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Presentation for Cooking App


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Presentation for Cooking App

  1. 1. What’s for Dinner? By Prasanna Suresh, Tommy Roberts and Mats Aalen
  2. 2. Today, many people commute into cities in order to work. A large proportion of these people will not have much time to cook meals in the evening, or buy ingredients for the same. People just seem to be too busy to be able to cook, and at the same time find it to be impossible to make good tasting food.
  3. 3. The major issue is just lack of time; people don’t have the energy to make anything more complicated than a sandwich if they have to look up recipes as well. “What’s for Dinner?” alleviates this problem by suggesting easy to make food based on the items in your fridge/cupboards, and providing recipes and times.
  4. 4. Our Key Insight Statements There are different ways through which our customers can achieve what our app does, but there is nothing that combines all these features in an organised way that makes all the features extremely accessible. Also, there are many cookbooks that people can use to make recipes, but the problem with this is that people might not necessarily have all of the ingredients so that it is possible for people to make all the recipes, which is a problem that our app aims to solve by providing recipes depending on what ingredients our target customer has in his/her fridge. The problem that we are trying to solve is one that some websites, such as BBC Good Food and Tesco Real Food have tried to solve, albeit unsuccessfully. It is the aim of our app to solve the problem of not having enough time to cook, as well as making it easier for everyone, of different ages and calibres, to make good tasting food.
  5. 5. Our Elevator Pitch MPT is developing a mobile app to help people with a limited amount of time make meals easily based on ingredients they already have, and on time taken to make recipes. Our cookery app incorporates lots of different functions that help to make cooking easier as a whole. It is possible to only search recipes based on the ingredients that you have, and also it shows you the cheapest places to buy ingredients, allowing you to buy them directly from your phone. A calendar also helps to organise when to make different foods, and can help to plan out the food schedule in the future. Finally, the interactive instructions and variety of different recipes means that this app benefits a huge range of people, from those who have just started cooking, to those who are experts in the field. Therefore, this app will definitely get rid of cooking’s status as a household chore.
  6. 6. Our Research After we had designed our app, although we had a clear idea of our app’s functions, we still needed feedback in the form of surveys to find out whether we had designed an app that would be popular with our targeted audience.
  7. 7. Responses: · Doing all the various things at just the right time, with just the right amount of ingredients. This is a complex task that I have not been able to master. · Making food taste good · Frustration when some recipes do not work properly. · Trying to find a very good recipe for cooking a certain meal, which has easy to understand instructions to prepare. Also if there are multiple recipes available then I would like a comparison of all these recipes suggesting which is the best one and for what reasons · Preparation time · Generally none, except for the reactions of others eating the food I cooked · I don't cook · Finding good instructions and the right ingredients. · Time · I can’t cook very well, all I can cook is steak and bacon and sushi. · Recipes, gathering ingredients. Many of the responses that we got were based around the fact that it was hard to find good instructions, the complexity of cooking some foods and how well the food would turn out. However, one comment that we could take into account if we were to redesign the app would be the part about suggestion multiple recipes for a certain meal. This would mean that people who struggled to make a certain food with a certain recipe could look to another recipe that would suit them better. Question #1: What would you say your main problems with cooking are?
  8. 8. Question #2: Do you find cooking takes up too much time and effort? From this question, it is possible to see that most of the respondents found cooking to take a lot of effort. Although some people did say that cooking was never a waste of time for them, this is positive feedback, as our app already aims to take the effort out of cooking tasty food. This also shows that there is a wide market awaiting the sort of app that we are planning to make.
  9. 9. Question #3: Do you sometimes find that you want to prepare food, only to find out that you don’t have all the ingredients? Once again, for this question, it was possible to see that many people felt frustration when they realised that they did not have all the correct ingredients. Our app already incorporates this, so this is more positive feedback for our app. As this feature being one of our USPs, it shows that there a lot of people who might be willing to buy our app for use.
  10. 10. Question #4: Would you want to have an app that would collate all of your cookbooks together? For this question, it is possible to see that people would want an app that would make it easier to organise their cookbooks etc. This would therefore link to the idea that many people needed a handy tool that would help them with their cooking. To suit the needs of the minority who would not want such an app, as cookbooks have to be bought to be used on the phone, the cookbooks could be sold at discounted prices e.g. 69p. This would make it more attractive for potential customers, as it would be much cheaper to gain access to cookbooks, and all the data would be stored right in your pocket.
  11. 11. Question #5: How would you rate an app that would help you to make good tasting food with only the ingredients you have in your home? This question is very much linked to the last one, so to suit the needs of the people who rated in at 1 star, we could make it so that it appeals to people to use rather than old fashioned cookbooks. The part of the app that allows you to find the cheapest place for people to buy ingredients and the calendar organiser could also appeal to our potential customers. We therefore believe that the added features could make our sort of app more appealing to our
  12. 12. Question #6: How old are you? We tried to get a wide variety of people to answer the survey, from working mums who would benefit as they do a lot of cooking, to the elderly, who might need such an app to make cooking much easier for them. We also targeted 10-20 year olds, as in this category there would be many people who would be becoming to get independent, so this app could be vital for them to develop their cooking skills.
  13. 13. The User Profiles The insight gained from our interviews proved invaluable in making the next step towards an app that, with multiple facets, would be able to satisfy every person in our target audience.
  14. 14. About K.R. Sampath: · Retired man · Lives in Mumbai, India. · Old man who cannot work a lot due to age limitations. · Wants to have an easy retirement without hassles. · Wants to make others feel happy with what he has done. · Wants to be as organized as possible. · Unimpressed with current cookbooks that are a pain to follow, especially for someone of his age. We can therefore deduce that he needs an app that organises recipes in a better way that cookbooks do, and also has added features that make all the different steps before starting to make a recipe as easy as possible too. We have taken these comments on board by having a calendar and a way to order ingredients from shops directly on the screen of the phone. User Profile 1: The Elderly Gentleman
  15. 15. User Profile 2: The Independent Cook About Philip Wright: · Student at school. · Lives in Chalfont St Giles. · Thinks of himself as an independent person. · As a new cook, wants simple recipes that taste great. · Does not want to get confused by complicated recipes. · Loves saving money. From this user profile, we can see that our app is perfectly suited towards the younger generations as well as the old. For the independent youngsters who want to try something new for change, this app would be great, as it would suggest simple alternative recipes that would be make great tasting food without being too much of a challenge to prepare. Also, with the in app feature which shows the cheapest place to buy ingredients, this app is great for people, like Philip, who want to save some money when buying ingredients.
  16. 16. User Profile 3: The Parent with a Limited Knowledge of Cooking About Prahlad Sampath: · Works for an IT firm · Lives in Bangalore, India · Extremely busy, cannot waste time · Wants to have comparisons to know which recipes are the best · Be able to organize when he is going to make certain recipes · Be able to impress others with the food he makes · Wants to know the best places to buy the cheapest ingredients · Disappointed that it is extremely hard for him to find good recipes that work well Like the previous user profile, our app has improved with the use of this interviewee’s opinion, as with a simple User Interface that is easy to navigate through, as well as the simple cooking recipes, anyone with any knowledge of cooking should be able to use our app with ease.
  17. 17. User Profile 4: The Passionate Cook About S Suresh: · Works as a Management Consultant. · Lives in Amersham. · Loves cooking, but is a busy man. · Wants to make brilliant tasting food that would not waste his time. · Wants to save a lot of money. · Wants to enjoy cooking as well as making a tasty dish. · Thinks that the current solutions are all right, but would prefer something would make cooking less of a hassle but more of an enjoyment for him. To make cooking less of a hassle, we have incorporated an interactive cookbook, and this means that, due to timers and interactive instructions that flash on the screen, none of your time is wasted waiting for food to get cooked. With a huge variety of recipes to choose from, the user of our app would be spoilt for choice when selecting a good tasting recipe they
  18. 18. User Profile 5: The Busy Mother About Anuradha Suresh: · Has a job as a teaching assistant. · Lives in Amersham. · Has to cook every day, although she has a busy lifestyle. · Wants to cook food as quickly as possible. · Wants to cook food that tastes good hot as well as cold. · Wants to be able to organise when she cooks food. · Wants an app that will bring together lots of different cooking functions. We have tried to solve most of her problems with our app, such as the many features that we have incorporated, as well as the easy usability of our app that would suit her busy daily lifestyle. The interactive instructions and the calendar means that she does not have to waste time, but can organise her cooking schedule seamlessly with the rest of her daily work.
  19. 19. Competitors that already exist in the market • Before we started to design our app, we researched alternative solutions that it would have to compete with in the current market. Thankfully, we had successfully managed to find a “white space” - a place where no other apps existed. Our app, if completed, would be the first app of its kind on different app stores. • Albeit this very encouraging information, there are competitors that exist generally on the web, such as BBC’s Good Food and Tesco’s Real Food. This was slightly disconcerting information for us, but websites like this do not offer the wide range of features, such as a comparison to find the cheapest place to buy ingredients, as well as buying recipes direct from your phone. BBC Good food offers a way to search recipes depending on what ingredients you have, but this is painfully unsophisticated and will not work as well as the same feature on our app. • We believe that there are different solutions that offer the same features as our app, but there are hardly any that combine and blend all these features into one, extremely useful product.
  20. 20. Minimal Viable Product User Stories Here are a couple of comments we had got from users of our MVP: • “The App has many useful features, but the UI can be quite chaotic for a first user. Although this is the case, I think the app would still be manageable.” • “Incredibly easy to use, and very hard to get lost in the app.” • “Good idea with lots of good features, but might be slightly hard to implement in some places.” • “Lots of strong features, but the links can be slightly confusing sometimes.” From these comments, we kept all of our features, but arranged buttons at the bottom of the screen to take the user anywhere in the app. We have therefore kept it simple using the three touch rule - it is possible to get anywhere in the app with three touches of the screen.
  21. 21. Key Features of our app There are a number of different features incorporated into our app: ● Give recipes depending on ingredients that you have: ○ Many of our competitors only give recipes depending on what you search, but our app feature gives our customers the ability to make recipes without having to go to the shops, which gets rid of the hassle of having to go to the shops to buy new ingredients. ● Being able to find the cheapest place to buy ingredients as well as being able to buy the ingredients straight from your phone: ○ Even if our customer needs to buy ingredients, an interactive screen pops up that, on a map, shows nearby shops where the ingredient can be bought. As well as being able to find the cheapest place to buy an ingredient, and being able to buy the product direct from your phone, this feature once again gets rid of the hassle of having to go to the shops. ● Simple, interactive instructions that are easy to follow: ○ By having this feature, it allows everyone (from youngsters to elderly people) to be able to easily make good tasting food, due to the easy to follow instructions. ● Calendar for organising when to make food: ○ This feature is for the people with busy lifestyles. This feature means that people who have less time on their hands than they wish would be able to easily organise when to prepare certain food (cooking for special occasions etc.)
  22. 22. Integrating the Critical Comments that we obtained Our App had lots of good feedback, but our main point of improvement was that our app looked quite cluttered, and sometimes seemed to be quite confusing to our users. After much contemplation, our team came up with the idea of adding a bar of buttons at the bottom of the screen, like many apps nowadays. By doing this, we could get rid of lots of “back” buttons that plagued our app screens and made our app flow much more confusing to follow. As well as this, one of our comments was to add a comments page for all the recipes (as well as ratings). We heeded this advice, which means that all the recipes on our app would be reliable and have some credibility, as people would have commented on how well they thought the recipe works. We therefore believe that the comments that we obtained have really helped in the progression of our app to a product that has the potential to become an extremely desirable and usable app.
  23. 23. The Flow of our App
  24. 24. Opening Screen Searching for Recipes Possible recipe Key Wireframes #1
  25. 25. Where to buy other ingredients Planning FeatureBuy other ingredients Key Wireframes #2
  26. 26. Key Wireframes #3 We tried to make our app wireframes as similar to a proper prototype app as possible, with all the MVP features put in. The feedback that we got from people viewing our wireframes was vital in making sure that we modified and improved our app, to make it as desirable to our potential users as possible. In particular, from the feedback we obtained, we made several steps forward in improving the layout of the buttons, to make it as user-friendly with all of our target audience age groups as possible. Planning Feature
  27. 27. The Feasibility of our App As a group, we believe that our app has the ability to target all of our specified age groups, by bringing in a new type of product to the world of consumer apps. Although this is the case, there are a couple of pitfalls that could hinder the progress of making our app, if it were to be made. Firstly, before our app would be launched, either a huge database of different recipes would have to be made, or our app would have to collate different information from the internet. The second option would be much more preferable, but there is a chance that the use of their information might be rejected by the organisations who put the recipe onto the internet. This is our main feasibility issue for our app, as most of the other features can be incorporated into our app with ease. For example, the feature which finds the cheapest place to buy ingredients and allows you to buy them from a phone has been tried and tested by many other companies, so there is no reason why our idea should not work, if the customer were to sign into their Tesco Direct or other supermarket account on their phone. The only other issue that might be faced would be trying to promote our app has trustworthy, as the app would require access to accounts, therefore also requiring access of credit card details. To deal with this problem, we would have to create a safe place to save people’s data, which would not be accessible to any other parties.
  28. 28. Our Customer Pledges After asking multiple people at school and home, we decided that people would be happy to buy an app that would cost a small fee, but found that some might not want to pay for the app unless they found out whether it actually was any good. To make sure that customers would be willing to pay, the best course of action would be to maybe offer a free trial, or to ask for people to survey a prototype model of our. This would help us to find whether people really would be willing to pay for our app.
  29. 29. Our Marketing Strategy We are planning to release two versions of the app. One will be free with limited features and the other will be the premium version priced at about £1 which will have more features, which are yet to be decided. We are also going to try and limit adverts on other apps and the number of adverts within the free version by being sponsored by shops who will appear in the map feature.
  30. 30. MTP CONCEPT TRAILER A short video created by Tommy and while it is very low budget it serves to show who the app is aimed for and the problem it solves.