. 12. How are endangered species protected? • IUCN was panel of 200 gov’t representatives & 700 conservation groups • Established CITES – Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species – International ban on trade/poaching of endangered species – Effectively stopped illegal trade on ivory from elephants in 1980s
    13. 13. How are endangered species protected? • Earth Summitorganized by UN and had more than 100 world leaders and 30,000 other people • Established Biodiversity Treaty – Preserve biodiversity & genetic resources in all countries
    14. 14. How are endangered species protected? • Private Conservation Groups- groups that raise money or use direct confrontational actions to conserve hotspots around globe. – World Wildlife Fund – Nature Conservancy – Conservation International – Greenpeace