motivation industrial product industrial product line pricing product life cycle material and parts supplies and services personal branding personality self development lessonsforlife msdhoni micro vs. macro recession/depression business investment expansion (growing) peak (top) contraction (shrink gross domestic product business cycle presentation effective communication concept of research success 3 idiots emotion management learning communication passion management lesson from movies its history stock exchange of india working and progress and a list of recognized stoc kinds of employment steps to reduce unemployment and government polici concept of employment causes of unemployment in india social and economic factors environmental factors technological factors industrial policy resolutions industrial policy economic environment environmental factors social factors geographical factors cultural factors economic factors ecological factors legal factors political factors product ;price ;promotion ;place ;people ; process macro environment ; micro environment ;competitors intangibility;heterogeneity;simultaneous productio export potential rampant migration development of markets i.t. revolution cultural changes changing role of women economic affluence degree of tangibility skills of the service provider market segment quality measurement intangibility ownership nature of demand heterogeneity inseparability perishability service accompanied with minor goods services with tangible goods goods & service continuum the bills of materials order placement bidding the budget purchase requisition industrial purchasing system auction documentation the automatic order choosing the channel of distribution channel alternatives in industrial marketing major decision areas in channel management light equipment or accessories installations /heavy equipment component parts manufactured materials and component parts capital goods industrial product line management industrial management product capital items consusmer marketing industrial marketing
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