Gamification at SharePoint Saturday Belgium


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An overview about the concept of gamification and how it can be used in information portals built on the SharePoint platform.

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  • Gamification at SharePoint Saturday Belgium

    1. 1. From zero to herowith Gamification#spsbeJussi Mori@JussiMori
    2. 2. Thanks to ourSponsorsPlatinumGoldSilver
    3. 3. About me • Co-Founder of Peaches Industries CorporationWeb:• Find us on• Finnish + Swiss SharePoint geek• Information worker productivity• Public speaker and author• Fly fisher and gamer• More at
    4. 4. Sessiontopics• The challenges of End-userengagement• What’s this Gamification all about• From zero to hero withGamification
    5. 5. Thechallenges ofEnd-userengagementBusiness related problems• SharePoint adoption issues, like slowonboarding and challenges in usability• Weak usage of taxonomy• Poor or false collaboration• Late or no insight of the true value ofSharePoint• Change in the way of work needs time andenergy• It’s hard to measure End-User productivity
    6. 6. Thechallenges ofEnd-userengagementLet’s have a look at some numbersCustomers:• 54% are inactive in loyalty programs• 69% don’t use online communitiesEmployees:• 50% don’t fully adopt to enterprise software• 88% don’t use social enterprise softwareSource: Gartner
    7. 7. Thechallenges ofEnd-userengagementSome common problems with SharePoint portals• High bounce rates: Users have a look and do notreturn to the site• Low adoption: Users rarely visit and use the sites• Differentiation: All sites look the same -> Boring• Too few or negative referrals: People do not talkabout the sites or give negative feedback• No click-throughs: Users do not react to e-mailswhich contain “Deep links”Source:
    8. 8. Thechallenges ofEnd-userengagementSo what’s the mother of all challenges in SharePointEnd-User adoption?To help users to be and stay the most productiveand engaged as possible once they start to useSharePoint!
    9. 9. Thechallenges ofEnd-userengagementThe Technology acceptance modelExternalvariablesPerceivedusefulnessSimpleTo usePersonalattitudeIntentionto useActualsystem useThe Gamification influence point!Source: Technology Acceptance Mocel (TAM) by Fred Davis 1985
    10. 10. Thechallenges ofEnd-userengagementSo how can we engage our users to be asproductive as possible?Let’s talk about Gamification!Source:
    11. 11. What isgamificationall about• What is Gamification?• The SAPS principle• Hyper available feedback loops• The FLOW state• Smooth onboarding
    12. 12. What isgamificationall aboutWell it doesn’t mean that you can play Skyrim during officehours! 
    13. 13. What isgamificationall aboutIn short words:Gamification is the use of game elements and gamemechanics within a non game environment to drive usermotivation!Gamification can have a positive effect on the End Usersattitude towards a system by:• Helping in raising the attention on the work at hand• Helping to solve problems collaboratively• Helping to get things done in a fun wayPeople like to have fun!That’s also the reason why FarmVille has more active
    14. 14. What isgamificationall aboutOr in the words of Bunchball, a Gamificationplatform provider:“The addition of game mechanics to a site orapplication, allows you to layer more compellinguser experiences into existing activities”“These gamified activities address and satisfy basichuman desires, creating the addictive experiencethat motivates users to take specific actions and toreturn more frequently”
    15. 15. These desires are universaland acrosscultures, genders, generations and demographics!What isgamificationall aboutWhy does this work?People have fundamental desires for:• Status• Reward• Achievement• Self-Expression• Competition• Altruism
    16. 16. What isgamificationall aboutWhy should I even consider thinking aboutGamification in my information portals andapplications?Some thoughts:• Because people love games! They are fun and keep us entertained.• Games can create FLOW in people which motivates us and we forgeteverything around us.• People actually do hours and hours of intensive work within games today• Games are a part of our culture since the dawn or our time.• Children learn the most effective way through play. Actually adults aswell!• Games connect people and we are social beings.• People play for: Mastery, destress, socializing and having fun!Source: Nintendo Super MarioPlay is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein
    17. 17. What isgamificationall aboutAnd now, does this really work?World class companies have introduced Gamification imperativesand have measured the following improvements on different userbehavior levels:• 500% increase in user comments and activity in the Intranet• 140% increase time on site• 600% gain in shop clicks• 2000% surge in social sales• 60% increase in Employee engagement• 250% growth in training complianceSource: Five key engagement imperatives whitepaper by Badgeville
    18. 18. What isgamificationall aboutThe business value of GamificationWhen more people participate, you can…• improve collaboration• improve individual motivation• speed up learning process• improve system / content analytics• drive brand awarenessSource: Christian Buckley (@BuckleyPlanet) on Improving productivity and Gamification
    19. 19. What isgamificationall aboutThe SAPS rewarding principleS for Status: Bragging rights about a certain status.A for Access: Giving privileged access to users. Forinstance VIP lanes in nightclubs.P for Power: Giving “power” over other users in thesystem. For example forum moderation.S for Stuff: Tangible objects to win.Freebies, goodies, etc.
    20. 20. What isgamificationall aboutThe transparent and hyper available feedback loop• A player is always aware of the current progresswithin the game• A player is always aware of the next steps aheadand how to get there• A player always knows if she or he performs well• A player can use this information to bring his orher skills to the next “level”Source: Nintendo Super Mario
    21. 21. What isgamificationall aboutCreating FLOW, or being “in the zone”Achieving of FLOW – The players state betweenanxiety and boredom, meeting his own motivationallevel in that experience. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi a famouspsychology professor who studies happiness and creativity.
    22. 22. What isgamificationall aboutSome examples when being in a FLOW state• While driving a car during high traffic• While playing an exciting game• While fly fishing• While doing sports• While listening to music we love• Etc.When we are in a FLOW state, we are in the mostproductive state on the current task at hand!
    23. 23. What isgamificationall aboutIn FLOW state we…• focus and our senses are sharp and clear• do not feel at all self conscious• forget all worries and anxieties entirely• experience a sense of full control• feel time differently• find the current activity intrinsically rewarding• experience a merge of action and awarenessSource: “The FLOW theory”
    24. 24. What isgamificationall aboutThe “smooth onboarding” principle1. Action2. Reward3. Action4. Action5. Reward6. Join / Engage / Interact with the real world7. Invite friendsTutorials in games are a classic example for this principle!
    25. 25. From zero tohero withGamificationSource: Marvel comics Superman• Practical examples and use casesof Gamification• Gamification and SharePoint• Sample Gamification 3rd partyproducts for SharePoint
    26. 26. From zero tohero withGamificationUse case eLearning• Track and visualize earned skills of employees• Use hyper available feedback loop principle tovisualize and bring transparency to progress• Use leader boards for status and badges forreward• Give access to “advanced” content after reaching acertain level• Create tutorials for newbies (noobs), to learnabout company related information• Use avatars to express progress and allowindividualization
    27. 27. From zero tohero withGamificationUse case Project Management• Gamifiy time and task reporting for projectmembers• Give rewards for completed tasks / user stories /whole projects• Visualize project progress• Past, present, Future• My progress, team progress• Use hyper available feedback loop principle toboost project performance
    28. 28. From zero tohero withGamificationUse case Intranet user Engagement• Track and reward user activity in the Intranet• Give privileged access to “hot” company relatedcontent for engaged users• Create onboarding tutorials for new employees• Visualize employee effort throughout the intranet• Visualize corporate network and influence throughscore boards (e.g.)
    29. 29. From zero tohero withGamificationUse case Metadata• Status through metadata• Metadata Hero 30 percent of all documents uploaded have highquality metadata• Metadata Superhero All uploaded documents have high qualitymetadata• Metadata Rockstar Filled in all documents with metadata in ateamsite• Metadata Archaeology Sent feedback about term sets to theportal team• Metadata Flashmobber Termsets have been extended by theuser directly
    30. 30. From zero tohero withGamificationUse case MySite• Gather Intranet activity on the MySite andvisualize it• Visualize MySite completion in a progress bar• Visualize reputation of user (how many commentsand liked posts, endorsements, etc.)• Introduce company avatars and allowindividualization of them• Intranet activities might result in receivingcustomizations for company avatarsSource:
    31. 31. From zero tohero withGamificationSharePoint Social architectureUser Profile ServiceProfile DB (per service)ManagedmetadataContend DB(SiteCollection per user)People andtagfollowingUserprofileproperties# tags Feed postsSite anddocumentfollowingPersonalstoragespaceThere’s plenty of data to work with available!
    32. 32. From zero tohero withGamificationGamifcation in “out of the box”SharePoint• Reputation system in the Community site• Points per posted article (Standard 1 point)• Points per posted reply (Standard 10 points)• Popular thread or reply (Standard 20 points)• Best reply (Standard 100 points)• Rewards are configurable in the sites’ rewardingsystem
    33. 33. From zero tohero withGamificationGamifcation today – Some examplesEvery Check in counts!
    34. 34. From zero tohero withGamificationGamifcation today – Some examplesNike+ running app. Run to reach the next level. With every level you reach, thenext level is harder to get.
    35. 35. From zero tohero withGamificationGamifcation today – Some examplesRed critter tracker:A projectmanagement toolwhich rewardsproject memberswith badges once atask is done!
    36. 36. From zero tohero withGamificationSample Gamification products forSharePoint
    37. 37. From zero tohero withGamificationExample BadgevilleTrack and reward the following user behavior:• Document Management (creating and contributing)• Creating, editing, or contributing to a wiki page• Starting or participating in a discussion thread• Posting a comment on content (docs, wikis, blogs, discussionthreads)• Viewing pages• Rating content• Voting on content• Tagging content• Employee collaboration
    38. 38. From zero tohero withGamificationGamifcation tomorrow?Source: 2nd life
    39. 39. From zero tohero withGamificationSource: Living and breathing the social workplace, by Daniel Kraft, NewsGatorOn the bottom line…
    40. 40. THANK YOU<Jussi Mori><><><@JussiMori><>