Scotland the beautiful


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Scotland the beautiful

  1. 1. Scotland The land of wonders
  2. 2. Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom to the north of England.
  3. 3. Edinburgh is its capital.
  4. 4. Glasgow is its largest and busiest town.
  5. 5. Its symbol is a thistle. Its patronis St. Andrew. coat of arms of Scotland
  6. 6. At the beginning of the 6thcentury, Scotland was ruled byScottish kings and queens, butwas divided between differentgroups of people: the Picts andCelts, who were the oldestinhabitants, the Scots, whocame from Northern Ireland, theBritons, and the Angles.
  7. 7. Today Scotland is a part of the UnitedKingdom and is governed from London.
  8. 8. There is a special minister in theGovernment, the Secretary ofState for Scotland, who isresponsible for education, localgovernment and other importantmatters in Scotland.
  9. 9. Scotland occupies a vast territory of about 79,000 squarekilometres, but the population of Scotland is only five million people.
  10. 10. You are sure to enjoy the beauty of the ScottishYou are sure to enjoy the beauty of the varied landscapeScottish varied landscape
  11. 11. hills, covered with purple heather
  12. 12. its beautiful lakes
  13. 13. its green and narrow valleys
  14. 14. There are many rivers inScotland, but they are notlong. The longest and themost important Scottishriver is the Clyde.
  15. 15. The biggest and the most beautifullake in Scotland is Loch Lomond
  16. 16. The most famous one is Loch Ness with itsmysterious monster Nessie
  17. 17. One of the first things that peopleassociate with Scotland is the kilt. The kiltis only worn by men and it is a relic of thetime when the clan system existed inScottish Highlands.
  18. 18. The clan had its particular territory andwas governed by a chieftain. Eachclan had its own chequered pattern oftartan, which both men and womenwore. There are about 300 differentclans in Scotland, and each has itsown colour and pattern of tartantogether with the motto.
  19. 19. Scotland is a land of many famous people:writers and poets, scientists and philosophers Scotland is a land of many famous people: writers and poets, scientists and philosophers
  20. 20. Alexander Graham Bell, whoinvented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone
  21. 21. Sir Alexander Fleming, whodiscovered penicillin
  22. 22. Robert Bums- nationalScottish poet and others…
  23. 23. Tenisheva Vica, 8a