Iron man 3 presentation


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Iron man 3 presentation

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONAudience is an important part of every film and it helps to know who the producersare making the film for. When a film is in production it is always Crucial forproducers to Do the appropriate Research into the audience. When the makers of afilm know the audience that they will be displaying to they know exactly what theaudience needs and then everything starts to fall into place in the production side ofthings. Meeting the audiences needs and expectations is always a very importantpart of a mainstream multi-million film in order to get the highly desired Revenue.
  3. 3. STATISTICSDirected by: Shane BlackProduced by: Kevin FiegeDistributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion PicturesBudget:$200,000,000Genre: Action AdventureDemographic: marvel fans, mainstream audiences aged 13 –mid 30’sYear of Production: 2012UK Release Date: 18 April 2013Box office Takings: $1,182,023,292Synopsis: When Tony Starks world is torn apart by aformidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts anodyssey of rebuilding and retribution.
  4. 4. SYNOPSISMarvels "Iron Man 3" pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against anenemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at hisenemys hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, atevery turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by hisown devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fightshis way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: doesthe man make the suit or does the suit make the man?
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTORBecause Walt Disney Pictures are the Distributor of the film this helps the film to get a lotmore popularity and views because The film will be more child friendly allowing for an agerange from young children to adults because it can be appreciated from both ends of the agespectrum. This will also allow Disney to aim the synergies and merchandising at children aswell as adults which will mean even more revenue from a broader audience rather thanspecific social groups.
  6. 6. FILM MARKETINGFor the marketing of iron man a lot of different ways were used fromphysical advertisement with things like large billboards and in printedmedia and then digital advertisement like web banners and YouTubetrailers. The adverts for this film are everywhere and it was hard toavoid. A lot of money went into the advertising campaign and thisshows in multiple ways. One way that a lot of film companiesadvertise is by having their own Website for people to visit, this is truefor iron man but it is a section of the official marvel website, probablyto save money ( The website itselfoffers a very Vague and brief outlook at the film, The site featuresTrailers, Brief description of characters and a synopsis of the story.This briefness is intentional as to not give away too much of the film togive you a little taste to draw you in. The website also featuressections like: Cast and Crew and partners which is rather unusual butis also another form advertising for other companies. There is also aspecial interactive website called iron man tech( where you can ‘’take a tour’’ of theiron man suits. This is a good way of creating active spectatorshipwith the audience and also helps to explains a bit in between the storyof 2 and 3 because iron mans suits make a large jump inadvancement from 2 to 3 so this helps to explain why and shows how.
  7. 7. FILM MARKETINGUsing massive billboards can be very expensive but can be veryeffective in exposing the general public to the films. A lot of largebudget films are expected to rake in absolutely millions and sothey really shove the advertising down your throat. A lot ofbillboards and advertisements around public are an effectiveway to do this because when you see the image everywhere Itwill stick in your mind. The same thing goes for televisionadvertising and printed media, Multiple showings of a trailer canoften pique interest in the viewer. Just like the website little to nodetail is given away to draw in the viewer because they wish toknow more. Large full page advertisements in magazines andpapers are mostly unavoidable making them very effective forexposure. When you turn the page onto a full pageadvertisement you cant not notice it, and even if you turn pageinstantly and don’t take much notice you will have already seenthe advertisement anyway.
  8. 8. ANCHORAGEThe Term anchorage means basically Giving meaning to animage or media product. In advertising when an image is usedit can be open to interpretation and many people will discussand deride their own meanings from what they think they saw.Anchorage basically means that the meaning is given, when animage is accompanied by text the image is the hook and thetext ‘’anchors’’ the meaning to it. This accompanying text isoften called a tag line and can often a brief Description aboutthe product or can be detailed. The Tag line ‘’Tony starkReturns with energy’’ is in reference to the fact that the ironman suits are more advanced and how the film is so muchmore Adrenaline pumping than the other instalments. This smallText Anchors the audience in a way that it creates an air ofmystery and wonder. It leaves you wondering what it means butcan also open up the film for discussion and can create activespectatorship in the way that you can discuss with your friendswhat you think it means or what you think will happen.
  9. 9. FINDING INFORMATION ON THE TARGETAUDIENCEWhen searching for information on target audiences and demographics there is a world of difference for a newfilm entirely and a sequel or prequel. Sequels will be aimed at the exact same people as all the others as theyare not really looking for a new audience as such. First time films will have to look to branch out as much aspossible to capture their audience. They will have to do primary Research into other films similar to the onebeing made and will have to find out such specifics as:AgeGenderReligionRaceSexualityEducationOccupationAnnual incomeDisposable incomeCurrent and Desired lifestyleMedia interestsBuying habitsbrand loyaltyAll of these areas matter because this helps to build the demographic, This is very similar to reception theoryin the way that the film will be targeted at specific people because of their social backgrounds, where they areon the Hierarchical Class system (lower class, upper class etc.) amongst other things as well