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This deck is from a recent training done for travel-related clients of Ogilvy PR Worldwide in Hong Kong. This is a "White Belt" level training in the Ogilvy Social Media Belts training system. Please give feedback on asiadigitalmap.com

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Ogilvy on: Travel and Social Media

  1. Why Social Media Travels Well ! uent F riender Freq © Confidential and Proprietary – Do Not Release
  2. Critical mass of digital natives 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Age of population in millions; China in 2009. Source: U. S. Census Bureau, International Data Base Digital Natives Digital Immigrants
  3. Increasingly engaged digital immigrants Percent using Internet in last 30 days, Hong Kong April 2009 Synovate Media Atlas Hong Kong
  4. Both women and men are taking part Percent participation in past 30 days Instant messaging Downloading Blogging Social networking Sharing/ managing photos Sharing/ managing videos Source: Asia Synovate Media Atlas Hong Kong Jan-Dec 2008 Target: Upscale Asians aged 12-64 who have used the internet in past month
  5. Asians enjoy creating content March 2009, Asia Social Technographics – Forrester Research
  6. Asians trust social media more than traditional media Recommendations from friends and family Expert product review from websites Independent reviews in publications Consumer product review from websites TV ads Newspaper ads Magazine ads 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Jan 2009, Asia’s Top Digital Brands TNS/Media Magazine (n=3001)
  7. % of people who search before they purchase Travel 73% Sport & Fit 46.30% Computer Hardware 56.40% Apparel 50.20% Search before purchase Feb 2005 – DoubleClick
  8. Asians share brand messages online Have forwarded a link to an online ad Malaysia Singapore Thailand China Taiwan Hong Kong 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Asia Digital Brands Survey Jan 2009 – TNS (n=479)
  9. RSS Dashboard Grab it: www.theDailyInfluence.com
  10. Strategic Approach to Social Media & Word of Mouth Community Design & Management Conversation Maps Influencer Maps Blogger & Influencer Engagement Programs Live Listening Posts Engagement Plans Co-creation Program Design & Management Crisis Monitoring Visibility Plans Live Community Events Video Content: Viral, Episodic, Channels Social Network Activation Search Reputation Management Digital Media Relations
  11. 1. Listening : Hotels! Case Studies © Confidential and Proprietary – Do Not Release
  12. Customer relations, Loyalty, Customer Service Centralized Twitter account with strong user interaction and innovative uses. One main blog maintained by the CEO himself. Dedicated YouTube channel with with 35K views for 100+ videos since 2007. Customer relations, Loyalty, Customer Service Decentralized account with a career Twitter (also used for interaction) and “Concierge”, very innovative. No official blog but the CEO “guest blogs” instead on the USA’s Today’s hotel blog. Dedicated Channel with 16.2K for 440 videos since 2005. Not used effectively for anything No social media focused strategy, existing infrastructure (Twitter, Blogs, YouTube) but no follow-through. Brand Image Decentralized Twitter account, no blog presence. Interesting YouTube Channel with videos focused on tourism instead of the hotel themselves.
  13. Marriott 9206 Followers 5957 Following 1944 Updates Since early 2007 Committed Strategy (strong interaction) with innovative uses (Infos, Promotions, Contests)
  14. Hyatt Carreer Hyatt Followers 1727 Carreer 1891 Following 1727 Followers 1661 Updates 1891 Following 1661 Updates Since 2007 Since 2007 Hyatt Concierge Hyatt Followers 2020 Concierge 1807 Following 2020Updates 86 Followers 1807 Following 86 Updates Since early 05/2009 Since early 05/2009 Very innovative uses, original services. Very innovative uses, original services.
  15. Marriott Official blog maintained by the CEO himself. Interesting information on the Marriott World, from his point of view.
  16. Hyatt The CEO communicate as a guest blogger on USA Today’s Hotel related blog. Guest blogging is a new trend. He uses it to communicate about the latest Hyatt digital news (e.g. Concierge) and reach a broader range of people than he would on the company website.
  17. Marriott Dedicated channel with a high number of videos, the screening rate is moderately high since 2007. Highest viewed videos have about 8,000 to 12,000 views Bill Marriott’s Greeting Different kind of videos : “The company & Employees”, “Resorts”, “Buzz Video” and “Personal Message”
  18. InterContinental Dedicated channel with 300 videos since 2008. Top viewed videos have been seen 8,000 times. InterContinental decided to mainly base its video communication on Tourism, they introduce cities that host InterContinental hotels.
  19. 2. Planning urism board! : To Cas e Study © Confidential and Proprietary – Do Not Release
  20. Tourism Australia
  21. Background:  In April 2009, Tourism Australia introduced the Visiting Opinion Leaders Program to generate more word of mouth on Australia. Our mission was to target influential digital opinion leaders in different ‘passion points’ to help spread the message.
  22. Who is a digital influencer?  An influencer is an individual which: • Engages others in conversation • Inspires others to continue the conversation and to expand the circle of engagement • Participates consistently to maintain a timely conversation • Is seen as credible by his or her audience to speak about the issue at hand • Compels others to want to hear what he or she will say next, and • Creates content that is “remarkable”/worth remarking on.
  23. Iden7fying Passion points   Fashion Nature / Outback Sport Travel Food & Wine
  24. Tracking Social Media  Footprint of Influencers  It is important to research bloggers who not only have a large blog readership, but who are also active on other social media platforms. This will give the widest reach possible, on channels such as the following: • Twitter – based on the number of followers • Facebook – number of fans or friends (if available) • Youtube – channel subscribers, video views • Flickr – contacts, image views (if available) • LinkedIn – connections
  25. Gold S tar Bloggers! 
  26. Name: Kathryn Finney, thebudgetfashionista.com Passion Point: Fashion Blogger Highlights: 90,750 Unique Monthly Visitors | 9,000+ Twitter followers | Style contributor on NBC’s Today Show| First fashion blogger to receive a major book deal
  27. Name: Ree Drummond, thepioneerwoman.com/cooking Passion Point: Food & wine blogger Highlights: 22,106 Twitter Followers & 5,000 Facebook Fans | 292,015 Unique Monthly Visitors | 5,000+ inbound links | 2009 Weblog of the Year |
  28. Ta c7cal Strategies 
  29. The Ul7mate Vaca7on in Australia  •  Send influential bloggers flight ticket and invite them to Australia! •  Give visiting bloggers great, personally tailored Australian experiences •  Enable these opinion leaders to publish as much content as possible to reach the widest audience and generate maximum exposure: –  Blog posts to reach their blog readers –  Tweets to reach their Twitter followers –  Videos to reach their YouTube subscribers –  Status updates to reach their Facebook friends & fans –  Photos to reach their Flickr contacts •  Aggregate their content into a central microsite, making it easy for media and others to follow their journeys around Australia
  30. Branded FlipCams  Branded FlipCams: Provide Tourism Australia branded FlipCams to bloggers to encourage them to shoot video footage from their trip. •  Provide visiting bloggers with a TA branded FlipCam, making it easy for them to shoot and publish video •  After their ultimate vacation in Australia, bloggers can also“micro-contest” them away to their readers (via their blog) when they return home •  Creates an additional opportunity for further discussion of their Australian experience via their blog
  31. 3.Engaging udies: Airline! Case St © Confidential and Proprietary – Do Not Release
  32. Virgin Atlantic
  33. On June 24th, Google Apps partnered with Virgin America to launch a social media campaign called “The Day in the Cloud” Challenge People who took Virgin America flights that day, as well as those at home or work, to participate in an online scavenger hunt for clues to answer questions posted on a website called "Day In The Clouds.” Why Clouds? Lets look at the Key Players: Google is a major proponent of ‘cloud’ services, and has developed an entire suite of applications that all live in the “cloud”. Virgin America is about entertainment and relaxation. The main feature of the airline’s ‘living room in the sky’ is that they have WiFi across their entire fleet. Commonality Creates a Compelling Campaign!
  34. The scavenger hunt offered questions that required players to use many different Google apps and online tools to find the answers, and integrated with Virgin America both for some questions as well as by offering free WiFi to any passenger on one of their flights today.
  35. "Year in the Cloud" prize The top 5 scorers in the challenge gets a year of free flights and free in-flight Wi-Fi from Virgin America, an HP net book computer, and 1 terabyte of Google account storage for all of your photos and email.
  36. The campaign is an example of a well-executed contest. There are a few key factors that made campaign especially interesting: On every page of the campaign microsite, there was a box that displayed the latest tweet from @DayInTheCloud, an account that was set up specifically for the campaign.
  37. From that box, users were able to follow the account, message the account directly, or see the history of “Day In The Cloud” tweets. Each tweet that @DayInTheCloud sent out included the #DayInTheCloud tag. Users were also encouraged to use that tag so that everyone could easily follow along with the conversations that were occurring about the campaign. Users could tweet out their score after finishing the challenge, and each one of those tweets were tagged with #DayInTheCloud to help increase social sharing of the campaign. The Twitter account was used both for conversation and for broadcasting. Its functioned to answer questions, provided updates, gave hints and linked out to other blogs that were covering the event. This allowed the Twitter account to be interactive.
  38. Using Social Media to “Spread the Word” Every page on the microsite included a ‘Spread the word’ box that allowed users to share the campaign with friends through various social media channels with just the click of a button. These buttons were formatted so that they would automatically populate the message field with a pre-designed message, and this allowed users to help spread the campaign through channels like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and MySpace; greatly increasing the pre-event buzz without a lot of extra effort.
  39. Google Friends Micro-community Using Google’s Friend Connect feature, the campaign formed its own community where players could exchange ‘spirited pre-game banter’ with other players and meet everyone else that was participating which greatly added to the player’s overall experience.
  40. Quick Lessons You Can Take Away: Built your campaign on your core products/services. Users had to use many of Google's tools to find the answer to questions about Virgin America's planes, technology and flight schedules. Forged the right partnership. The choice of these two brands together worked perfectly to add to the popularity of the scavenger hunt. Both have high goodwill among their fans and drew a tech-savvy audience to participate. Engaged through fun and competition while educating. The engagement on this campaign was high because the content was great and the format was fun. There were even tweets from flights encouraging plane-mates to do better to beat a competing plane.
  41. Quick Lessons You Can Take Away: Involved the right ambassadors. In the morning, there was a media flight that several high-influence tech bloggers including Ben Par from Mashable and Beth Blecherman from Techmamas. They played the game and participated in the start of the campaign. These early ambassadors posted about their experience which drove a lot of traffic to the site throughout the day. Made it shareable. Once you complete the hunt, you get your score and you have the opportunity to share it through multiple social media platforms. Players can also follow the campaign's Twitter account for updates. Had real and tangible prizes. The winners with the highest scores will get tangible prizes and that is a big motivator to continue to participate even if you may be in it and not want to finish.
  42. TripSay combines travel search with user-generated travel guides and ratings. When the user enters a city or place, it comes up on a map, along with recommendations and ratings from other TripSay users. Results can be sorted by restaurants, hotels, bars, beaches, transportation, sights, and other categories. Launched: 2008
  43. TripWolf aims to be the "Facebook" for travelers with its "friends" system, but focussed on Travel (Google Map API...etc). TripWolf’s “travelers” allow members to find “gurus” of destinations who can help you plan your trip, to create their own custom travel guides to take with them on their journeys and learn all before users leave their desks. As with any social network, they can share can build a network of friends. Launched: 2008
  44. Hub Culture aims to Merging Digital and Physical Spaces. It turns existing virtual networks into physical spaces around the globe. It provides a conscious collaborative work environment for contemporary workers/travellers who are often on the move, and no longer go into the office everyday. Hub Culture has it's own currency called Ven which can be traded online. A pavilion member can offer his services to other members and be paid, they can also buy products and services from Hub Culture. Members : 20 000
  45. Dopplr allows users to creates and indicate to their followers itineraries of their travel plans and spot correlations with their contacts. The main point is to allows contact travelling onto the same location (Countries, Cities, Restaurants…) to arrange meeting at any point of their journey. Dopplr is all about integrating other popular services you already use into the site, like Twitter, Facebook, Calendars, and Flickr photo. Additional features include allowing the user to calculate the carbon footprint their journeys have produced. Launched: 2007
  46. TripIt is an online travel itinerary and travel planner To make it work users have to forward confirmation emails to them when you purchase airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, etc. TripIt pulls the relevant information out of the emails and builds an organized itinerary. Their is no registration needed and TripIt recognizes the email format from the seventy travel companies they currently support (Orbitz, United Airlines, Marriott, etc.)
  47. Offbeat Guides creates personalized, up-to-date travel guides that cover over 30,000 travel destinations, using a combination of search technology, and curation by both amateur and professional travel experts. You provide just 5 pieces of information : - Destination - Current location - Your Name - Travel Dates - where are you staying
  48. ASMALLWORLD is the world’s leading private online community and social network. It seeks unite an existing international network of people who are connected to each other by three degrees of separation. Membership to ASW is by invitation and member growth is achieved by extending invite rights to qualified members who represent the Company’s target audience (i.e wealthy people). The average house hold income of the community is $330,000. There are currently 430,000 registered ASW members living in over 200 countries worldwide working in all professional fields ranging from finance, law and management consulting, to media, PR, fashion, advertising and entertainment.
  49. O ur role! © Confidential and Proprietary – Do Not Release
  50. Social Media Strategy and Planning Digital Influence Strategy: We create rapid yet comprehensive social media strategies to drive online word of mouth and community engagement in measureable, scalable and lasting ways. Each Digital Influence Strategy includes 3 deliverables Conversation Map: A comprehensive survey of what and where people are discussing specific brands and related topics online. This tells us where we can engage with people authentically. Influencer Audit: A focused survey identifying the most important influencers across all social media to understand which individuals and affinity groups may help us. Engagement Plan: A concrete and executable strategy for getting influencers to drive both action and opinion.
  51. What is Influence? • Engages others in conversation • Inspires others to continue the conversation and to expand the circle of engagement • Participates consistently to maintain a timely conversation • Is seen as credible by his or her audience to speak about the issue at hand • Compels others to want to hear what he or she will say next • Creates content that is “remarkable” or worth remarking on
  52. Using Social Media Strategically Listening Programs Listening Post: By creating the right conversation criteria, we can use technology to collect and sort all of the relevant conversations across blogs, forums, Twitter, social networks and review sites. Our strategists apply insight and recommended action to every report Listening Post powered by Radian6: This is our fastest , keyword-driven platform that collects social Web mentions across multiple global markets. Ideal for benchmarking measurement, informing strategy and rapid response to consumer generated media Listening Post powered by Crimson Hexagon: Our CH-based platform is great for following and reporting sentiment and opinion. It is one of the few platforms on the market that can provide superior automated opinion reporting. Ideal for benchmarking measurement and informing strategy Listening Post powered by Visible Technologies: A more comprehensive solution to enterprise-level cgm monitoring and response, our VT-based solution is great for operationalizing large organizations to engage with bloggers on a daily basis. Ideal for benchmarking measurement, informing strategy and rapid response to consumer generated media at a large scale
  53. How many people are talking about your brand? YouTube video
  54. What are they talking about? Product 1 Product 2 Product 3
  55. Where do they talk about it?
  56. Using Social Media Strategically Influencer Audit
  57. Chubby Latina (3 Fat Chicks Blog)
  58. Using Social Media Strategically Engagement Plan By creating the right conversation criteria, we can use technology to collect and sort all of the relevant conversations across blogs, forums, Twitter, social networks and review sites. Our strategists apply insight and recommended action to every report • Influencer/Blogger Outreach & Engagement: From Blogger weekends to events to brand experiences, we specialize in identify and engaging the most important new influencers across social media • Content Creation and Distribution: From making brand content – video, images, text as “share-worthy” and portable as possible to inviting consumers and customers to create brand relevant content, we ensure all content has a positive impact on search results • Social Media-Scale: From content-driven advertising to social network applications and grassroots action, we add scale and reach to the operations and impact of word of mouth programs online and off.
  59. Using Social Media Strategically Popular Products and Services Backstage Pass: Conversation Amplifier: Blog Plus: activating a fan network via aggregating relevant cgm in a the best social platform to a application-based content branded application with full launch client blogs and sites & promotion delivery CMS functions based upon a modular and network open platform Social Media Release: Crisis Preparation: Social Media Belts: optimized to share rich strategy with active training program to develop digital content with monitoring and “dark understanding and ramp up bloggers and journalists site” ready for launch Social Media Teams
  60. Social Media Belts
  61. Clients
  62. asiadigitalmap.com
  63. CONTACT Danielle Nasrallah Account Director Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide p +852 2884 8543 e danielle.nasrallah@ogilvy.com Bernard Shek Digital Specialist | 360° Digital Influence Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide p +852 2884 8654 e bernard.shek@ogilvy.com Thomas Crampton Asia-Pacific Director | 360° Digital Influence Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide p +852 6397 1662 e thomas.crampton@ogilvy.com