The Persuasive Writing Pack


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The Persuasive Writing Pack offers teaching resources, activity sheets and display materials to help your children to develop their persuasive writing skills.

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The Persuasive Writing Pack

  1. 1. Images: © ThinkStock © We use persuasive writing to share our point of view with others. We want the reader to agree with us!
  2. 2. Letters in a newspaper Fliers posted through a letterbox Shopping catalogues TV, radio and Internet adverts Holiday brochures Billboards and posters Book blurbs Articles in a magazine Movie trailers Images: © ThinkStock © Lots of different types of writing and media try to persuade us. Here are some examples:
  3. 3. Introduction Write a statement that explains the case that you want to argue. Point 1 State your first point and add further details, explanations, evidence and examples (this is called elaboration). Point 2 State your next point and add some elaboration. Point 3 State your final point and don’t forget the elaboration. Conclusion Remind the reader of your argument and review your points. What do you want to the reader to do now? Here is one way that you could organise your persuasive writing: Images: © ThinkStock © You may only have one or two points to explain... or you might have even more! Remember to be positive and tell everyone why you are right!
  4. 4. Point Elaboration Write a sentence (or two) to explain your point clearly. Add more details to explain what you mean. Use facts (evidence) and opinions to give your reasons. Give examples (use For example or For instance). Images: © ThinkStock © When you are writing your points, don’t forget add elaboration to each one!
  5. 5. Images: © ThinkStock© people to spend their money on these items? How would you
  6. 6. Images: © ThinkStock ©
  7. 7. Images: © ThinkStock ©
  8. 8. Images: © ThinkStock ©
  9. 9. Images: © ThinkStock© Cars should be banned at the weekend. Persuasive Situations
  10. 10. Images: © ThinkStock© Children should be paid for working at school. This forest should be cut down and the land should be used to build a new theme park.
  11. 11. I am writing to... Is it really worth... ? This needs to be dealt with... A friend of mine says... No-one but a complete idiot would believe that... We can do without this... Of course... It is disgraceful that... How unfair! Another thing... I believe that... How could we possibly... ? I hope that you agree... Do you want to be part of... ? An intelligent person like yourself...© How many of these words and phrases can you use in your writing?
  12. 12. Images: © ThinkStock © Investigate Incredible What are you waiting for? Book your dream holiday today! Enjoy the taste of authentic home-cooked Italian food. Explore the culture and heritage of our fascinating country. Relax by strolling along our beautiful golden beaches. Are you brave enough to climb Mount Vesuvius? Where the sun always shines!
  13. 13. Thank you for looking at this preview of our Persuasive Writing Pack. The full pack is available to download from Helen and Mark