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Prezentacja na Mini Summit on Media Art Policy and Practice

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Prezentacja na Mini Summit on Media Art Policy and Practice

  1. 1. Hello! My name is Alek
  2. 2. “The Ramones” by jikamajoja, CC BYNCSA (
  3. 3. “Napolean III Grand Salon” by Robert C, CC BYNCND (
  4. 4. Photo by Jeż Węgierski, CC BY (
  5. 5. the flow From places to people / relations “Flow” by Steve Wampler, CC BYNC (
  6. 6. “25 Chlodna” by Henrik Moltke, CC BYNC (
  7. 7. “Revolution Studios, Sydney” by Foraggio Fotographic, CC BYND (
  8. 8. the archive From ephemeral to archival “Rick Prelinger and the Archive, San Francisco, CA 2.jpg” by gruntzooki, CC BYSA (
  9. 9. “Krakow Wawel 20070804 0930.jpg” by Jakub Hałun, CC BYSA (
  10. 10. “KWMP Rabka 001 2008.jpg” by Lilly M, CC BYSA (
  11. 11. the annotated work From property to common good “Annotate a Text 8” by mrfisherclass, CC BYNCSA (
  12. 12. “Media kindergarten” by Alek Tarkowski, CC BYSA
  13. 13. “Zion's drawing 3-29-07” by Yelnoc, CC BYNCSA (
  14. 14. the hacker From passivity to creativity “Telephonica, Madrid” by psd, CC BY (
  15. 15. Let's go! All images under varying Creative Commons licenses. (Ride bicycles!) (Grow plants!) (Bake bread!)