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Service blueprint

  1. 1. Service Blueprint<br />
  2. 2. Service Blueprint<br />Service blueprint is a picture or map that accurately portrays the service system so that different people involved in providing it can understand and deal with it objectively regardless of their individual point of view .<br />Particularly useful at design and redesign stages of service development.<br />It provides a way to break the service into logical components and to depict the steps or tasks in the processes, the means by which they are executed and evidence of the service as consumer experiences it.<br />
  3. 3. Service Mapping/Blueprinting<br />A tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the points of customer contact, and the evidence of service from the customer’s point of view.<br />Process<br />Service<br />Mapping<br />Points of Contact<br />Evidence<br />
  4. 4. Blueprint components<br />Basic components of Service Blueprint are:<br />Customer actions<br />“Onstage” contact employee actions<br />“Backstage” contact employee actions<br />Support processes<br />
  5. 5. Blueprint components<br />Customer actions: it includes steps, choices, activities and interactions that customer performs in the process of purchasing, consuming and evaluating the service<br />Onstage employee actions: steps and activities that the contact employees performs that are visible to the customer.<br />Backstage employee actions: steps and activities that occur behind the scene to support onstage activities.<br />
  6. 6. Blueprint components<br />Support processes: covers the internal services, steps and interactions that take place to support the contact employees in delivering the service.<br />
  7. 7. Service Blueprint Components<br />CUSTOMER ACTIONS<br />line of interaction<br />“ONSTAGE” CONTACT EMPLOYEE ACTIONS<br />line of visibility<br />“BACKSTAGE” CONTACT EMPLOYEE ACTIONS<br />line of internal interaction<br />SUPPORT PROCESSES<br />
  8. 8. Service Blueprint Components<br />Line of interaction: direct interactions b/w the customer and organization.<br />Line of visibility: this line separates all service activities that are visible to the customers from those that are not visible.<br />Line of internal interaction: separates contact employees activities from those of other service support activities and people.<br />Physical evidence<br />
  9. 9. Express Mail Delivery Service<br />Truck<br />Packaging<br />Forms<br />Hand-held Computer<br />Uniform<br />Truck<br />Packaging<br />Forms<br />Hand-held Computer<br />Uniform<br />PHYSICAL<br />EVIDENCE<br />Customer<br />Calls<br />Customer<br />Gives <br />Package<br />Receive<br />Package<br />CUSTOMER<br />Driver<br />Picks<br />Up Pkg.<br />(On Stage)<br />Deliver<br />Package<br />CONTACT PERSON<br />(Back Stage)<br />Customer<br />Service<br />Order<br />Airport<br />Receives<br />& Loads<br />Fly to<br />Sort<br />Center<br />Load<br />On<br />Truck<br />Dispatch<br />Driver<br />Unload<br />&<br />Sort<br />Fly to<br />Destination<br />SUPPORT PROCESS<br />Load on<br />Airplane<br />Sort<br />Packages<br />
  10. 10. Overnight Hotel Stay<br />Bill<br />Desk<br />Lobby<br />Hotel<br />Exterior<br />Parking<br />Hotel<br />Exterior<br />Parking<br />Cart for<br /> Bags<br />Desk<br />Registration<br />Papers<br />Lobby<br />Key<br />Elevators<br />Hallways<br />Room<br />Cart for<br /> Bags<br />Room<br />Amenities<br />Bath<br />Menu<br />Delivery<br />Tray<br />Food<br />Appearance<br />Food<br />PHYSICAL<br />EVIDENCE<br />Arrive<br />at<br />Hotel<br />Give Bags<br />to<br />Bellperson<br />Call<br />Room<br />Service<br />Check out<br />and<br />Leave<br />CUSTOMER<br />Receive<br />Bags<br />Sleep<br />Shower<br />Go to<br />Room<br />Receive<br />Food<br />Eat<br />Check in<br />Greet and<br />Take<br />Bags<br />Deliver<br />Bags<br />Deliver<br />Food<br />Process<br />Registration<br />Process<br />Check Out<br />(On Stage)<br />CONTACT PERSON<br />Take<br />Food<br />Order<br />(Back Stage)<br />Take Bags<br />to Room<br />Registration<br />System<br />Registration<br />System<br />Prepare<br />Food<br />SUPPORT PROCESS<br />
  11. 11. Building a Service Blueprint<br />Step 6<br />Add evidence of service at each customer action step.<br />Step 4<br />Map contact employee actions, onstage and back-stage.<br />Step 3<br />Map the process from the customer’s point of view.<br />Step 1<br />Identify the process to be blue-printed.<br />Step 2<br />Identify the customer or customer segment.<br />Step 5<br />Link customer<br />and contact person activities to needed support functions.<br />
  12. 12. Application of Service Blueprints<br />New Service Development<br />concept development<br />market testing<br />Supporting a “Zero Defects” Culture<br />managing reliability<br />identifying empowerment issues<br />Service Recovery Strategies<br />identifying service problems<br />conducting root cause analysis<br />modifying processes<br />
  13. 13. Blueprints Can Be Used By:<br />Human Resources<br />empowering the human element<br />job descriptions<br />selection criteria<br />appraisal systems<br />System Technology<br />providing necessary tools:<br />system specifications<br />personal preference databases<br />Service Marketers<br />creating realistic customer expectations<br />service system design<br />promotion<br />Operations Management<br />rendering the service as promised<br />managing fail points<br />training systems<br />quality control<br />