marketing research marketing management marketing business analytics sampling amitabh mishra place decision basis for territory design significance of territorisation types of sales quotas sales territory sales quota disadvantages of sales promotion advantages of sales promotion characteristics of sales promotion objectives of sales promotion couponing types/kinds of sales promotion sales promotion main tasks in transportation management transportation management decisions pipelines airways waterways roadways railways modes of transportation logistics sales and distribution transportation methods of sales forecasting different kinds of sales forecasts uses of sales forecast by other department sales forecasting line and staff sales organization line sales organizations decentralized structures centralized structures functions of sales organization sales organisation approach pre-approach/ pre-call planning prospecting and qualifying phases in selling process selling process objectives of sales management nature of sales management sales management: sales types of labels types of packaging labaling packaging limitations of the plc the stages of the product life cycle characteristics of plc product life cycle ( targeting differentiation positioning macro micro controllable non-controllable promotion price productivity marketing tools marketing strategies marketing mix societal marketing concept marketing concept selling concept product concept production concept concepts marketing philosophies marketing philosophies or concepts scope of marketing buyer consumer customer service demand wants needs physical evidences service environment service scape data collection questionning questionnaire method of data collection sorces of data primary data secondary data types of data primary & secondary data statistics discoverability score research hypotesis hypothesis blueprint research plan research design steps in business research business research process kinds classifications types of business research analytics business research research procedure of sampling sample frame census population sample size non probability sampling probability samplinng sampling techniques short shghtedness product failure marketing myopia use-related usage-situation benefit sought geographic demographic psychological psychographi hybrid factors affecting market segmentation bases for segmentation (consumer market) need/benefits of segmentation market segmentation forms of direct marketing digital marketing online marketing direct marketing functions of intermediaries marketing channels channel management types and levels of distribution channels distribution channel leadership styles theories/models/approaches of leadership importance and characteristics of leadership concept of leadership motivation individual behavior organisational behaviour
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