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  1. 1. l 73 36 231
  2. 2. h Tuberculosis is an air-bone disease that can spread when someone coughs, sneezes, or when somebody literally talks. It usually affects the lungs but can be present anywhere in the body. Each year 2 billion people or one third the earths population dies from tuberculosis.Tuberculosis can increase the infection if there is factors like poor air circulation or lack of fresh air breathing.
  3. 3. k Diagram showing worldwide levels of infection of TB and HIV
  4. 4. How Does Tuberculosis There are two possible Develop? ways a person can become  The other way it TB can sick with TB disease: develop, happens much more quickly. Sometimes The first applies to a when a person first person who may have had breathes in the TB germs, been infected with TB but is perfectly healthy. The the body is unable to person can get infected protect itself against the again if they have a disease. The germs then another disease such as develop into active TB HIV or cancer or they may disease within weeks. get infected if they use drugs/alcohol.
  5. 5. iThe symptoms for tuberculosis are:(These symptoms are ranged from mild to dangerous) feeling weak or sick all the time coughs that will not go away weight loss/loss of appetite fever/night sweats chest pain coughing up blood
  6. 6. Who Gets Tuberculosis?Anyone can get tuberculosis. Some people are at higher risks than others. The people who have more of a chance getting TB are: People who share same breathing space Poor people/homeless people Prisoners Alcoholics or Drug users People with medical conditions (cancer, diabetes) Specially people with aids
  7. 7. Is Tuberculosis Curable?Fifty years ago, there was no cure or drugs for tuberculosis. If someone is given the wrong treatment, it would have been better if they weren’t given a treatment at all. When people get the wrong treatment, they wont be able to use any drugs at all for the disease. The treatment for tuberculosis is complex and is becoming even more complex because of HIV infection.
  8. 8. Primary tuberculosis pneumonia This is an uncommon type of TB as pneumonia is infectious. People who have it, have high fevers and productive coughs. It occurs most often in extremely young children and the elderly. This type is also found in HIV and Aids infected people.
  9. 9. h This is a diagram of the lungs getting infected by tuberculosis. This is a diagram of bacteria that is getting Spread in the immune system
  10. 10. l In some cases, TB might spread though a chain reaction. This picture is showing that TB is infecting through chain reaction Another picture were the cells Are infecting the lungs
  11. 11. The Three Stages There are three stages in the disease of tuberculosis. These three stages are identified from mild to extreme danger which is death. The first mild stage can get cured easily as long as the patient gets medication on time and takes good care. The second stage is more dangerous and the patient has to be really careful and that is were the symptoms should be considered. The third stage is extremely dangerous and there is no cure which means death. The third stage is the stage were nothing should go wrong and the patient will slowly begin to vomit blood and eventually die.
  12. 12. Who Discovered Tuberculosis? In 1882, Robert Koch discovered TB and soon he found out that it was caused by a microorganism Mycobacterium tuberculosis. After discovering that this disease was infectious, he started to consider treatments. Many treatments were tried but none were discovered until the year of 1943 were the activity of streptomycin was discovered.
  13. 13. iThis topic is not very common amongst us because we might not have experienced it personally or might not know people infected with this disease although it is very common worldwide. One third of the earths population is infected with tuberculosis (including minor infections) so I think that its important to learn about a common disease that’s spreading rapidly amongst us..
  14. 14. Bibliography My mother knows a lot of things about tuberculosis so she told me %29&dm=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Elungusa directly copied)