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World War One: Continuations and Beginnings


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Presentation given at the JISC WW1 Strategic Roundtable Meeting. 7/3/2012

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World War One: Continuations and Beginnings

  1. 1. To create innovative Open Educational Resources around WW1relevant across disciplines for embedding in teaching and learningusing a range of content pertaining to WW1 (both UK andinternational). This single project will support the following activities:a. The creation of a suite of learning and teaching resources that provide an international, cross-disciplinary reappraisal of WW1 using digital content which will subsequently be brought together and presented as OERsb. The embedding of the OERs in teaching and learning practicec. The capturing and sharing of "lessons learned" in the developing andembedding the OERs
  2. 2. The Origins of World War | Open Yale Courses | France Since1871 | Lecture 13 (">) by Professor John Merriman. Licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA (
  3. 3. Y.M.C.A. Eagle Hut I Flickr Commons ( n/photostream>) by The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library licensed Public Domain ( archives/research)Library of Congress WW1 Posters( A French map of Reconstructed Europe published in 1916/item/99613545/>) licensed as Public Domain ( urope_1918.jpg">) by University of Texas Libraries. Licensed as Public Domainml) ( . Eastern scene by the roadside | Flickr Commons (">) by The National Library of Scotland licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA (
  4. 4. Kindliche Gedichte und Reime vom Geschwisterpaar Koepke, 1914 ( via Europeana 1914-1918, licenced as CC-BY ( War One diary and letters of Joseph CecilThompson, Stretcher bearer, Gallipoli | A set onFlickr(>) by EllenThompson licensed as CC-BY(
  5. 5. Local Memorial Finder
  6. 6. @Arras95 9th April 2012
  7. 7. @WW1C