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SharePoint Saturday Toronto - Understanding the value of enterprise social - July 2014


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Understand the value of enterprise social and Yammer

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SharePoint Saturday Toronto - Understanding the value of enterprise social - July 2014

  1. 1. Understanding the value that Enterprise Social can bring to your organization Ruven Gotz Avanade
  2. 2. Thanks to our sponsors!
  3. 3. DIRECTOR & REGIONAL LEAD Ruven Gotz @ruveng
  4. 4. Why am I so excited about this topic?
  5. 5. Collaboration has been great… but…
  6. 6. SharePoint was supposed to make it better And it did! - Check in/out - Version control - Search Sorta…
  7. 7. We work in a fragmented world C:, X:
  8. 8. It’s not always clear what direction to take
  9. 9.
  10. 10. What is enterprise social? And what is it not?
  11. 11. Twitfacelink?
  12. 12. Enterprise Social? No! This is digital marketing using social tools
  13. 13. Sell Image credit
  14. 14. Engage
  15. 15. Get you to buy more…
  16. 16. Recruiting & Prospecting
  17. 17. So, what then is Enterprise Social? Let me start with a story
  18. 18. Two friends meet again after six months apart
  19. 19. How has this changed with the advent of social networks?
  20. 20. SharePoint: Community is everything
  21. 21. Facebook supports the relationship
  22. 22. Two friends meet again after six months
  23. 23. What are the unique characteristics of this situation?
  24. 24. Geographic Separation
  25. 25. Maybe not that far apart?
  26. 26. Common Cause
  27. 27. Interested in each other & what’s happening
  28. 28. How do these characteristics translate to the enterprise?
  29. 29. Dispersed Team
  30. 30. Common Cause
  31. 31. Care about our team
  32. 32. Give people a way to stay in the loop How do we allow people who are not co-located the ability to remain connected? Hint: It’s not just about technology
  33. 33. Modes of communication E-mail Lync/IM Face-to-face Asynchronous Synchronous BroadNarrow Webinar /ConfCall Social
  34. 34. What is the supporting cultural shift that’s required?
  35. 35. Working “out loud”
  36. 36. Working Out Loud = Observable Work + Narrating Your Work Essential ingredient: in order to help others
  37. 37. Value: Shrink the separation
  38. 38. Summary of Story 1 • Bring dispersed workers together virtually • Build the foundation for “continuing conversations” • Value: Remain engaged with your immediate and wider team • How: • Asynchronous, broadcast tools • By Working Out Loud
  39. 39. Microsoft says “Work like a network” What does this mean?
  40. 40. Traditional
  41. 41. Compare with…
  42. 42. Story 2: Accessing Knowledge
  43. 43. You’ve got a problem…
  44. 44. Collaborate with peers
  45. 45. Come up with some great ideas…
  46. 46. Deliver an awesome report
  47. 47. It gets filed
  48. 48. In a knowledge base
  49. 49. So that it’s easily searchable
  50. 50. Problem! Collaborate or Work Alone KM System This is hard work, and it’s hard to get people to do this People aren’t good at searching and they don’t trust the search engines SLOW SLOW
  51. 51. Here’s where social can help Social KMCollab
  52. 52. Collaborate or Work Alone KM System Has anyone ever worked with Product X in situation Y? @Sue did last year @Bill was the tech lead on that Here’s a link to the spec, call me if you have questions Just what I need to solve this
  53. 53. Summary of Story 2 • What’s in the KM system is not always easy to find • Not all the good stuff gets into the KM system • Social tools make this fast and easy to do Value: Rapid access to the information I need from the people who know.
  54. 54. Great stories are not enough
  55. 55. What is Yammer? And what is it not?
  56. 56. No! Is Yammer = Facebook for the enterprise?
  57. 57. No! Well, sorta? Is Yammer = Facebook for the enterprise?
  58. 58. Let’s look at why it’s NOT fb Used with permission from: Alan Lepofsky - VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
  59. 59. Used with permission from: Alan Lepofsky - VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
  60. 60. The Value of Planning & Governance How can you get ready for Enterprise Social?
  61. 61. If we build it, they will come… • Don’t over-think this • Don’t over plan • Don’t put in too many rules • Don’t kill it before it starts
  62. 62. Have we learned NOTHING, people? • The SharePoint Wild- West was a mess. • Let’s not do this all over again!
  63. 63. Not to discount YOUR success Yammer can grow virally on it’s own
  64. 64. Don’t kill it, but plan and be ready! •What is your business purpose? •What are your use-cases for the application of social •What are your terms of service and governance rules? •Who is going to enforce the rules and set the tone? •How will you engage your leadership? Value: Achieve a business focused result
  65. 65. Yammer & SharePoint Better together
  66. 66. You got chocolate on my peanut butter. No, you got peanut butter on my chocolate
  67. 67. The value of SharePoint + Social? Enterprise Social Facebook Social Enterprise Social Enhanced Collaboration
  68. 68. Going Social? A few thoughts on the process and getting to success
  69. 69. How does one ‘go social’? Plan DeliverEngage Improve
  70. 70. Key lessons learned From Avanade’s POV on Social Secure buy-in and commitment from an executive stakeholder and key leaders
  71. 71. Key lessons learned Co-ordinate business process changes on a long term basis – it’s not a technology drop-in, it’s a process change
  72. 72. Key lessons learned Spend time mapping value and embedding social into core processes
  73. 73. Key lessons learned Communicate, communicate, communicate
  74. 74. Key lessons learned Define success – social adoption is not a one-time activity and viral adoption cannot be assumed
  75. 75. Key lessons learned Develop a network of evangelists and community managers; engage long-term well beyond launch
  76. 76. Key lessons learned Involve users as early as possible
  77. 77. Key lessons learned Listen closely to naysayers and understand their concerns. (Yammer’s “red dot/green dot/yellow dot”)
  78. 78. Key lessons learned Implement mobile support and access
  79. 79. What’s coming next? A more complete and pervasive integration experience
  80. 80. The integration of yammer into life
  81. 81. Delve (Formerly “Project Oslo”)
  82. 82. It understands who you are
  83. 83. Changing the nature of collaboration
  84. 84. Why am I so excited about this? Enterprise Social provides real value to me, my company and my customers… …and it’s getting better!
  85. 85. Thank You!
  86. 86. Ruven Gotz @ruveng