Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management Programs


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Launching for the first time in India, Probably first in the world too!!!
100% Unique & Practical Sessions (In-person and Online mentoring)
Call us to solve your hiring issues.

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Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management Programs

  1. 1. Recruitment CapabilityEnrichment and Management Programs for Individual . Consultancy . Corporate Educational Institution Confidential – Academy Profile
  2. 2. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsBirth of Hirington AcademyHirington Academy is an ambitious approach of improving the recruitmentcapability and standards of individual recruiters, consultancy and corporate.Hirington started as an Online Recruitment Journal on November 2010 by arecruitment ninja “Vijay Anand” to provide awareness on ethical and unethicalhiring practices in the industry.Later, Hirington was also instrumental on creating Online Recruitment Communitycalled “Cross Border Recruiter Exchange”(In Facebook) by 31st March 2010 .It also created healthy discussions on various recruitment topics, was able toconnect with the industry and provide solutions on the hiring issues. Now it enjoysthe strength of 900 members using this knowledge sharing platform. Confidential – Academy Profile
  3. 3. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsBirth of Hirington Academy (Continued)Like minded recruiters of “Cross Border Recruiter Exchange” united to form a NGOin Chennai known as “Global Recruiters Association in India”. Through last couple ofyears GRA has conducted several value additional programs on recruitment andindustry eminent have participated on the knowledge sharing events.We used all our capabilities to create an unique recruitment enrichment andmanagement programs for the individual recruiters, consultancy and corporate.That is where the bulb sparkled from our head and gave a birth to HiringtonAcademy. Confidential – Academy Profile
  4. 4. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsGist of Vijay Anand L V (Head Mentor of Hirington Academy)Possess 13 plus years of experience in the Recruitment Industry. Working experience includes“Sampoorna Computer People (leading Consultancy Services) , Kumaran Systems, IndiaComnet, Ikas Technologies (IT/Telecom software companies in Chennai, India). Holds aBachelor of Science from Madras University, India. Master of Labour Management fromMadurai Kamaraj University, Madurai and a Post Graduate degree in Human ResourcesManagement, Pondichery.Experience of interviewing several hundreds of candidates across all the verticals.Exposure to both consultancy and corporate environment.Groomed a team of recruiters for productive results.Provided recruitment solutions for several hundreds of recruiters through Online and In-person mentoring.Founder and President of Global Recruiters Association, non profit organization for recruiters( Recruitment Journal - Hirington (,Author of Hiring Handbook,Cross Border Recruiter Exchange (an Online Facebook Community for Recruiters)Subject Matter Expert in Recruitment. Confidential – Academy Profile
  5. 5. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsVision of Hirington AcademyWe don’t believe in mere classroom teaching or training.We make people to think on their own through our robust programs.Our programs are tailor-made so that it fits any individual or the organizationWe create thought flow to experience enlightenment!!!Don’t believe in something simply because you have heard it.Don’t believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.Don’t believe in anything simply because it is written in your religious and textbooks.Don’t believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.Don’t believe in traditions because they have been handed out by manygenerations.But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees withreason and is conducive to the good & benefit of one and all, then accept it & livewith it. - Enlighten Siddhartha (Buddha) Confidential – Academy Profile
  6. 6. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsWhat we doWe did a continuous research and understanding of various recruitment practices,process and model in the industry. We have narrowed down on the globally acceptedmethodologies by which an individual recruiter, consultancy or a corporate can upgrade& enrich themselves to a better hiring platform. Our outcome has helped severalhundred recruiters on improving their recruiting results, qualitative hiring thanquantitative, created professional approach with a passion .Provides Key Marquee Programs to the Recruitment Community:Recruitment AuditingHiring 3.0 (Best Hiring Practices) Certified InterviewerRecruitment - Business Development Support – For consultancies.Certified Recruiter ProgramStudents - Become Employable (Recruiter - Industry Ready, HR - Industry Ready) Certified Placement ProfessionalWe are proud to launch these programs for the first time in India, hopefully in the worldtoo!!! Confidential – Academy Profile
  7. 7. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsRecruitment AuditingCall us to probe your recruitment issuesExperts in Hirington Academy has vast experience on identifying your presentrecruitment issues by globally accepted “Recruitment Auditing”. We would also beproviding you a cost effective solution. By implementing our auditing system, youcreate more value system, hiring results, revenue generation and obviously,business that you wanted.Understanding your present business modelFinding the flow of workReviewing the entire work forceSuggesting the best hiring methodsImplementationFollow ups Confidential – Academy Profile
  8. 8. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsBest Hiring PracticesHiring 3.0 and aboveTodays hiring process has been mostly verbal and there is no documentationavailable to justify the fair practice of the Recruiters / Consultancies / Corporate.Hirington helps you to get your Hiring Process documented and certifies you with aHiring Practitioner tag which would bring more opportunities & business.Best Hiring Practices is the documented way of doing recruitment. Following areincluded;Understanding your present hiring method (Recruitment Auditing).Discussion on Globally Accepted Best Hiring Practices.Implementation of BHP in your present hiring process.Documentation of BHP.Certification on Best Hiring Practices - Level 1 Confidential – Academy Profile
  9. 9. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsCertified InterviewerBest Interviews can change someones life Build a reputation for you and your organization with great interviews. Learn the tips and tricks of assessing the candidates. Gain confidence of your candidates and convert offers into joining.Who can take;Recruiters, HR Managers, Technical representatives who does interviews for theirorganization. Confidential – Academy Profile
  10. 10. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsBusiness Development SupportFor Recruitment Consultancies - Convert your recruitment consultancy into a profitcentre. "Turn your efforts into revenue. Revealing all the business secrets for yoursuccess"Content;Understand your present approachKnow the globally accepted and successful business approachProbe on why your business model failedDos and Donts in the business developmentAcceptance of new business methodsGoal and target settingRevenue generationWho can attend:CEO / Promoter of the recruitment consultancy.Business Development Manager / Team in the consultancy.Recruiter, who is interested in Business Development. Confidential – Academy Profile
  11. 11. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsCertified Recruiter ProgramFor individual recruiters – From fresher to experienced.If you have a passion towards hiring, we convert you as a Champion Recruiter.Any degree – Passion to learnLearn Recruitment in a easy to understand method. Value Additional certificationwhile you study. It is a complete package of practical experience which will beuseful for HR Students in both Corporate and Recruitment Agency Environment.Basic Level – Complete Life Cycle exposure (Theoretical Explaination)Advanced Level – Practical exposure to Basic skills, Methods, Social Media Confidential – Academy Profile
  12. 12. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsCertified Placement ProfessionalFor Placement Officers / Head - Improve your placement resultsGain confidence of your clients.Are you a placement officer / Manager wondering how to turn your efforts intoresults? Here we go, Hirington Academy can provide you the required tips andtricks on the best practices in an educational placement business.Understanding your present placement methodDiscussion / Suggestion on glabally accepted methodsPeriodical recruitment auditing on placement activitiesTips / Tricks on creating better placement strategies.Competency based approach.Implementation and follow ups. Confidential – Academy Profile
  13. 13. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsStudents – Become EmployableBecome a GAME CHANGER in HR Industry..???Indias first 100% Practical Training Program on end to end HR concepts.Grab a value additional Recruitment / HR program that gives more mileage to your Job Search.Learn hiring through easy to understand method in both In-person and Online.Target audience : HR Students, Jr.Recruiters.Levels of Program : Basic, Advanced and Practical.After this program, you will be possessing needed practical exposure and will be IndustryReady. Can able to work in organizations without any help. The aim of the course is to bridgeand convert your theoretical experience into practical experience. It explains the needed basicskills to start the Hiring career and it helps students, juniors to be a Successful Recruiter / HR.Trained by the Industry ExpertsCertified ProgramDistance Learning Mode with Contact ClassesAssignments, Industry Expert MeetingsGrab Job Opportunities in Part time and Full time after this Program Confidential – Academy Profile
  14. 14. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsLets make a changeIt is ‘U’ who will create the brighter recruitment community.If not you, then who else!!!Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management Programs are new to India.So without U, we can’t show results.We have transformed the life of several hundred individual recruiters and students thoughour program. It is the moment for the corporate and consultancy to welcome new skillswith their open arms. Confidential – Academy Profile
  15. 15. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsTake AwaysRecruiting Insights Become Champion Improved Results Valid CertificationProductive 24/7 Bridge the Gap Job opportunities Earning opportunitiesROI (Return on Investment)Efficient results (Qualitative and quick)Productive from day 1 (Need very less mentoring, probably monitoring)Job completion on time (Time saving is obviously money saving)Recruitment Cost Optimization (Opens the channels of cost less hiring methods)Value Proposition for all the programsIn-person Learning Online Learning Flexi Hours Learning Distance LearningAffordable Cost Expert Trainers Job opportunities On-job trainings Confidential – Academy Profile
  16. 16. Recruitment Capability Enrichment and Management ProgramsExtend your ArmsYou share your hiring needs, we give you a solution – We are democratic!Let’s open a communication;Vijay Anand L VFounder and Director19/1 Aruls Manors, SBI Colony 3rd extn, Iyappa Nagar,Nanganallur, Chennai – 61, Tamil Nadu India.Mobile No: +91 9841696536Email id: contact@hiringtonacademy.orgLinkedin Profile: Confidential – Academy Profile