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What are Return & Refund Policies


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Learn about what exactly a Return and Refund Policy is and can do for your ecommerce business.

You'll also find out what information and clauses to add to your policy and get to view examples of Return and Refund Policies for ecommerce stores.

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What are Return & Refund Policies

  1. 1. Return & Refund Policy
  2. 2. A Return and Refund Policy (1) is the page where you - the owner of the ecommerce store or online business - will inform customers about your policies regarding returns and refunds. (1) Link to
  3. 3. Customers must be informed about what rights they have in regards to refunds or returns. The Return & Refund Policy is the page where you can inform customers about this.
  4. 4. According to TrueShip study, over 60% of customers review a Return & Refund Policy before they make a purchasing decision. It’s the single most important page your ecommerce store needs to have as it can affect your retention rate (2) . (2) Link to
  5. 5. What to include in Return/Refund Policy
  6. 6. The best Return & Refund Policy you can have is the simplest one. Unlike a Terms and Conditions or a Privacy Policy, a Return & Refund Policy doesn’t need to cover many cases.
  7. 7. How many days customers have to return a product How will customers receive the refund (credit or replacement) Who pays for shipping costs to return the product If applicable, if you offer refunds for digital products or in-app purchases And so on What you generally want to include in a Return & Refund Policy: 1 2 3 4 5
  8. 8. Examples of Return/Refund Policy
  9. 9. FiftyThree doesn’t have a page called “Return and Refund Policy”, but “Pencil Guarantee” (3) instead. (3) Link to
  10. 10. Calm the Ham’s Return and Refund Policy (4) is very simple: (4) Link to
  11. 11. ThemeForest sells digital products and they place their policy on returns and refunds in the “Envato Market Terms” page (5): (5) Link to
  12. 12. Download Return & Refund Policy Template Go to and download the template.
  13. 13. Credits Icon from slide 1 created by Zlatko Najdenovski from Noun Project.