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Inbound Marketing for B2B and B2C Companies


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Techniques on developing an inbound marketing strategy. Workshop for Vistage CEOs and Key Members

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Inbound Marketing for B2B and B2C Companies

  1. 1. Inbound MarketingFor B2B and B2C Barbara M Fowler,
  2. 2. Chief Outsiders We Provide Fractional and Part-time Marketing Executives to Mid-Size BusinessesWe are a group of 30 experienced CMOs who have worked atcompanies such as Radio Shack, Prudential, Verizon, WebMD,Williams Sonoma and now work on a fractional basis or part-time withmid-size companies developing and implementing marketing strategies.Our Clients include: • Family-owned businesses • Businesses that want someone to take a "second look" at their strategies • Businesses that do not have a marketing executive currently and need some part-time or interim help 2
  3. 3. Marketing Has ChangedHave yourMarketingProgramschanged too??
  4. 4. The good old days in marketing The best creative folks came up with a great message for a mass market Newspaper We tested it against focus groups We pushed it out there—over and over again We hoped they’d buy, but weren’t sure they would Magazine TV and Radio4
  5. 5. The good new days in Web marketing You can target even the smallest group You can measure the results of everything you do You must change your message in response to what your customers: Say (comments, blogs, product ratings) Do (search, purchases, page views)6
  6. 6. The Web rewards pull over push • You don’t target prospects with a message the same way on the web • More often, they have to find you • 60-80% of the buying decision is already made before the salesperson gets involved. • No Cold Calling • Opt-in e-mail • Subscribe and learn about in blogs • Follow on Twitter • But even tiny markets can be reached6
  7. 7. Inbound marketing is one of our areas of expertise. Isn’t in-bound marketing simple?It’s dizzyingAnd it keeps changingFaster and fasterHow do you cope?
  8. 8. The strategies are the it’s still marketing Remember, same as before You need to target your market Understand what they care about And connect with your message If you do: You improve your image And you drive sales
  9. 9. Think, Think, Think .....Before Acting? The difference is how you do it
  10. 10. You’re stuck because you don’t know what worksWhat to try?How do you keep score?When do you quit?What to try next? Group was not exported from SlideRocket
  11. 11. You need to focus on revenue: You need to focus on one thing—sales 1. Where does your website rank on Google for the top key (most important key) words? 2. How many visitors did your website have last month? 3. What was the conversion rate? 4. Where did they come from?? Robert Kneschke/ To do that, you need to learn inbound marketing!
  12. 12. Imagine a catalog marketer who said to the boss… I completed the catalogue, on time and under budget Customers like it And it looks beautiful Wanna see it?But that’s all we say about our Web sites—where are themetrics?
  13. 13. Follow The Metrics: VTCS: Visibility Traffic Conversion Sales
  14. 14. Which metrics matter?Visibility: Did they see it?Traffic: How many?E-mail opened? Ad displayed?Document shown? Blog entry read?Conversions: Did they choose it? Click throughs? Mouseover?Sales: Did they buy it? Download?
  15. 15. Trailing 12 Months BillingJun 10 Jul 10Aug 10Sep 10Oct 10Nov 10Dec 10 Case Study: Chief OutsidersJan 11Feb 11Mar 11Apr 11May 11Jun 11 Jul 11Aug 11Sep 11Oct 11Nov 11Dec 11Jan 12 RampingFeb 12Mar 12Apr 12May 12 Business GrowthJun 12 Jul 12Aug 12Sep 12Oct 12Nov 12Dec 12 Doubled Revenues in 2012Jan 13
  16. 16. Case Study: Chief Outsiders Customer Sourcing Online is NOT our leading source of business, but we’re investing significantly for several strategic reasons… Online Web Lead 32% Networking 51% Vistage 17% Offline
  17. 17. Case Study: Chief Outsiders Why Online is Strategic? • Role of Presence Online Offline – Attracts (organic or paid)  – Informs   – Engages   – Offers   – Encourages   – Supports   Website ALWAYS working, whether or not origin of opportunity is online
  18. 18. Case Study: Chief Outsiders Our Investments for Online Hubspot • Marketing Automation 6% Higrise – (Hubspot) 1% • Sales Automation/CRM SEO – (Highrise) PR 8% 16% Adwords • Paid Search – (Google Adwords) 22% • Targeted PPC – (LinkedIn, Facebook) Adroll • Remarketing 11% LinkedIn – (Adroll, OneSpot) 27% • Search Optimization-SEO – (RefreshWeb) • Web-based PR Facebook – (Digital Talent Agents) OneSpot 4% • Blogs, eBooks, Case Studies 5% – (our CMOs)
  19. 19. Case Study: Chief Outsiders Web Traffic Building Like Crazy From 2,500 to 15,000 in past year 5X increase
  20. 20. Case Study: Chief Outsiders “Direct Traffic” Converting Most… (includes some search)
  21. 21. Case Study: Chief Outsiders SEO Progress Google Search Ranking Improvement Keyword Phrase January 2012 January 2013 cmo outsourcing 5 1 market consolidation strategy 13 1 outsourced cmo 9 1 part time marketing executive 2 1 marketing strategy consulting firms (no ranking) 2 strategic marketing consultants (no ranking) 4 marketing strategy implementation 50 5 market expansion strategy (no ranking) 5 marketing consulting firms 19 6 market positioning strategy 20 10
  22. 22. Case Study: Chief Outsiders Adwords and SEO Example Searched for… Paid Search (AdwordOrganic Result (from SEO)
  23. 23. Case Study: Chief Outsiders Remarketingare cookied, so Visitors to our website Example Adroll knows when to serve up ads on Served up other sites from Adroll
  24. 24. Case Study: Chief Outsiders LinkedIn – Growing in Importance • Targeting Flexibility – Industry, size, geography, role, seniority • Inexpensive & Simple – Text ads, like Adwords – Pay per click (not on impressions) – Easy to manage, ad ads or campaigns • Streamlined Engagement – Customer does not have to fill out your form – LinkedIn offers “ask vendor to contact me” button – This feature appears to be accelerating our inquiries
  25. 25. LinkedIn – In Case You Missed ItQ4 ResultsEPS of $0.35 on whopping revenue growth of 81% -- markthe seventh consecutive quarter in which it has blown outexpectations. LinkedIns user base jumped 39% to 202million users, while visitors viewed 67% more pages thanthe previous year I bought here
  26. 26. Beyond A/B testing: multivariate testing • Yes, it’s free • Create different versions • Google tests them with live visitors and reports back on which variations did the best Then you permanently change the page to the best version
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  28. 28. Respond to your customers• Change your products• Change your content• Change your prices• Change your policies• Change your experience• Then, change them again Which changes increase your conversions?
  29. 29. Speed sometimes runs into a roadblock―The IT budget doesn’t have funding forthat.‖―You’ll need to create a requirementdocument first.‖―You’ll need executive approval toprioritize that above what we arecurrently doing.‖
  30. 30. Baking or making soup? Which is harder? Riskier? The old way is like baking Know what you want up front Precise measurements and preparation Nothing is done until the end Agile is like making soup. You can experiment as you go You can eat it at any time, but it is best at the end
  31. 31. What’s different about agile? The system is always working All you need to Daily Stand Up Meeting know is what’s nextMonthlyPlanningMeeting IBM Confidential
  32. 32. Do it wrong quickly and then fix itInstead of killing ourselves to plan exactly theright thing that we can execute in everycountry for the next two years……Do it wrong quickly, and then fix itLet the market tell youwhat works and what doesn’tAnd then quickly do it better Listen, learn, and adjust
  33. 33. Successful Inbound StrategiesReduce Costs or Increase CustomersWillingness to PayByHelping People Establish orStrengthen RelationshipsIf They Do "Free Work" on a CompanysBehalf
  34. 34. Now, Inbound Marketing is...
  35. 35. Paid, Earned and Owned• Paid – PPC, Remarketing, Mobile, Sponsored, Internet Advertising• Earned – Blogs, WOM (Word of Mouth), User Forums, PR, News Articles, Twitter,• Owned – Websites, Brand, …
  36. 36. One message before Social Media...
  37. 37. One message after Social Media...
  38. 38. ExamineGoogle Website Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Which to choose and why?
  39. 39. GoogleGoogle SearchPeople research where to go and who to trust87% never go off the first page66% dont look at the paid spotsQuestion: What are the challenges andopportunities for your business in getting tothe top spot or first page?
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  42. 42. How Do You Find Out What People Are Saying About You?Set Up Google Alerts: Your name, your companys nameGo To Best for monitoring socialmedia like Facebook and Best for Monitoring blogs, forums andreview sites ($99 a year and up)
  43. 43. QuestionWhat would you do if someone wrote a bad review aboutyour business?What suggestions do you have for a B2B and/or a B2Cbusiness? Would your answer be different, depending onbusiness?Why or why not?
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  46. 46. ReviewsYelpCity SearchGoogleYou need to generate an averageof at least 4/5 to be consideredgood! If not it is a problem !
  47. 47. Why do Businesses Get Bad Reviews?Competitors are targeting them and giving false reviewsCustomers are dissatisfied and upsetEmployees are angryWhere does B&B have Control?Influence? No Control?
  48. 48. Some Nasty Customer ReviewsThis Business is very emotional: Tatoos/SkinCare/makeup are Special.You cant solve all issuesBenchmark against competitorsRespond Rapidly--within minutes, not hours: Solution isntas important as CommunicationUse Google AlertsSolve all real problemsGet Employees InvolvedMany Customer Complaints Startwith Disengaged Employees
  49. 49. How to Engage EmployeesDo they feel their workhas significance?Do they feel valued?Do they feel they haveautonomy?Communicate,Communicate,Communicate!
  50. 50. What makes a goodWhat are the website?differences? Addition of Social Video Media Ability to Quickly Make Changes Customer Service Call
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  61. 61. How do youget the rightpeople toyour Website?
  62. 62. And how can youget these people towant to help you for... Free??
  63. 63. Three Steps: Establish Goals Listen Connect....Build a Fan Base!
  64. 64. A Net Promoter is a Super Fan "On a 1-10 scale, how likely are you to recommend Company to friends, relatives and colleagues?"
  65. 65. Who is needed?Super FansWith Good Klout ScoresWhat about CLTV?
  66. 66. Ask them to be Brand AmbassadorsIdentify through SurveyConnection on Social MediaMake Them Feel ImportantNurture and SupportIdeas???
  67. 67. 1,000,000,000+ 2,000,000 Fan PagesActive Worldwide Users
  68. 68. 156,000,000+ registered users, 8,000,000/monthrecommendations
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  70. 70. Most Searched: Google #1, YouTube #2
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  72. 72. 5. Analyze & Optimize
  73. 73. Where Are You?Grade your company on each of the following 6 dimensions (1-10)INSIGHTWe clearly understand what our customers and clients want and need ___We have a keen knowledge of our competitors and why they win ___PURPOSEOur company communicates compelling and unique value propositions to our market ___Our plan for growth is specific, feasible and includes potential new offerings or markets ___PRECISIONWe have tactical marketing methods identified to achieve our growth objectives ___We have an aligned measurement and feedback system that allows management to see progress and adjust plans ___ 86
  74. 74. Inbound MarketingFor B2B and B2C Barbara M Fowler,