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Brands, Games and Gamification

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Games and Gamification - 8 Case Studies across US, APAC and EMEA (Ogilvy cos. + Team Detroit).

Brands, Games and Gamification

  1. 1. Games andGamificationfor Brands Irfan Kamal SVP and Global Head, Analytics, Products & Partners June 2012
  2. 2. What We’llCover Today What do Brands Want? Gamification Levels 8 Ogilvy Case Examples Tips & Lessons Learned Q&A 2
  3. 3. Brand Desires are Simple… 3
  4. 4. But Brand-Related Gamification Can Rangefrom Simple to Complex•  Ads •  Place Google content ads •  Use another 3rd party ad network to serve mobile or in-game ads•  Product integration •  Work with a game to integrate product•  Product experience •  Create a new game or gamified experience 4
  5. 5. Using a Facebookbranded social game,Intel highlighted keyfeatures of its productsand gave away a monthon an island
  6. 6. Ford Fusion mobile appbrought the new car’sdriving experience to life –no visit to a showroomrequired
  7. 7. Caesars used a newOgilvy-built gamified socialplatform to create a funVIP-only experience forselected Total Rewardsloyalty members – anddrove significantmeasurable results
  8. 8. Sunpower used a solar IQgame to engage likelybuyers in learning moreabout solar – and generateleads
  9. 9. Tabasco created agamified TabascoAmbassador programthat drove awarenessof new ways to useTabasco (“pairings”)through a pointsprogram
  10. 10. New Zealand’sKiwibank set up aninteractive videoexperience to addsome fun to learningabout a new easy-transfer process
  11. 11. To drive awareness ofanklyosing spondylitis,Pfizer revealedinformation about ASas part of a virtualthrow-in soccer game
  12. 12. To help create a funway for employees tostart to build socialinfluence,Social@Ogilvyteamed up with Kred tocreate an internalcontest in London andNew York with prizessuch as a trip to SXSW
  13. 13. Some Tips & Lessons Learned•  Iteration is not as easy with many branded programs (timing, coordination, costs), so it’s important to deliver value quickly•  It was important to thoroughly understand the audience interests through research •  E.g. Sunpower “solar genius”, Jeopardy-style (vs. Wheel of Fortune style) experience •  Ford, auto journalists target audience enjoy the test drive•  Mechanics lessons: •  Casual, short duration play •  No penalty for starting late •  Rapid rewards for a non-gamer audience •  Points and rewards work on engagement – leading to 20x (or more) increases •  Keep rewards relatively small and focus on people who care to avoid corrupting discussion •  Integrate social sharing from the beginning•  Platforms: •  High iOS download % 18
  14. 14. ThanksIntel Win an Island Scott McBride, Harsad Sreedharan, Paul Ho, TemHansen, Karen Cheng at Ogilvy.Caesars/Harrahs Ambassadors Janell Awong and Eric Petersen at CaesarsEntertainment; Irfan Kamal, Karen Untereker, Michael Maslaney and DrewElliott at Ogilvy.Sunpower Solar Discovery Matt Binkowski, Joanne Wan, Sandra Fong,Kevin Ti at Ogilvy.Ford Fusion Augmented Reality Test Drive Scott Monty and Craig Daitch atFord Motor Company; Matt Binkowski, Karen Untereker, Joanne Wan, DirkShaw at Ogilvy.Tabasco Nation Martin Manion and Jan Carroll at McIlhenny; Peter Kang,Johann Conforme, Janet Higdon, Raul Montes, Lisa Charlebois, NazaninArandi, Evelyn Borgatta, Jenna, Elana Glazer, Nyaze Vincent at Ogilvy.Kiwibank Green Ops Regan Savage at Kiwibank; David Nash, Greg Whitham,and Dennis Carroll at Ogilvy.Pfizer Make a Play Mary Barrington-Ward, Lucy Jackson and Lalage Smythat Ogilvy. 19
  15. 15. Contact: Irfan Kamal Senior Vice President, Digital/Social Strategy Email. Twitter. @irfankamal John Bell Global Managing Director Email. Blog. Twitter. @jbell99 20
  16. 16. AboutSocial@OgilvySocial@Ogilvy is the largest social media marketing communications network in the world.Named 2011 Global Digital/Social Consultancy of the Year by The Holmes Report, thepractice leverages social media expertise across all Ogilvy & Mather disciplines, offering anextensive list of services within the foundational business solutions – Listening andAnalytics; Social Business Solutions; Social Media Marketing and Communications; SocialShopping; Social CRM; Social Care; and Conversation Impact.For more information, visit ad connect with us at,, 21
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Games and Gamification - 8 Case Studies across US, APAC and EMEA (Ogilvy cos. + Team Detroit).


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