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  • Two dimensional matrix bar codes Can hold up to 4000 charactersDeveloped by Toyota in 1994 to track and inventory their carsCan be any color that is readable (QR Stuff.com has a range of colors, but does not include white.Success depends on capability of the handheld device that reads it.
  • Demo with green QR code.
  • Demo making a QR code with UNK’s email address.
  • Learning 4 Life

    1. Learning4Life:<br />Use Web 2.0 tools and other technologies to differentiate instruction while addressing the Learning4Life AASL 21st Century Learning standards.<br />
    2. Presenters:<br />Dr. Sherry Crow<br />University of Nebraska at Kearney Assistant Professor School of Library Science/Educational Media<br />Nebraska Library Commissioner<br />NEMA Board Member<br />Judy Henning<br />Kearney Public Schools Director of School Library/Media Services<br />Kearney High School Librarian Media<br />NEMA Learning4Life Coach<br />
    3. Web 2.0 Wallwisher:<br />Go to the Wallwisher at the following URL to post discussion questions to be addressed at the end of the presentation:<br />http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/nlaNEMAwall<br />
    4. L4L & Differentiated Instruction:<br />History<br />Benjamin Bloom, educational psychologist<br />Get beyond the knowledge and understanding base to the higher levels of thinking.<br />Individualized instruction is differentiated instruction.<br />Schools are no longer judged by what <br /> put into the educational system, but<br /> by the output in the form of<br /> STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT!<br />
    5. ALL Students Can Learn:<br />Through educational technology, educators can design lessons that are engaging for the visual, audio and kinesthetic learning styles so all students can learn. . .<br /> But technology is only a tool in <br /> the educational process.<br />
    6. Web 2.0 Tool Xtranormal:<br />Differentiate Instruction with Xtranormal<br />http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/11174304/learning-4-life?page=1?listtype=SERIES<br />
    7. Web 2.0 Tool Show Me:<br />Differentiate Instruction with Show Me<br />Link here Show Me on AASL 21st Century Learning Standards, Empowering Learners, 21st Century Learning Standards in Action. I will do tomorrow; <br />I need a stylist to have better handwriting.<br />
    8. Using QR Codes for Differentiating Instruction:<br />What are QR codes?<br />How do you open them?<br />How do you create them?<br />Educational uses for QR codes<br />
    9. What are QR codes?<br />QR stands for:<br />Quite Reasonable<br />Questions Raised<br />Quick Response<br />Queensland Rail<br />
    10. How do you open them?<br />Needs a device that scans them into an app that can read them.<br />Most smartphones<br />QR Reader app (usually free; download from app store)<br />Can be used with a scanner to a computer with loaded software.<br />
    11. How do you create them?<br />Go to a QR code generator<br />http://www.qrstuff.com/<br />Follow directions<br />
    12. Educational uses for QR codes<br />Website with lots of applications:<br />http://livebinders.com/play/play/51894<br />Pennsylvania school doing lots of QR Code use:<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayW032sKtj8<br />(by Laura Jacobs and Allison Burke, McGuffey School District, Permission for showing this video has been granted)<br />Ease of use for young students:<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSA3YsBy_pU&feature=related<br />(Recorded on March 29, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. Permission for showing this video has been granted)<br />
    13. Closer to home. . .<br />Kearney High School scavenger hunt in celebration of <br /> 2011 Technology Week:<br />
    14. Differentiated Instruction:<br />When differentiating instruction, allow students the CHOICE of which Web 2.0 tools to use.<br />Use Tech Tac Toe Choice Board of secondary open source application (posted handout).<br />; <br />
    15. Examples of projects:<br />Wallwisher<br />Animoto: http://animoto.com/play/U75lrFy10slZ7pFmcAHVCw<br />Prezi: http://prezi.com/zluerana3zyh/differentiated-learning-in-math/<br />Xtranormal<br />Poll Everywhere or Survey Monkey<br />
    16. Examples of Wordle & Tagxedo:<br />
    17. Sample MakeBeliefsComix:<br />
    18. Sample of Juxio Poster:<br />
    19. El abuelo<br />La abuela<br />La tía<br />El tío<br />El tío<br />La tía<br />El abuelo<br />La tía<br />La abuela<br />El primo<br />La prima<br />El primo<br />El tío<br />El tío<br />La tía<br />La tía<br />La prima<br />El primo<br />La prima<br />El primo<br />La prima<br />La madre<br />El padre<br />La prima<br />La prima<br />El primo<br />La prima<br />El hermano<br />Yo<br />Sample My Heritage<br />
    20. Wallwisher Discussion Questions<br />