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resturent management

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resturent management

  1. 1. RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Guided by: Mrs. R.NANDHINI MCA., M.Phil. Submit by: Name : R.Mahendran. :N1BIT0028
  2. 2. ABSTRACT  The project titled “RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is designed with Visual Studio 2008 as front end and SQL Server 2005 as back end.  There will be different items available in a restaurant; many customers will be coming at different time for having food, they will be eating different items available in the restaurant.  Restaurant owner has to maintain records of each sales and purchase to keep track of the availability of stock of any materials which is used for cooking.  This system will save time and will be easy to use when compared to manual work which will be done in papers.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • “RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” has been proposed to be implemented to replace the manual system. • The main aim of this project is computerization of all processes which happens in the Restaurant. It is a database system for creating a selective retrieved of information, for subsequent analysis, manipulation and application.
  4. 4. MODULES       Items module Purchase module Employee module Department module Billing module Reports
  5. 5. Module description  Item Details This module is used to store and retrieve the details of available items in the Restaurant.  Purchase details Many Items are needed for cooking will be bought from different shops. This module helps in storing the data for each purchase made.  Employee Details This module helps in maintaining the details of the entire employee who works restaurant. Here some of the details like employee ID, name, address etc,.
  6. 6.  Department Details This module is used to maintain all the details of department in the restaurant for different jobs like waiter, cooking, etc. Here details like department id, name, work etc will be maintained.  Billing Details To keep track of the business each and every sales done in the shop to any customers should be maintained. This module helps in storing data for all the sales in the shop.
  7. 7. SYSTEM ANALYSIS System study is the part of system approach to problem solving computer. It’s the process of gathering and interpreting facts, diagnosis of problem and using the information to recommend improve of the system. A thorough understanding of the present manual system is essential to conceptualize a better solution. The system study includes the following spaces understanding working of the present manual system.   Existing system Proposed system
  8. 8. EXISTING SYSTEM • The existing system is manual in nature, where they do all calculation manually large volumes of paper work are done and stored which has the possibility of getting up. • Maintaining data is a tedious one and updating the records is not an easy job in the existing system. • If any information required then the user should refer the files and ledgers where the details are stored. • Daily updating is too difficult. So the existing system is to be changed and put for computerization.
  9. 9. DRAWBACKS OF EXISTING SYSTEM The study of existing system has thrown a light on various activities involved in the organization. Existing system is maintained manually. The work done by the existing system is separate and tedious to maintain. The registers are maintained separately for all the function of the concern. Reports are not easily generated whenever it is needed. Security is less, Lack of accuracy.
  10. 10. PROPOSED SYSTEM • • • • • • it has been proposed to computerize the above mentioned existing manual system. The computerized system gives good solution for the above mentioned problems. This proposed system has been computerized with Microsoft Visual Studio 8.0 as the front-end tool and SQL 2005 as backend tool. This new software package has been developed completely on menu driven basis. The various inputs given to the proposed system are customer details, purchase details and sales details. The above information is maintained and can be retrieved from the proposed system. This system has been developed to generate daily and periodical reports.
  11. 11. ADVANTAGES OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM Data security High processing speed Excellent data linkage. Use of more constrains. Duplication work is avoided. Generations of reports are very quick. Unlimited data size User friendly Time consuming.
  12. 12. SYSTEM SPECIFICATION • HARDWARE SPECIFICATION Processor Speed Hard disk Printer Ram Mouse Monitor Keyboard : : : : : : : : Intel Pentium D(Dual Core3.0 GHz) 933 MHz 40 GB Laser Printer (Canon) 256 MB Logitech 17” color monitor 110 keys • SOFTWARE SPECIFICATION Operating system : Front end Back end Windows XP : Visual Studio 8.0 : MS SQL 2005
  13. 13. TESTING AND IMPLEMENTATION • • • • • Software testing is a critical element of software quality assurance and represents the ultimate review of specification, design and coding. Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors. The user tests the developed system and change is made according to their needs. The testing phase involves the testing of developed system using various kinds of data. The term implementation has different meanings, ranging from the basic application, to a complete replacement of a computer system.
  14. 14. CONCLUSION • • • • • The project entitled “RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM “has been proposed to be implementing to replace the manual system. The developed system accomplishes all the objectives stated for the need for the change of the system. The outputs produced seem to satisfy all the users but it will definitely take to look forwarded for the real consequences the new system could produce. This project was made user friendly by the use of visual basic enabling the user to interact easily with the database. It’s also enabled the platform to serve the needs of emerging information technology trends and needs.
  15. 15. FURTHER ENHANCEMENT • • • • • The system is developed with the intrusion of future expansion of the concern. The concern can go for any future developments, as per their needs. If so they can easily develop the modules and integrated with the existing system. New menus can easily added since if is highly user friendly. The system is fully menu driven and hence menus can be added as required. Totally the system can be accommodated for any type modification
  16. 16. ITEM REPORT