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How to write a critique

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How to write a critique

  1. 1. HOW TO WRITE A CRITIQUE BY:Muhammad Fayyaz Ahmad 03003839690
  2. 2. What is a critique?• A critique is a paper that gives a critical assessment of a book or article• A critique is a systematic analysis of a piece of literature that discusses its validity and evaluates its worth• Its main purpose is not informational, but analytic and persuasive• In analyzing the content and context within which the book (or article) was written, the writer of a critique argues whether it is worth reading or not
  3. 3. Writing a critique (also known as acritical response, critical book review orbook review)• A good review should provide critical commentary on the quality of the book• It contains:1. The thesis and major argument2. The organization and style3. The author’s values and assumptions
  4. 4. • The review should pay more attention to evaluating the strengths and the weaknesses of the book• It should ultimately answer the question:Is this a good book/story that would be worth reading?
  5. 5. • Use the following checklist as a guide for writing a critical book/story review1) What does the book cover? Summarize briefly. When reviewing fiction, never give away the ending or the intricacies of the plot that are meant to surprise the reader.2) Who is the author and what are his or her biases?3) What are the major points that the author makes in the book?
  6. 6. 4) Do you think these ideas are correct? Do you accept them? Why or why not? Specifically:4.A. Does the author substantiate his or her points satisfactorily with information, logic, examples?4.B Do the author’s ideas agree with your experience and knowledge?5) Are there special features about this book which interest or disturb you, such as unusual information or new ways of looking at an issue?
  7. 7. 7) If you have read other books on the same general topic, how does this book differ from that of the others?8) Are there any additional comments you should include in order to make the essence of this book understood by someone reading your review? These questions may be answered in any order, but all of them should be addressed, however briefly.
  8. 8. A book review, like any other piece ofwriting, should observe the basic require-ments of literary discourse. There shouldbe:1) An introduction that includes either a thesis or a premise from which your thesis will later emerge2) A middle section in which you give a brief synopsis of the book and develop your arguments3) Brief conclusion
  9. 9. Critique: Steps to write an article review• Begin by reading the book or article and annotate as you read.• Note the author’s main point/ thesis statement.• Divide the book/ article into sections of thought and write a brief summary of each thought in your own words.
  10. 10. Introduction• Start your critique with sentences giving the following information: - Author’s name - Book/ Article title and source - Author’s thesis statement
  11. 11. Summary• Summarize the author’s purpose and main points/ evidence cited that are used for back up.
  12. 12. Review and evaluate• To critically review the piece, answer the following questions: - What are the credentials/ areas of expertise of the author? - Did the author use appropriate methods to gather the evidence? - Was the evidence used by the author accurate? - Does the author’s use and interpretation of this evidence lead the reader to the same conclusion?
  13. 13. - Did the author build a logical argument?- Is there other evidence that would support a counter- argument?- Are the article and the evidence still valid or are they outdated, leading to an invalid conclusion?- Was the author successful in making his/ her point?
  14. 14. Conclusion• Wrap up by: - Stating whether you agree with the author. - Back up your decisions by stating your reasons.Give a general opinion of the work.

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