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CAS2012 Analytics 1 - SEOmom

  1. 1. Analytics, Glorious Analytics Getting the Most Out of Search & Social Analytics Gillian Muessig Founding President, SEOmoz Click Asia Summit 2012 | All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Metrics. Metrics. Metrics. That which is measured can be improved. Tom Peters, 1982 Also: Lord Kelvin, Edwards Demming, Gillian Muessig….
  3. 3. Follow the Money Backwards! Choose the Right KPIs
  4. 4. Start by asking the Right Questions
  5. 5. What’s this website trying to accomplish?
  6. 6. SEOmoz’ Answers Sell More PRO Memberships Serve Current Customers What’s my website trying to accomplish?
  7. 7. SEOmoz’ Answers Sell More API Access Answers may change over time What’s my website trying to accomplish
  8. 8. Solar Impulse’ Answers Create Awareness Obtain Funding Connect With Professionals What’s my website trying to accomplish?
  9. 9. Which top metrics tell me if I am succeeding or failing?
  10. 10. Everyone’s Answer An increase or decrease in completed goals. Top metrics: are we succeeding or failing?
  11. 11. SEOmoz’ Answers Gaining or losing traffic to the sign-up page Increased or decreased traffic to the site Top metrics: are we succeeding or failing?
  12. 12. Answers Top metrics: are we succeeding or failing?
  13. 13. Answers Gaining or losing traffic to: • pay-landing-fees page • private-jet-charter-quote page • increased or decreased traffic to the site would be key success or trouble indicators Top metrics: are we succeeding or failing?
  14. 14. Secondary Key Performance Indicators
  15. 15. SEOmoz’ Answers "Learn SEO” type queries < or > organic traffic on key terms
  16. 16. SEOmoz’ Answers Branded term searches < or > search suggest
  17. 17. SEOmoz’ Answers Member engagement on the Daily SEO Blog < or > organic traffic on blog
  18. 18. SEOmoz’ Answers Members post UGC on YOUmoz < or > organic engagement: YOUmoz
  19. 19. What Are My Biggest Threats
  20. 20. SEOmoz’ Answers We have a globally recognized brand with a community of ~½ a million SEOs You come for latest scoop on SEO
  21. 21. SEOmoz’ Answers We have a very strong brand associated with TAGFEE What Are My Biggest Threats
  22. 22. SEOmoz’ Answers A loss of brand association as: • Life-blood daily information source • The place where the industry conversation takes place • The premier journal to publish research • A company defined by TAGFEE Would all constitute major threats
  23. 23. The KPIs We Track
  24. 24. The KPIs We Track Track referrals, not “Site:” Commands Links are nice; traffic is better
  25. 25. The KPIs We Track More traffic from people researching SEO Newbies grow your pie
  26. 26. KPIs We Track More blog comments Where is the conversation taking place?
  27. 27. KPIs We Track More YOUmoz submissions Where is the research being published?
  28. 28. KPIs We Track Improved engagement metrics on site Up and to the right, folks!
  29. 29. KPIs We Track Higher sign up attempts Follow the money…
  30. 30. KPIs We Track Higher signup completions Follow the money… to the bank!
  31. 31. Negative KPIs Decline in branded search terms Equally important; keep an eye on them
  32. 32. Negative KPIs Decline in organic traffic to resource pages
  33. 33. Negative KPIs Decline in time spent on the site Huge red flag
  34. 34. Negative KPIs Decline in time spent on the site Time on site
  35. 35. Negative KPIs Decline in YOUmoz submissions Huge red flag
  36. 36. Competitive Research
  37. 37. Competitive Research What does it mean for you?
  38. 38. Competitive Research
  39. 39. What NOT to track Just Say No!
  40. 40. Named After Larry Page… Not likelihood to rank in the SERPs
  41. 41. Google Says They Use PageRank to Crawl
  42. 42. What Else Should You Know? Basic Industry Stats
  43. 43. Industry Statistics Click through rates
  44. 44. Industry Statistics Short Tail/Long Tail Search Stats
  45. 45. Industry Statistics Short Tail/Long Tail Conversion Stats
  46. 46. Industry Statistics The Search Demand Curve
  47. 47. Choose What to Track • Key Performance Indicators • Follow the cash backwards • Keep an eye on the competition • Know your playing field
  48. 48. Tracking Metrics & ROI
  49. 49. Segmentation At SEOmoz we track visitors to our top sections by week to easily identify shifts in the data We Track Visitors to Sections
  50. 50. Successful Events downloads, subscriptions, sign-ups, conversions A portion of our micro tool usage analysis (GA)
  51. 51. Dive Deeper Tracking SERP Rankings Is NOT Enough
  52. 52. Vertical Search Conversions
  53. 53. Local Results
  54. 54. Image Results in SERPs
  55. 55. Video Results
  56. 56. News & Blog Results
  57. 57. Shopping Results
  58. 58. Instant Answers
  59. 59. Social Media Metrics
  60. 60. Cannibalization of the Link Graph MMM… LINK GRAPHS ARE DELICIOUS!
  61. 61. Facebook Metrics It’s not just about fans! Likes – Comments - Shares
  62. 62. Facebook Metrics Track “People Talking About This”
  63. 63. Facebook Metrics Track “Engaged Users”
  64. 64. Facebook Metrics Track “External Referrers” Click on Reach (under Insights in your sidebar) and scroll down to find “External Referrers.” You’ll see a list that shows how many times people arrived on your Facebook Page from an external site during a selected date range. Read:
  65. 65. Social Signals Are Increasing Page A Page B 646 links from 36 root domains 1 link from 1 root domain 2 tweets 522 tweets
  66. 66. Social Signals Page B – the tweeted version – ranks #1! Page A Page B 646 links from 36 root domains 1 link from 1 root domain 2 tweets 522 tweets
  67. 67. Build Your Social Community
  68. 68. But… • Those are big brands • My message isn’t simple • My target market is old fashioned • My case is complicated… it’s special
  69. 69. Yup. Everybody’s Doing It
  70. 70. The Vatican Gets It “That interactivity — and the potential it brings to the church's evangelization mission — is behind the Vatican's new social media push, the culmination of which will be launched at Easter with a new… Vatican information web portal whose contents are specifically designed to be tweeted, posted and blogged.”
  71. 71. The Vatican Gets It “What we found is Facebook doesn’t just share information, it creates community,” “People begin talking to each other and sharing ideas.” Monseignor Paul Tighe Yahoo News, Dec 2010
  72. 72. Conversion Rate Optimization Track the Money
  73. 73. AIDA Funnel
  74. 74. How You THINK You Welcome Your Customers
  75. 75. How You Welcome Your Customers
  76. 76. Track the Winners People who actually buy from you
  77. 77. Common Denominators • Search your most successful pages • Find one or more things in common • Test these elements on other pages • Increase conversions across your site
  78. 78. Tracking Winners • How many visits before conversion? • What did they do during each visit? • How many pages on site before conversion? • Which pages... on which visits? • How much time on which pages?
  79. 79. Track the Losers • On which page did you scare them off? • When did they give up? • How long before they gave up?
  80. 80. Focus on the Money • Your best customers buy a lot and do it often • Get more of them by doing more of what you’re doing right
  81. 81. Improve the Outcomes
  82. 82. Test Your TouchPoints • Change your selling touch points & style – Google, Yahoo, Bing, – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Orkut – Industry-specific social media groups – Country-specific social media groups – Affiliates, paid and unpaid ambassadors – Test, test, test… Then test, test, test….
  83. 83. Test Your Copy • Change your ads • Change your target markets • Change your USP • Change your images • Change your colour schemes
  84. 84. What Creates More Conversions? • Higher SERP rankings? • More images in SERPs? • YouTube videos? • More compelling copy in description tags? • More indexed pages? • ID the clog in your sales funnel and clear it
  85. 85. Clear Clogs in this Funnel
  86. 86. Productization • Pay attention to your best product/service – Make it better – Make it more prominent on the site – Change the target market – Alter the pricing or pricing model – Improve the USP – Package it with something else (upsell)
  87. 87. Customer Service • Track Lifetime Value of Your Client – (subscription based sales, especially!) • Ask why they’re leaving? • Improve your documentation • Say thanks for the sale – and congratulate your customers • Keep your products fresh – constant improvement
  88. 88. R&D • What are customers searching for? • Why AREN’T they buying? • Build products/services/packages to suit them
  89. 89. Short List of Things to Track • Buyers by sales volume • Bounce rates & bounce pages • Time on page & time on site • Number of ‘saved sessions’ • Improvements over time • Full sales cycle of touchpoints & onsite actions
  90. 90. Tracking Helpers • Unique landing pages • Unique phone numbers • Unique email addresses • Unique coded ads (think: affiliate codes) • Unique offers / packages • Time sensitive ads
  91. 91. Beautiful Analytics Slides
  92. 92. Reading Resources
  93. 93. • google-analytics-tips-you-should-be-using • google-analytics-event-tracking-to- monitor-calls-to-action •
  94. 94. CLICKASIA12 Thank You! • Twitter: @SEOmom • Blog: • Email:

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  • Well that is great, but honestly SEOmoz can&apos;t succeed solely on increasing PRO memberships. The truth is, there is a lot more to it than that. We have a recognized brand with expectations on it, and a community of over 300,000 people that come to us for the latest SEO information on the web. We can&apos;t afford to lose ground on either of those two. These are defining qualities of SEOmoz, and strong advantages over our competitors. So my three questions would leave me more complex answers, something like this:
  • The daily blog provides “life-blood” information to professionals in the search marketing industry. A decrease in visits to the blog indicates that we are slipping from “life-blood” to “interesting material”.
  • These are defining qualities of SEOmoz, and strong advantages over our competitors. So my three questions would leave me more complex answers, something like this:
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