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Hello to everybody!!!


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Published in: Education
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Hello to everybody!!!

  1. 1. Hello to everybody!!!Now you`re gonna see a kind of myself presentation!
  2. 2. Information about me! As you know I am a student of school 622 and my name is Andrew . I think it is no use writing the name of the city where I live, because it`s easy to guess. So let`s continue!
  3. 3. My family! My family is quite big and consists of my parents, my cat, my brother and of me. We are very friendly and kind to almost anyone!!!
  4. 4. My lifestyle!!! I think that activities and lifestyle are part and parcel of our life. As for me, I do a lot of courses and music classes outside school. For instance, I am learning Spanish and have guitar lessons! Also I am trying to be fit and I go to the gym!
  5. 5. My free time! I often spend my spare time with my friends. We go for the walk, sit and chat in the café or go to the theatre.
  6. 6. My future plans! In future I’d like to graduate from a sort of technical univercity and I hope I will be succesful in my life. My dream is that one day I will find myself lazing on the beach, soaking up the sun on my own tropical island!!!
  7. 7. Thanks for watching!!!