Questli presentation gstaad v8.2


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Presentation at Event Forum Gstaad about Social Media Marketing and Gamification for Brands within Tourism - showcase: Questli

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Questli presentation gstaad v8.2

  1. 1. life is your playground
  2. 2. About Nicolas Berg• Serial entrepreneur with 8 start-ups (1984-2000) – e.g. founder of Borsalino 1998 – sold 2000 at 20x multiple to Ringier• Full time angel investor in 16 start-ups (2000-2006) – e.g. Investor & Country Manager XING 2004-2010 – IPO with 30x 2006• Partner at Redalpine Venture Partners (since 2007) – 5 portfolio companies ranked among 13 Swiss top start-ups in 2011 – Co-founder & CEO at Questli, a Brand Gamification App sourced in Russia• Lecturer, journalist and jury member – Teaching students and entrepreneurs at since 2006 – Source and contributor for several leading media (Die Welt, Bilanz, bloggers) – Jury member of business plan & seed money contests (venturekick, Suvorov) 1
  3. 3. Gamification: the next big thing Social Media Marketing Gamification 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2Sources: Gartner, M2 Research
  4. 4. Daily media usage min/day250200 2005150100 2010 50 2015 0 Print TV Radio Online Mobile OthersCurrent media usage:• 10h per day media usage• 2h per day internet usage – Facebook & Youtube – Mobile internet (increasing)• 1h gaming (offline/online/mobile) 3Sources: SevenOne 2010, Gartner, Nokia and others
  5. 5. Mobile and gaming trends for 2015• 1h Facebook & Youtube• 1h mobile internet (increasing)• 1h for gaming (offline/online/mobile) • 50%+ of gaming on smartphones by 2015 • 50%+ of gaming will be casual by 2015 • 30%+ of game creation crowd-sourced by 2015 Advertising budgets follows time gap user attention 4Sources: SevenOne 2010, Gartner, Nokia and others
  6. 6. Gamification worksCompetition Recognition Status Intrinsic Learning Edutainment Motivation 5
  7. 7. Questli – gamification of branding Ads branding quest Games Engaging branding and edutainment in one App 6
  8. 8. How many layers doesour euro burger have?A: 7B: 11C: 9
  9. 9. Ask the cashier for thesecret Questli code. 8
  10. 10. What is the hit of theweek?A: Stereo BurgerB: Toast HawaiiC: Euro Burger
  11. 11. Our Slogan:I‘m ........ it A: eating B: lovin C: trying
  12. 12. Questli – the pioneer of gamification• Questli – effective mobile gamification of brand marketing• Consumers play games about 1 hour a day and the preferred device is a smartphone• Marketing budgets must follow the trend of consumer attention 11
  13. 13. We offer you a risk free brand campaign• 5 min customer attention• Check-in at Point of Sales• Edutains with your brand message• Strong conversion / customer retention• Rewards loyalty, not bargain hunting Become a gamification marketing pioneer 12
  14. 14. Three steps for your brand campaign1. Briefing • Communication goal • Target group • Where? Point of Sales? • Want to collect data? (Email, Facebook like, etc.)2. Quest competition • High level quest creators propose 10-15 quests • Brand partner chooses quests that fit best with brand3. Campaign with winner quests 13
  15. 15. Risk free branding compared to display• CHF 2 per played quest with 5 tasks• CHF 3 per played quest with 6 to 10 tasks• CHF 1 extra for player‘s email addresses and check-in at Point-of-Sales• CHF 5000 setup fee• Define budget with cost cap option 14
  16. 16. • Marketing:Questli Switzerland Stefan Steiner, Nicolas Berg,Marketing & Business Roger Tschallener, Mario Götz Stefan Steiner Roger Tschallener COO CTO Nicolas Berg Mario Götz CEO Marketing Manager
  17. 17. Questli Russia Development • Founder: Danil Koziatnikov • Design: Alex Lapin • iPhone: Sergey Saytsev • Android: Anton Izkovich • Web: Vitalij Tanakov • Mobile Web: Roman Salnikov • Back End: Alexey Ponomarev 16
  18. 18. Be a pioneer – think QuestliSince ad budgets shall follow user attention... ... go mobile with your brand ... take advantage of gamification ... become a pioneer – go for Questli Questli AG, Pfingstweidstrasse 60, 8005 Zürich Nicolas Berg <> + 41 79 431 55 17 17
  19. 19. AppendixSlides download at
  20. 20. About gamification• Gamification is the integration of game mechanics and game-thinking in non-game marketing and management environments to boost engagement, loyalty and fun.• Examples – Points – Leaderboard – Badges 19
  21. 21. Gamification is the next megatrendGartner says: M2 Research says:• Gamification will become • Gamification will reach as important as Facebook over $2.8 billion in direct spending in the US by• Over 50% of innovation 2016 processes will include gamification by 2015 Social Media Marketing Gamification 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 20Sources: Gartner, M2 Research
  22. 22. WoW type of games QuestliAddicting at home for hours Casual anytime anywhere Can be played Takes hours, days or even weeks anytime, anywhere in only 5 to 10 to become a successful player minutes Most massive multiplayer games Most quests are funny and include violence educative Stickiness by group pressure: Don`t leave team alone against You play and create for your own attackers fame and share with friends Branding by communication of Branding by product placement or the best crowd-sourced brand display advertising only quest Sharing quests with friends and Little integration in social media try to solve the ones they created For playing you need a fast For playing Questli you need only computer and high-speed internet a smartphone or a standard PC 21
  23. 23. Deals (coupons) Questli drives short demand Drives long term loyaltyShort term involvement, no Loyal customers due to long termloyalty. involvement via Quests. Any sophisticated message mayLimited to simple services and be delivered to the prospects’smaller promotions. minds.New customers get better deal The deeper the involvement thethan best customers. better the reward.Giving away profit without long Rewarding customers based onterm benefits. engagement, which lasts.Deals are promoted, merchants Questli promotes brandchanges everyday. and the deal.Attracting customers who will not Better conversion to pay full pricebe willing to pay full price ever due to education with quests.again. 22
  24. 24. How many layers doesour euro burger have? Wrong answer please try again!
  25. 25. How many layers doesour euro burger have? Well done!