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Type of Tourism Destination


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1.3 Type of Tourism Destination

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Type of Tourism Destination

  1. 1. Types of Tourism ?Destination 1.3
  2. 2. Development Area Land Use Tourist development areas selected as tourist resorts, resort towns, tourist attractions, and urban tourism impose land use plans.
  3. 3. Facility Site Planning Site planning is planning for individual buildings such as hotels, commercial centers, and visitor facilities. The actual location of buildings, recreation areas, streets, walkways, parking, landscaping areas, and other land uses are shown min maps.
  4. 4. Facility Design Designs for landscaping, architecture, infrastructure, and engineering must be prepared for resorts, hotels, restaurants, attractions, archaeological and historic sites, information and cultural centers, visitor facilities at national parks and other tourist facilities. These designs may be based on good international standards.
  5. 5. Special Studies Special studies on tourism are often undertaken based on the needs of the area. These studies pertain to environmental, socio-cultural, economic impact analyses, marketing analysis and promotion programs. Special planning studies can also be done on specific types of tourism development such as health and youth tourism.
  6. 6. Types of Tourism 1.Development Area Land Use Planning 2. Facility Site Planning 3. Facility Design 4. Special Studies So........