Scotland 2


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Scotland 2

  1. 1. INDEX1-Physical Description: 1.1 Situation 1.2 Climate 1.3 Inhabitants2-History3-Cuture: 3.1 Language (1st & 2nd) 3.2 Religion 3.3 Sports 3.4 Food 3.5 Music4-Famous people and places
  2. 2. 1- PHISICAL DESCRIPTIONScotland is known for its mountainous and beautifulscenery. Scotland has got a lot of rivers, mountains, lochs and atotal of 787 islands. Scotland is in many respects a very beautifulcountry.1.1 Situation Scotland is one of the four countries that forms the UK. Scotlandoccupies one third of Britain(78,772 square km.) The mainland isdivided into three zones: -The Uplands -The Lowlands -The Highlands The island portion is divided into three archipelagos:-The Hebrides-Orkney-Shetlands
  3. 3. 1.2 Climate The climate is temperate. Scotlands temperature is the lowest of Britain. Scotland is a cloudy and windy country all the year, and “The Highlands” is one of the wettest places in Europe.1.3 Inhabitants Scotland has a population of about 5,062,011 inhabitants. The majority of the population lives in Central Belt, a plain zone that includes cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  4. 4. 2-HISTORYThe history of Scotland begins with the end of the ice age, whenpeople began to live there. The written history begins with thearrival of the Roman Empire in Britain, when theRomans occupied the actual England and Wales. Thenorth wasn’t governed by the Romans, and Scotland wasn’t asdeveloped as other countries.Since the beginning of the eighth century until the thirteenthcentury the Celts were in charge of the Scottish crown. Becauseof its geographical location , they had closed ties in the south,the Baltic countries and the European continent, and its maritimetrade routes became big and strong.After the Industrial Revolution Scotland became one of thecommercial and industrial powers of Europe.
  5. 5. 3-CULTURE3.1 Languages The first language in Scotland is English, and the second is Scottish, followed by Scottish Gaelic. English is spoken mainly in the Lowlands.3.2 Religion In Scotland the prevailing religion is the Christianity, but not everyone professes a religion; a big part of the population is Catholic. There are also Jewish, Islamic and Hindu communities.
  6. 6. 3.3 SportsThe most popular sport is football. The most importantfootball teams in Scotland are Celtic Football Club andRangers Football Club.St. Andrews is internationally known as the "home of golf“,and for a lot of golfers of the Old Course, St Andrews is likea place of pilgrimage. There are many other famous golf coursesin Scotland.Rugby is also very popular in Scotland. The Scottish teamparticipates in the Six Nations tournament.
  7. 7. 3.4 FoodSome of the traditional meals of Scotland are theScotch broth (made with barley, meat and vegetables) and theporridge or meat cakes. The haggis is also considered the "Scottishnational meal“. The haggis is like a sausage but with lamb orvenison, and It is traditionally eaten during the "Burns Supper" on 25th January.
  8. 8. 3.5 MusicScotland is internationally known for its traditional music, and thebagpipe is the musical icon of Scotland.Many outsiders associate Scottishfolk music with the bagpipe, which has played an important part ofScottish music. The earliest mention of bagpipes in Scotland dates to the15th century although they could have been introduced to Scotland asearly as the 6thcentury.Folk music takes many forms in a broad musical tradition, althoughthe dividing-lines are not rigid, and many artists work out ofborders. Culturally, there is a division between the Gaelictradition and the Scots tradition. The oldest forms of music inScotland are the Gaelic singing and harp playing. Although much of theharp tradition was lost , the harp is being revived by contemporaryplayers. Later, bagpipe appeared on the scene. The original music of theBagpipe is called Piobaireachd; the classical music of the bagpipe.
  9. 9. 4-FAMOUS PEOPLE AND PLACESThe most famous places in Scotland are:-Glasgow: The Science Exhibition & tower, Kelvingrove artgallery and museum, Glasgow cathedral and Provandslordship...-Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle,Royal , Palace of Holyrood,Holyrood Park…-Perth-Stirling: Stirling Castle, Argylls Lodging, The Jail...Famous people of Scotland:Scotland has given rise to many famous people, notable in the arts,literature, the sciences and as inventors, philosophers, andarchitects . Current Scottish celebrities:-Tilda Swinton-Gerard Butler-Ewan McGregor-Sean ConneryAnd more...