12. town planning during pre mughal period in indi 2. history of civilization homes brick technology construction 6.introduction_to_social_stratification c a doxiadis islamabad le corbusier village as a focal point of planning and develo zonning planning zoning zoning plan landuse planning and design for land use town park elements for design a town park town center plan approach toward the need of integrated approach towards planning o space standards and requirments for different land densities approach of new town concept of new town process of planning and designing a new town need of new town planning of modern city modern city process of new town planning of new town designing of new town central business district planning of cbd planning requirement of cbd new delhi planning and requirement of new delhi planning concept of new delhi planning concept of chandigrah city chandigrah ciity concept of chandigarh planning concept of chandigrah city. chandigrah planning city neighborhood neighbourhood city need of neighborhood requirement of neighborhood planning of neighborhood neighborhood planning islamabad planning modern city islamabad city islamabad modern city brasilia planning of brasilia brasilia planning layout plan of housing planning of house layout plan housing layout facilities services public facilities layout plan of housing blocks and public facilitie layout of housing layout of roads and streets planning of street layout of house roads streets playground parks spice park scape land landscape 13. british planning practices in india and pakist 11. town planning during mughal period in india an its effect on growth of town planning from the 17 10.the industrial revolution 8. medival planning medival roman civilization room roman 7. ancient roman greek 6. ancient greek civilization 5. mohen jo daro 4. mesopotamia 3. ancient egypt 1. introduction to history of urban planning what is communication and types and and principles notes of communication skills and report writting communication skills report writting presentation on pre fabricated construction system pre febricated prefebricated building mobile homes portfolio of construction technology construction technology flood rainfall windstrom disaster managment 19. disaster managemnet design for earthquake 18. design of earthquake resistant buildings resistant building 17. environmental and safety consideration and cho types of material environmental safety choice of materials envirnoment safety environmental and safety consideration types of wallpaper 16. finshing material paints wallpapers plasters wallpaper fishing material types of plaster painting reinforced concret cement types of foundations rcc foundation 15. introduction to rcc and foundation building security 13. insulation and fire protection firefire protection insulation pipe 12. plumbing gas poin pipe leakage plumbing gas electricity electriciy semi home mobile house febricated 11. pre febricated construction system types of home building bonding workshop 10. brick work &amp 9. introduction to site preparation prepration setting of site presentation site preparation site site visit lintel floor window 8. door 7. building components 5. pre stressed &amp pre-cast members 4. concrete and building block 3. lime cement sand 2. intro to construction material 1. intro to construction technology 19.economic development theories 18.economic resources of_pakistan 17.equality and equity 16.terms used in_economics_viz_demand_and_supply_ 15.basic concepts of_economics_types_and_functions 14.household income dependency_ratio_and_employmen 13.social institutions in_urban_planning 10.significance of family_house_hold 9.social processes and_social_change 8.formal and informal_association 7.urban society behavior_and_personality 5.prejudices_taboos_and_collective_behavior_3_ 4.social_control social media 3.social_and_cultural_values social 2.social_group_and_its_nature social group 1.what is socio economics architectural design for planners q-5: write short note on: 1) laundry areas 2) type islamic notes muet pre-conditions of prayer introduction ی لت benefits and impacts of prayer prayer importance of prayer obligations of prayer levels and elements of planning land use planning theory of sir patrick geddes functions of professional planner principles of planning importance of urban planning 2. definition of introduction to planning itp new trends in planning elobrations 4. terms used in planning and their de . land use planning theory of le coubiser land use planning theory of c.a doxiadis land use planning theory of sir ebnezir howard justifications for planning geogrphical topographical and climatic land use planning theory of frank loyd wright 1. introduction to subject itp 2. definition of in aims and objectives of urban planning land use planning theory of lewis mumford patrick geddes portfolio introduction to planning crp muet lewis mumford what is planning
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