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SkillPod Media Casual and Social Games Platform


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The SkillPod Media casual and social games platform, offers publishers a turnkey gaming offering, with multiple templates to choose from, localisation, premium game content and social interaction.

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SkillPod Media Casual and Social Games Platform

  1. 1. IntroductionWhat do we do?• We develop & provide gaming platforms & games services to publishers.What do we offer?• Fully managed online, social & mobile games platform.• White Label to suite publishers brand.• Revenue share from multiple income streams.• Localization of site and game content.How are revenues earned?• Micro transactions, adver-games, site & game sponsorship, site taker-overs, display advertising & pre-roll video ads.Commercial Terms:• Once-off setup fee’s and set monthly fee or;• Revenue sharing from advertising and micro transactions.
  2. 2. Company Overview• SkillPod Media focused on the development of online and mobile gaming platforms and solutions.• Key highlights – Highly scalable, feature rich, highly interactive, online and mobile games platforms (B2B) • Various delivery mechanisms – XML, White Label, Facebook, Custom Solutions. – Catalogue of online and mobile games – across all genres • Source code to 550+ = localise, reskin, translate, convert to mobile, etc – Featured Products: • Online and Social Games Platform – premium offering • Mobile Skill Games Platform • GameZBoost – self service casual games platform • Cross platform content delivery • Freemium games content• Deployments in: Netherlands, South Africa, Belgium, UAE, India, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Spain, US, Croatia, etc. Expansion plans for China, Russia, Brazil, Australia.• Founded in 2007 by CEO Mark van Diggelen; a skilled team with > 50 years relevant experience; based in Centurion, South Africa• Major shareholders include Mark van Diggelen (founder, CEO and majority shareholder) and Convergence Partners (a leading strategic, active TMT investor)
  3. 3. Platform OverviewPlatform OverviewPlatform OverviewPlatform Overview
  4. 4. BenefitsBenefits:• It’s an extension of your primary brand• Increases brand awareness• Increased user loyalty, high retention rates• Increased traffic = increased ad revenues• Fully managed solution• Localisation of content• User support managed by SkillPod• Trial period offered: • Review performance & metrics during this period • Tweak offering to demographics • Test & review special promos performance• Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, monitored 24/7/365• Live revenue / income reports• Payments made directly to your bank account Our Solution = Zero Risk to You
  5. 5. Metrics User Trends: • Month on month increase in traffic • Page views per user: 5.19Typical User Growth • Ad Impressions per user: 15.57 • Average time on site: 9min34secs • User retention rates: 76.12% • Guest 2 Registered Conversion Rate: 8 to 11% Demographics: • 60% Female, 89% aged above 30 • Primarily playing at work Revenue Streams: • 20% to 30% Advertising, incl. Pre-roll video • 50% from micro transactions • 20% from offers e.g. Trialpay, Tapjoy • Average spend between $1 & $5 per purchase
  6. 6. Income Streams • Avatar Pimping • Power-ups Micro • Virtual Gifts Transactions • Tournaments Online • PayPal • In-game • MoneybookersTop-ups / • Trialpay purchases Mobile • PlaySpan / Visa.comTop- • Facebook Credits • Google Checkout Social • iTunes • Banner Campaigns • Pre-roll Video Advertising • Site Takeovers • Sponsorship • Adver Games 62% of users actively use their Pod accounts
  7. 7. Online Platform - Key FeaturesPlatform Features:• Full game selection & control Publishers: • Deployment Features:• Set featured content • XML Feed Solution• Facebook Connect & OpenID • Select from 4 layouts / themes• Friends management • Create custom layout / design• Score logging + leaderboards • Translate site content• Challenge friends • Payment gateway integration• Tournaments platform • SSO integration• Player profile pages: • % of revenue • Fav games • Full backend management • Top scores functionality • Friends • Pod transactions • Social media features Games Content:• Game info pages • SkillPod casual games• Virtual Currency – Pods • BigPoint 3D multiplayer games• Rate games & players • Gamepoint tournament games• Avatar creation tool • API’s available for 3rd party game• Advertorial & News developers• PlaySpan Payment Integration
  8. 8. Online Platform – Template Examples
  9. 9. Facebook Platform - Key Features• Virtual Currency (Pods) Engine• Purchasing through Facebook Credits• Avatar Builder• Featured games and tournaments• High score boards + Twitter posts• Rewards & Recognition• Game Challenges• Tournaments and Prize Engine• Most Popular Games, Top Players, Most Active• Friends & Messaging• Post scores to Users Wall• Detailed Player Profile Pages• Live Tournament Leaderboards• Game and Player Management• Extensive Reporting• Full translation of site elements
  10. 10. Social Interaction - Users• Facebook Connect for user registration• Posting of scores to Twitter• Inviting Facebook friends• Challenging Friends• Creating Contests• Social Rank – total friends score per game• Social Sharing – posting to social networks• Live Chat• Friends Messaging• Sending Virtual Gifts• Multiplayer Games• Invite Friends• Your Friends Scores• Customise games and share with friends
  11. 11. Recap• Fully managed solution• Fully branded and localised• Proven and stable platform• Limited impact on publishers existing CMS / platforms• Multiple game content sources, a single user interface• Little to no tech skills required by customers• New revenue earning opportunities• Significant increase in advertising inventory• Increased brand awareness• Proven user acquisition and retention medium• Platform focus = shared risk and upside revenue