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Chap4 (approaches)


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Chap4 (approaches)

  2. 2. Learning Objective • Create awareness on the range and types of tourism planning approaches .
  3. 3. Planning Approaches • Continuous and flexible approach • Systems approach • Comprehensive approach • Integrated approach • Environmental and sustainable development approach • Community approach • Implementable approach
  4. 4. Continuous and Flexible Approach • Planning should be done with continuous monitoring and feedback on previous development and evaluation of new trends.
  5. 5. Systems Approach • Tourism is viewed as an interrelated system and should be planned as such, utilizing systems analysis techniques.
  6. 6. Comprehensive Approach • All aspects of tourism development including its institutional elements and environmental and socio-economic implications are analyzed and planned comprehensively.
  7. 7. Integrated Approach • Tourism is planned and developed as an integrated system within itself and also is integrated into the overall plan and total development patterns of the area.
  8. 8. Environmental and Sustainable Approach • Tourism is planned, managed and developed in such a manner that its natural and cultural resources are not depleted or degraded, but maintained as viable resources on a permanent basis for continuous future use.
  9. 9. Community Approach • There is a maximum involvement of the local community in the planning and decision- making process of tourism and there is maximum community participation in the actual development and management of tourism and its socio-economic benefits.
  10. 10. Implementable Approach • Tourism development policy, plan, and recommendations are formulated to be realistic and implementable, and the techniques of the implementation are considered throughout the policy and plan formulation with the implementation techniques, specifically identified.