D2C Marketing Presentation


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Key considerations for using digital marketing analytics to understand consumer behavior and decision making.

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D2C Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Deepening Consumer Relationships A Guide to D2C Success Funnels
  2. 2. Decisions Driving Consumers:D2C Conversion Funnel: Consumer Payoffs• Interest • Social• Fun • Gaming• Engagement • Viral• Value • Monetize
  3. 3. Interest• Consumers become aware of the game and make a snap decision of whether or not to pursue exploring and testing the game.• Zero Moment Of Truth – if they landed as a result of some other digital medium. Can I play Is it immediately? recommended? Is This Right For Me? How does this Is it easy to compare to use? others? Does it look fun?
  4. 4. Fun• Consumers are now playing the game and have committed their time to it.• A critical component for consumer retention is Account creation; this establishes the customer’s identity and fuels everything from payments to cross-promotions.• This is the First moment of truth (shelf). Do I trust it enough Is it fun and to register? interesting? Will I Spend My Time and Register My Identity? Is there enough Are my friends using room to explore and it? get sucked in?
  5. 5. Engagement• Consumers are now playing the game regularly and have committed their identity to it.• A critical component for consumer retention at this phase is the platform for community and incentive to “check-in”.• The decision to pay is next, so it’s key for consumers to see an added value in some way.• Second Moment of Truth (Experience) What am I missing out on if I don’t pay? Does it change daily Will I Stick With It? What happens if I don’t What are my friends log in? doing?
  6. 6. Value• Now paying for the game, consumers are compelled and motivated to encourage their friends to play as well.• The game is more of a service than a product, and add-ons and in-game purchases strengthen the reward-loop.• Players create ZMOTs and interest in new users. Why should I continue to What am I getting for my pay and play money? Will I Invest My Time and Money? I feel compelled to keep Is it secure? playing!
  7. 7. Decisions Driving Post-Launch Optimization: D2C Conversion Funnel: Payoffs• Social • Awareness• Gaming • Acquire• Viral • Retain• Monetize • Monetize
  8. 8. Decision Making Process
  9. 9. Awareness• What’s going to get consumers landing to the homepage?• Paid vs. Organic• Is it Downloadable Content from a PG?• This part of the relationship is all about attraction. What will gamers love? What ZMOTs for extends New Users gameplay? Ads & What will get Product them signed Placement up? Average Click-through minutes rate Played Page Views
  10. 10. Acquire• This part of the relationship is all about getting a second date – how will you compel your users to stick around.• Even if they’re playing for free, they are spending their time playing instead of doing something else. Is this fun? What might Social Media go wrong Blasts with the service? Does this SEM/SEO enhance the Targets PG? Personal Sign-up Page Experience Bounce Rate Factor New Registered Users
  11. 11. Engagement• Retention is a critical phase of the conversion funnel.• It’s time to ask the RIGHT questions?• Choose actionable metrics that allow for makeovers.• Use the right tools and visualizations that get meaning from your data. Is this addictive Is there a Service Biz community Model for users? Are more or Live Team less showing up? PG Users Percentage of Comparative Return Users Metrics Daily Average User Metrics
  12. 12. Monetize• Continue optimizing the game and provide value for players.• Become a service that is individualized to users.• Aim for the Whales and convert the Minnows• Reiterate the process while managing post-release optimization. What percentage are Continue spending? How much Service Biz are they Model spending? Which type Compulsion of players are Loop Analysis spending? Number of Average Whales / Lifetime Minnows Average Value Revenue Per Paying User Metrics