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Bridging STEM to STEAM in the Academic Library


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A presentation at the science librarians orientation, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting 2013, Boston, MA:
the DeLaMare Science & Energy Library is actively working to dissolve traditional institutional boundaries in the library between the sciences, art, and engineering; transitioning from traditional STEM support, we’re building up STEAM in the library. This presentation offers rationale, along with a brief presentation of work being done to leverage the "unreasonable effectiveness" of recently introduced 3D printing and scanning services to meet needs of students and faculty across the sciences, engineering, and art.

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Bridging STEM to STEAM in the Academic Library

  1. 1. Bridgingtoin the Academic Library. Presentation by Tod Colegrove, Ph.D., MSLIS Head of DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library, University of Nevada, Reno Science Librarians Orientation American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, Boston, MA February 16, 2013
  2. 2. It’s Image credit: retrieved 2/2013 from; remix of artwork on previous slide
  3. 3. Is there a disconnect? Image credit: retrieved 2/2013 from
  4. 4. A Recent Study of Nobel Laureates1,2Found They Are:• twenty-five times as likely as average scientist to sing, dance, or act;• seventeen times as likely to be an artist;• twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature;• eight times more likely to do woodworking or some other craft;• four times as likely to be a musician;• and twice as likely to be a photographer.Many connect their art with their scientific creativity. 1The Art of Scientific and Technological Innovations, retrieved 2/15/2013 from 2Arts Foster Scientific Success – Psychology Today, retrieved 2/15/2013 from
  5. 5. As seen through the xkcd lens: Retrieved 2/2013 from
  6. 6. work at the intersection. Image credit: retrieved 2/2013 from
  7. 7. the library can become Image credit: retrieved 2/2013 from
  8. 8. Bridge!Silos Image credit: retrieved 2/2013 from
  9. 9. We started by painting the walls: whiteboard paint: Photo by Tod Colegrove:
  10. 10. Photo by Tod Colegrove:
  11. 11. Even a whiteboard wall contest:
  12. 12. Added 3D printing/scanning supports rapid prototyping extrusion method ABS plastic + PLA support materials Lye bath to remove support material once completePhoto by Nick Crowl: Right 2 Photos by Will Kurt
  13. 13. with two printer “flavors”:Stratasys uPrint SE plus: July 2012 arrival3DTouch: May 2012 arrival Photos by Nick Crowl:
  14. 14. but it’s not about the 3D printer.introducing a few of our members…
  15. 15. Chris, computer science + engineering“I like the networking portion and getting people from other backgroundstogether. You get your average engineering types, but it’s also nice to see thebiologists and the artists coming in here. It allows us to break out of the boxand cross-pollinate in ways we normally can’t.”
  16. 16. Ben King, faculty: chemistry “one of the very hard things about teaching chemistry is explaining that molecules have shape. This basically removes that obstacle ... so it will change how we teach chemistry and how we look at molecules on a daily basis. Its also just plain fun."Photo by Tod Colegrove: Photo of King by Jason Hildago from Engadget:
  17. 17. Doug, engineering + art major
  18. 18. Pavel Solin, faculty: applied mathematics Online STEM lab: from: PLaSM
  19. 19. Nick, social work + photographerPhoto by Nick Crowl:
  20. 20. Creative abrasion. STEAM. Photos by Nick Crowl:
  21. 21. What’s happening in the library: Image credit: retrieved 2/2013 from
  22. 22. Added Lego mindstorm kits, arduino kits, AR drones, button maker, Makey makey kits, etc.Photos by Nick Crowl:
  23. 23. a hotbed of knowledge creation. Depiction of the Great Library of Alexandria by Raphael. Retrieved from: