Iron man 3


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Iron man 3

  1. 1. The Iron Man franchise is aimed at people of all ages. They make toys to target children andcomics aimed at different ages of people, these can also be collectables. They even makecollectable figures of Iron Man characters, these are collected by older people and can beworth something years from now. This is how film producers target their audience and howthey also make a lot of money out of synergies.SynopsisIron Man starts at a new year’s party in 1999 where he meets a scientist Maya Hansen whomakes treatment that allows people to recover from crippling injuries. Aldrich Killian adisabled scientist who offers Tony a place in his company, but he rejects the offer. Yearslater after the alien invasion in New York tony starts to have panic attacks, to help him hebuilds dozens of iron man suits, but this starts to create friction with his girlfriend PepperPotts. Around the same time a series of bombing by the terrorist known as the Mandarin,reporters surround Tony Stark’s car and asks him what he’s going to do about the attacks hethreats the Mandarin. Tony Stark finds himself under threat from a terrorist organisationafter telling the terrorist where he lives to the reporters. He is attacked in his own homewhich causes him to go Tennessee repair his suit and prepare for revenge. He teams up witha 10 year old boy who befriends him after he finds tony and his iron man suit in his garage.He is captured by the mandarin who is actually Aldrich Killian, he has also kidnapped Pepperand is using her to try out his Extremis on her to gain Tony’s aid in helping fix the Extremisflaws. After a long battle with Aldrich and his weapons of people he has created pepper killshim. At the end of the film Tony Stark destroys all of his iron man suits as a sign of devotionto Pepper, he also gets the shrapnel embedded near his heart and throws it into the oceanfrom the rubble where his house once was.Star TheoryThe film stars Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrowwho are well known and have been ina lot of films and are popular actors/actresses. Robert Downey jr has been in films such asSherlock Holmes (the film) which was a popular film, this would of made people who sawhim act in this film go and see Iron Man because he’s in it. This also brings people fromdifferent genres of film to watch another genre because of they like the actors/actresseswho star in the films. If a person likes action films they will be drawn to Iron Man becauseit’s an action packed film and it will draw the person in. If a person likes video games theywill like the style in which iron man is filmed and edited because in some parts it looks like agame with the way it’s been edited, so this will draw them in and make them watch the film.
  2. 2. Target AudienceThe main target audience of Iron Man 3 is aimed at men 14 and upwards, though peoplewho are younger and females may like the film its main audience is males. This is becausethere is a lot of action and technology in the film that would appeal more to men then itwould to woman. Older people and woman with children might go to see the film, but theseare the people they target to buy the toys, costumes and clothes for their children and othertypes of synergies. The genre of this film is Action/Fantasy/Superheroes it was produced in2013 and released in the UK on the 25thApril 2013. Shane black directed the film and KevinFeige produced it. Walt Disney Motion Pictures distributed the film. The budget was $200million and it made $1,179,951,000 in box office takings.Iron Man 3 is marketed in many ways, when watching TV you will see trailers for the filmshowing the release date. When you go on social networking sites they will have bannersadvertising the release of the film for example when you click on a video on YouTube beforethe video plays it will play a trailer of iron man, and when you go on Facebook it will havebanners of the film being advertised. In the cinema new film releases come on before theactually film is played. In magazines they have small articles of Iron Man 3 reviews frompeople who have already seen it, this normally gets mixed reviews and opinions but givesyou an idea of what to expect and how good the film really is. Also magazines do articlesinterviewing the cast members and they ask the actors/actresses for example RobertDowney Jr what the viewers should expect to see in the film and the plot by them. Theofficial web pages for Iron Man 3 project the film in a good light and make the movie moreappealing making you want to go and see it. Word of mouth also helps the film as if yourfriend tells you the film was amazing it will make you want to go and see the film but it canalso be bad as they might say it was a waste of time therefore putting you off the film.
  3. 3. Here are some different types of synergies that are aimed at different age groups. Forexample the comics can be for any age and can be collectables whereas the toys andcostumes are aged at younger children.AnchorageAnchorage is where when you see a movie poster or product you automatically know who itis and what it’s about. For example if you see the red metal suit on a poster you knowstraight away its iron man. Also seeing the red square with the white writing lets you knowits marvel because it’s iconic and well known, giving the audience high expectations of thefilm.Research MethodsTheproducer uses a lot of research methods to target the audience.They use Pre-productionresearch for this they have to carry out secondary research into location, Read the script inorder to find the location which best suits each scene. Find out the culture and beliefs offoreign countries they are filming in because the actors from there might need to havecertain times of the day off to pray or for example if they film in Spain they need to knowthe hours of when they go off to have a siesta. They will also have a location manager toresearch the cultures in different countries. They need to carry out checks for Healthy andsafety. They do Primary research which they carry out by doing focus groups,Questionnaires, interviews aboutthe genre, the cast and who will play each role, the story
  4. 4. and narrative and special effects. They do this to find out what the public wants to see andwhat they want to see in it.Qualitative researches to find out why we like and don’t like things we see in films and whythat is. Quantitative research for statistics are found for example 50% like it 50% don’t.Postproduction research consists of Post production test screening where they get a 100 peopleof different ages and gender to watch a preview the first cut of the film. After they watchthe film they will be given a questionnaire to find out what they liked and what they didn’t,this will then help with that they need to add or change. With this they will find out whatwas good and what was bad so they know what to add and change. Responses will be usedin marketing. They will also release the song used in the film to promote the film. official Iron Man Trailer is about tony stark finding himself under attack from a terrorist.It’s edited in fast cut to show the action and to make it more interesting and shows there’s alot going on in the film. Red and Gold is featured throughout the trailer to show its ironman. This is also anchoring the audience as when they watch the trailer or see a clip of itthey automatically know its Iron Man and draws them in and makes them watch it. You seea lot of a man with long hair and beard telling you this is the bad guy in the film. The trailerkind of looks like a game trailer as its very action packed and involves a lot of explosions andaction scenes. It also features a lot of technology, flash cars and nice locations which drawsmen in because they like that kind of thing and its aimed at them to make them watch it.Tony stark with his collection of iron man suitshe has built.
  5. 5. Shows that it’s a marvel film based on the comics soyou know its going to be good cause Marvel films and comics always are.lots of explosions and action scenes.Nice locations.
  6. 6. These colours indicate that its IronMan without having to actually sayits iron man.The poster doesn’t really need toshow or say anything other thanhaving the iron man costumes onthe page as everyone knows its ironman and it will be a good film.Even though the marvel logo is smalljust seeing the white text on a redbackground automatically tells youits marvel