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Mahindra e2o Launch - Social Media Campaign Report


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MindShift Interactive evaluates the launch of Mahindra's latest car, Mahindra e2o. Did it 'Rise' to the expectations of their TG. Find out our verdict on Social Media.

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Mahindra e2o Launch - Social Media Campaign Report

  1. 1. Think & Ask. Ask to Rise. Powered by MindShift Interactive
  2. 2. MindShift Insights Concept Execution Campaign Highlights MindShift Insights Hits & Misses Powered by MindShift Interactive
  3. 3. Official Social Media Properties Powered by MindShift Interactive
  4. 4. Concept Powered by MindShift Interactive
  5. 5. Taking their Rise Campaign ahead, Mahindra launched their Ask Movement‘Think, and you will ask. Ask, and you will Rise. It’s time to Ask! Powered by MindShift Interactive
  6. 6.  Digital Agency: Hungama Digital Services, India Duration: 11th - 18th March, 2013 Platforms: Facebook and YouTube Campaign Details:  Ask questions that will help change the society and make it a better place to stay  Share the video with your friends and proceed further to star in the ‘ASK’ film with your friends Grand Prize: To win a Mahindra e2o Powered by MindShift Interactive
  7. 7. ‘Think & Ask’ Film• The Mahindra e2o Think & Ask film was released on YouTube on 11th March• It got 235,588 + views and growing• Other video uploads are of Chetan Maini, the founder Mahindra Reva, revealing its features Powered by MindShift Interactive
  8. 8. How they did it?• ‘ASK’ film with friends and fans
  9. 9. Official WebsiteLive Webcast duringthe launch Powered by MindShift Interactive
  10. 10. Facebook Posts Analysis: 10 – 18 March 13 Updates Done Average Likes: 1722 Average Comments: 36 Average Shares: 124Campaign Themes: Total Interactions = 24,454 (22,381 (L) + 463 (C) + 1610 (S)Started with Teaser Updates, Campaign Launch, Features of the Car, AskFilm Revealed and Contest Updates Powered by MindShift Interactive
  11. 11. Viral Updates Likes – 14,642 Comments – 126 Shares - 448 Likes – 1594 Comments – 72 Shares - 750 Powered by MindShift Interactive
  12. 12. Facebook Insights1,20,971 Fans within 20 Days of the CampaignMaximum Talking About: 84,717 Fans Powered by MindShift Interactive
  13. 13. Campaign posts on Twitter• Tweet leads to the website, to know its Newly revealed feature Powered by MindShift Interactive
  14. 14. Twitter Insights 18th March - Saw a sudden rise in followers on the day of the launch12th March - Saw a dip just a dayafter the campaign was launched 18th March – Highest Outreach of 7,47,777 was found on the day of the launch Powered by MindShift Interactive
  15. 15. YouTube Insights Total Videos on the Channel: 40 videosHighest views: Mahindra e2o Think & Ask film (2,35,657 views) Like:Dislike Ratio for the video was 19:1 Mahindra e2o Think & Ask film Powered by MindShift Interactive
  16. 16. Sentiment Analysis Total Conversations: 2188 Top Conversation Topic Top Conversation Topic(Positive): Environmental (Negative): Pricing Strategy & Friendly Car Less Dealers
  17. 17. Top Influencers Powered by MindShift Interactive
  18. 18. Gender Ratio 92.6% 7.4%Being an Automobile Brand launch, it was obvious that men dominated maximum conversations online with 92.6% Powered by MindShift Interactive
  19. 19. Top 3 Location of the Participants Pune – 10%Mumbai – 37.5% Bangalore – 10% Powered by MindShift Interactive
  20. 20. Top 3 Interests of the participantsTechnology – 14.3% Newspaper - 12.7% Cricket - 12.7% Interests are based on the Participant’s Bio on their profile* *Interests of the Twitter Audience
  21. 21. Top Keywords used Top keywords used before the launchTop keywords used after the launch Keywords before launch were regarding the ASK Movement and its participation; Keywords during and after launch were more about the car and its features
  22. 22. Hits & Misses• Well planned campaign with • Twitter was sidelined and was a innovative content themes & styling low key affair, though the idea could have been leveraged with• The central idea of Environment the hash tag - #AskWhy Friendly car was communicated successfully via the content themes • No particular hash tags were used, leading to Missed• Impressive use of Facebook and Opportunities YouTube • And leading to a low no. of• YouTube led the campaign thought mentions on the web process Powered by MindShift Interactive
  23. 23. Research Methodology• Data as of March 19, 2013 has been taken into consideration for this campaign analysis• MindShift Metrics – A tool by MindShift Interactive has been used to track data across the web• Analysis & Insights are based on the stats shared in the presentation• Data Collection is restricted on the choice of keywords and platforms and hence may vary at times Powered by MindShift Interactive
  24. 24. Thank You.Like it, Hate it?Do share your feedback and let us know ifyou’d like any additions in our nextCampaign Analysis report.Want us to study your Campaignand know in-depth your data and results.Contact Us atarashdeep@mindshiftinteractive.comMobile No - 9820089207 Powered by MindShift Interactive
  25. 25. THANK YOU. Powered by MindShift Interactive