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The Seven Sins

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The Seven Sins

  1. 1. Stephen Webster The Seven Deadly Sins collection By Alexander Maximenko
  2. 2. Stephen Webster Stephen Webster, 47, is one of the leading British jewellery designers. He designed Madonna's wedding rings, and other clients include Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone, Axl Rose, Carl Barat and Ozzy Osbourne. This year, he celebrates 30 years in the business.
  3. 3. Stephen Webster has extended the The Seven Deadly Sins collection to include seven silver and gilt pendants at more affordable prices than the limitited editions rings launched last year. Look all seven pendants and you will see that in Webster's hands, sinning looks like good fun. In case you are not acquainted with them, the original sins are Greed, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Pride, Wrath and Gluttony.  
  4. 4. The Catholic doctrine of fear imposed by Seven Deadly sins was appropriated by artists and has since been pop-culturalised into paint, pencil, film, words, music, and jewellery. Artists have used the sins to moralise, to rationalise and to propagandise but none has offered quite so ironic an interpretation as jewellery designer Stephen Webster.
  5. 5. PRIDE – purple gem, surrounded by a ruff of peacock feathers. Blue Titanium Ring, set with  White Diamonds, Pink Sapphires and Amethyst. PRIDE
  6. 6. ENVY – The green eye of envy is all seeing. 18ct White Gold Ring, pave set with Black and  White Diamonds, Tsavorites and Green Tourmaline. Envy is a representation of the green eyed monster lurking under a lush green stone.  ENVY
  7. 7. WRATH – Red rage is offered in a guise by the hand that provokes the spark. 18ct Rose Gold  Ring, set with White Diamonds, Rubies and Red Garnet. Wrath shows a woman's hands complete with a red manicured finger nails clutching a  heart. WRATH
  8. 8. SLOTH – A plush pink pillow of passivity absorbs wasted talents and gifts. 18ct Yellow Gold  Ring, pave set with White Diamonds, Blue Topaz and Enamel Inlay. Sloth places an lazy blue stone on a plush red cushion. SLOTH
  9. 9. GREED – For the love of money is the root of all evil. 18ct Yellow Gold Ring, pave set with  White Diamonds. Greed is represented by golden coins and a blingy large 'diamond'.  GREED
  10. 10. GLUTTONY – In its gaping glory the gargantuan mouth remains unsatisfied. 18ct White Gold  Ring, pave set with Rubies, White Agate Inlay and Fire Opal. Gluttony are wide-open cherry red bejewelled lips with glossy white teeth just waiting to  chomp up anything tasty. GLUTTONY
  11. 11. LUST – A desire that burns, inciting desperate hands to grasp gratuitously. 18ct White Gold  Ring, pave set with White Diamonds and Tanzanite. Writhing legs in stockings and arms suggest hanky panky in the Lust ring LUST
  12. 12. In dreaming up this decadent set of rings, Webster says: "In the context of the 21st century, the seven deadly sins may not be admirable but are no longer considered punishable by death. And whilst everyone knows what each of the sins represent, not everyone knows the individual punishments administered in hell by the old devil himself..."

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