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Measuring Social Media For B2B


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Socon10 Discussion on Pick a Metric and Manage it. Service levels, response times, mentions, leads and reach are all valid approaches. Take a process centric approved to managing your social media initiative and measurement efforts. Improvement should be the main goal.

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Measuring Social Media For B2B

  1. 1. Activity Needs to Drive Results jon gatrell @spatially
  2. 2. Everyone has a website
  3. 3. Everyone Has a Blog, Right?
  4. 4. Maybe Not v v v SOURCE: 2010: Product Management Survey –
  5. 5. Lots of Reasons Not Use Social Media Source: MS&L Social Media Survey
  6. 6. Not Everyone Tweets
  7. 7. Product Managers For Example v v v SOURCE: 2010: Product Management Survey –
  8. 8. …Lot’s of Reasons to Use Social Media Source: MS&L Social Media Survey
  9. 9. Social Media Is Just Business Marketing Search & Online Web Operational Marketing Social Onsite Media Experience & Conversion
  10. 10. Bubbles Don’t Work for Business 5 Bubble Social Media Measurement Framework –Isha SPJCM
  11. 11. Goals and Objectives Baseline, Track, React and Improve
  12. 12. Be agile…. Things You Do Everyday Things Things Learn, You You Change, Could Do Prioritize Iterate Source:mtn goat sw
  13. 13. What Should You Measure? •Leads? •Support Inquiries? •Mentions? •Re-Tweets? •Authority/Influence? •Speed to Follow Up? •Fans/Friends? •Election Outcome? • clicks?
  14. 14. Somebody has to do something and it’s incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. -J. Garcia @really?