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The is the PPT for the talk that I gave on "Gamifiying your Blog" on how gamification can help increase user engagement and improve user experience on the blog at WordCamp Pune

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  • Gamify your Blog

    1. 1. • Thanks for your attendancesome bullets
    2. 2. Gamify your Blog By Sumit Gupta Blogpreneur at Homeforgeeks @sumonigupta
    3. 3. That 2 way communication is the best and most effectiveI believe way to communicate and share information so keep the questions and answers coming
    4. 4. What is Gamification • Simply put, gamification makes user experiences more fun • In more jargon terms, gamification is the use of game mechanics and design principles to increase user engagement and build customer loyalty on and offline
    5. 5. What is Gamification {Contd}• No, Gamification is not converting your business into a game model.• Gamification is about Leveraging user’s desire to compete and achieve• In Gamification everybody is winner be it end user or webmaster
    6. 6. Lets Play a“Contest”
    7. 7. Rules• 3 questions, best answer gets 10 points, runner up gets 7 points and 2nd runner up gets 5 points• After 3 questions, one with maximum points gets some surprise prize.• The result would be final and binding, no changes would be made• Lets start then.
    8. 8. 1 Question st• Consider an contest going on a blog with prize to meet Sunny leone, the diva was the most searched bollywood actress of 2012, all you need to do is write a comment about her beauty in 100 words• Time: 60 secs
    9. 9. 2 nd Question• The so called “pony tail” Management guru, founder of hai-hai PM, recently in a TV interview opposed couple of bloggers and atlast said that blogger community should be hanged, so here’s an Image you need to caption and funniest one gets 10 points• Time Frame: 30 Secs
    10. 10. 3 Question rd• This is somewhat simple, you need to write 2 sentence describing why WordPress is better then other CMS like Drupal and Joomla, Best answer gets 10 points• Time:1 Mins
    11. 11. And the Winner is“Gamification”
    12. 12. Obser vat i on f r om t hi s cont est• Did you observe that I did not call this as “Game”• Everybody is winner in this, leader gets highest prize• Feedback was realtime• Leaderboards• We leveraged user’s greed to win something to our benefit
    13. 13. • Points • Badges • LevelsGamification • Leaderboards Elements • Virtual Goods • Social Single Sign-on • Rewards
    14. 14. • This basicallyPoints means awarding users with some amount of points or coins if the user complete’s a given task.
    15. 15. • Badges act as distinctive tokenBadges or emblem to showcase the rank of the user • Badges are among the most visible elements of gamification
    16. 16. • Levels show a user how far they have come and serve as aLevels social status marker to all other participants in a community. • They act as a feedback in realtime and motivates user to get more
    17. 17. • Leaderboards let usersLeaderBoard see their competition and where they rank amongst other users. • This mechanic plays to the competitive nature of users and drives them to earn more and move up the ranks.
    18. 18. • The exchange andVirtual Goods/ consumption of virtual Currency goods and services using virtual currency and loyalty points. • Each user can have virtual goods of there choice
    19. 19. • This is one of theSingle Social important feature to Signon have in gamification • This would mean adding multiple signin option like Facbook, Twitter and G+
    20. 20. • This element deals withRewards and the awards to be given Prizes to winners of Gamification • Creators of virtual economies create the scenarios in which users will be given awards.
    21. 21. Rules Of Gamification• Again, we are not making a game rather we are taking the gaming concept and implementing it on our site• Know your goals/aim• Monitization may sound great initially but its advisable to monitize the site after some time.• Make it personal• Gamification is a process not a project
    22. 22. Why should we “Game”ify •The sole aim of adding gamification on the site is to increase user engagement Engagement •Engagement basically means increase in timeand Influence spent on the site, frequency of visit, page views and conversions
    23. 23. Why should we “Game”ify Loyalty •Returning Visitors
    24. 24. Why should we “Game”ify In a report published by Nielsen, Gamification has helped increase the social Virality traffic by 90% So More Social Traffic=More Virality.
    25. 25. Why should we “Game”ify •One of the important factor which would decide If adding Gamfication is worth it or notRevenue As discussed earlier, Gamification does increase user engagement hereby chances of clicking the ads is more
    26. 26. Why should we “Game”ify •It’s a proven fact that more the user engagement more the chances that blog being classsified into Quality Blogs SEO •More User Engagement= Less bounce rate, Less Bounce Rate=Higher SE Ranking.
    27. 27. Gamification Platforms •CubePointsOpen Source •Inferuser
    28. 28. Gamification Platforms •BigDoorFreemium •PunchTab •Janrain
    29. 29. Gamification Platforms •Gigya{Market leader} •iActionablePremium •Bunchball •Badgeville
    30. 30. Implementation• (Using either Bigdoor or Punchtab)
    31. 31. Successful Implementation of Gamification••
    32. 32. People to follow on GamificationGabe Keith Smith Rajat Paharia @gzichermZichermann @ChiefDoorman @rajatrocks Chairman of Co-Founder and Founder at Gsummit CEO of @BigDoor Bunchball
    33. 33. Finalification •So we simplified the word “Gamification”Gamification •Talked about why we Pawned should “Gamify” our blog •Best Gamification platforms and Experts
    34. 34. Connectify • • • • •
    35. 35. 2 Mins Silencefor hyderabad bomb last casualties
    36. 36. Thanks for your co-operation Q&A